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Letters to the Editor

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a tough world

for everyone

To the Editor:

What incentive?

Go to work? Why? If I make $125 a week my food stamps go from $150 to $70. My SSI goes from $240 to $14 a month and I mean this stuff happens right away.

I really cannot blame people for not taking a minimum wage job if they can get as much if not more by sitting home. Not counting the price of gas, which is unreal and the upkeep on your car to go to work. Why not give an incentive to people who want to work but cannot afford to, give them help for say a year, food stamps, gas money, health insurance, etc. instead of cutting them off.

They still need some help with prices the way they are.

The over 65 group is really having problems with this issue. Oh yes, you can make all the money you want now and your SS will stay the same, but if you do go to work, even part time it will effect your other benefits, food stamps, SSI and so forth.

Yes, you would like to work part time to pay your taxes, insurance, and so forth. They are really on a limited income. The government should have a better incentive for them. They have earned it.

OK, single parents.

Let's move on to the single parents. It is a sad situation for them also. Can't afford a baby-sitter. That is the typical story. Minimum wage is very hard to stretch to cover childcare, food, shelter, clothes, schooling, gas, it goes on and on. If they do get some kind of government help such as tanif, food stamps, HUD, so forth, same story, after the first paycheck things start getting cut from their help. It is very discouraging.

Let's help them be more independent with a little help. It's really a tough world right now. If we cannot help our own, how can we help other countries? The government seems to have the money for all kinds of grants, such as making a town look better with lights, curbs, and sidewalks. No jobs there except for the ones doing the work, they sure are not local people. And I am sure they make more money than minimum wage.

See ya.

Linda Bennett


Martin family appreciates support

To the Editor:

The Bob Martin family will always be most grateful for the memorial contributions to the Linton Community food pantry. The response was overwhelming and spoke so well of the effect Bob had on the lives he touched.

Our thanks also to Father Madden and Father Vieck for the inspiring service and comforting words, the choir for the beautiful music and St. Ann's for the lovely dinner.

A special thanks to the American Legion for giving their time to conduct their rites. And to everyone else for the food at the house, the flowers, cards, prayers, for all who were there in body or thoughts, we thank you so very much.

Our family feels blessed to have so many friends and we ask God's blessing in each and every one. And we thank God for Bob's time with us on earth.

Rose Martin