Greene County Court News

Thursday, October 30, 2008



State v. James Madison Sturgis, resisting law enforcement


Capital One Bank USA v. Wendy S. Sipes, collection



Allstar v. Helen Bell, account

Allstar v. Thomas Walls, account

Greene Superior Court


John R. Alexander, speeding

Ashley K. Arnold, speeding

Malinda L. Bailey, disobedience to official traffic

Chris T. Blackwell, no federal dot inspection

Travis L. Bottoms, financial responsibility

Robert M. Bowser, expired driver's license

Robert M. Bowser, no seat belt fastened

Robert M. Bowser, speeding

Troy D. Breedlove, driving while suspended

Shawn L. Bridwell, speeding

Joey B. Brown, no seat belt fastened

Travis S. Chandler, improper parking outside of buiness

Justin S. Chastain, expired driver's license

Jarod L. Cooksey, speed too fast, unreasonable speed

Jarod L. Cooksey, no seat belt fastened

Doris Y. Crites, speeding

Rebecca S. Cullison, speeding

William M. Dove, speeding

Timothy A. Drake, speeding

Timothy A. Drake, driving while suspended

Tracy Feutz, no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey S. Franklin, expired license plate

Amanda J. Fuller, speeding

Larry C. Gaffney, speeding

Jamie R. Gibbs, speeding

Kenneth E. Goad, speeding

Annette L. Goble, speeding

Tammie J. Goble, no license in possession

Daniel J. Graber, no seat belt fastened

Tammi L. Gregg, speeding

Chris L. Haag, speeding

Donald W. Harding, speeding

Martin R. Hartman, no seat belt fastened

Amy J. Harvey, speeding

Dana J. Hays, no seat belt fastened

Billie J. Hensley, driving while suspended-infraction

Billie J. Hensely, false or fictitous plates

Jennifer A. Hoffeditz, speed too fast, unreasonable speed

Elizabeth C. Hunt, speeding

Seth C. Inlow, speeding

Corie W. Jerrells, lights

Julie Joy, speeding

Timothy J. King, no seat belt fastened

Philip J. Langhans, speeding

Jennifer L. Leonard, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Emmett L. Lindsey, no federal dot inspection

Shannon D. Lovins, speeding

Wendy R. McCraney, no seat belt fastened

Shawn A. McKee, no seat belt fastened

Curt P. Metzinger, speeding

Richard O. Musselman, no seat belt fastened

Tracy M. Nail, driving while suspended, infraction

Douglas K. Netherlain, speeding

Rolland F. Overton, aiding minor to possess alcohol

Justin W. Owens, speeding

Riley S. Pace, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Joshua W. Pate, speeding

Michael A. Peterson, no federal dot inspection

Michael A. Peterson, overweight gross

Katelyn J. Ragsdale, speeding

Kevin M. Raidy, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Randy J. Rehmel, no registration plate or license

Hyal A. Richter, obeyance of markings or signs

Hyla A. Richter, driving while suspended-infraction

Hyla A. Richter, speeding

Fred R. Ritcheson, expired license plate

Carlee L. Robinson, imp. passing another vehicle

Jerrica D. Rogers, speeding

Carla J. Schoelkopf, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Carla J. Schoelkopf, no seat belt fastened

Matthew C. Seidl, expired license plate

Michael T. Smutzer, no federal dot inspection

Lori A. Sparks, speeding

Rhonda M. Spitler, speeding

Vern L. Spoor, driving while suspended-infraction

Michele D. Stefancik, speeding

Billie L. Stephenson, speeding

Jeffrey S. Stone, expired driver's license

Jared S. Stormes, no seat belt fastened

Scott E. Strange, speeding

Jeff D. Strunk, expired license plate

Nicholas Tapiaagular, speeding

Sheena N. Tate, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

William D. Thomas, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Kathy S. Thompson, no seat belt fastened

Spyros Tragoudas, speeding

John H. Wagler, no seat belt fastened

Donald E. Walters, driving while suspended-infraction

Donald E. Walters, no seat belt fastened

Christopher E. Walton, driving while suspended

Sue E. Watjen speeding

Robert L. Watkins, speeding

Matthew S. West, slowing down turning from direction

Mark A. Westerfield, speeding

Jaclyn L. Williams, speeding

Lawrn R. Williams, driving while suspended-infraction

Angel R. Wisley, no seat belt fastened

Daniel A. Wright, speeding

Chris Yamamoto-Castillo, speeding


Harley Howe to Speedy Storage LLC, property in Greene County

Barbara E. Earle to William J. Pickett and Romona Sue Pickett, property in Newberry

Brett R. Brown and Diane M. Brown to Callie Baber, property in Greene County