Greene County Court News

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Jeffrey S. Bays, expired driver's license

Kendra L. Bohnert, driving on wrong side of road

Ricky L. Bowman, no seat belt fastened

Lisa M. Bradley, no registration plate or license

Chad D. Bruner, expired driver's license

Chad D. Bruner, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Cathryn C. Burns, expired license plate

Juana Corado, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Jeremy R. Felker, false or ficitious plates

Joshua M. Fields, no seat belt fastened

Jackie G. Flater, stopping at railroad crossings

Jackie G. Flater, no seat belt fastened

Jack Funkhouser, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Tod K. Gors, child restraint violation

Brian P. Hamilton, speeding

Jeremy R. Harl, no seat belt fastened

Gary L. Hash, no seat belt fastened

Jason S. Henshilwood, trucks following closer than

Robin L. Huff, disregarding signal indicating

Timothy W. Johnson, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Christopher Jones, speeding

Jacob R. Kelly, disobendience to official traffic

Joshua P. Lewellen, no federal DOT inspection

Billy G. McCarty, no federal DOT inspection

Mathew M. Millem, no motorcycle endorsement

Ronald C. Muckerheide, speed too fast/unreasonble speed

Bryan J. Myers, no federal DOT inspection

Jordan B. Pearman, speeding

Chris Rogers, possession of tobacco

Timothy J. Sarris, driving while suspended

Mark E. Smith, no federal DOT inspection

Edwin P. Stalcup, stop signs at intersections

Darlene M. Stillwagon, stopping at railroad crossings

Steven E. Strange, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Eric R. Sulawske, speeding

Josiah A. Timms, expired driver's license

Amy L. Wadhwan, no seat belt fastened

Donald W. Willis, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Steven M. Wolfe, disregarding signal indicating