Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, October 31, 2008

We need some kind

of land use planning

To the Editor:

Thanks to your news organization for providing the commissioner candidates' position on land use management.

Through my experience as a member of the Greene County Redevelopment Board and as their representative to the WestGate@Crane, I have learned one lesson extremely well. Companies will not locate in areas that do not protect their investments via enforceable land use regulation and planned growth.

Employees who transfer to these locations also seek locations for new homes which offer protection for their investment. Land use planning and regulation are the cornerstones necessary to provide economic growth, stability and sustainability to that growth

The Greene County Economic Development Corporation consists of local businesses, professionals, and citizens who are actively committed to bringing businesses, jobs, and economic growth and prosperity to this County. These folks have strongly supported the actions taken by the Board of Commissioners, the City of Linton, and the Town of Bloomfield, to develop a comprehensive land use plan for Greene County.

The Board of Commissioners established a cadre of local residents to collect information about our needs and put forth recommendations for a land use plan that will fit the needs of Greene County.

This group is comprised of your friends and neighbors who have volunteered to help make Greene County a better place to live -- a place where our children and grandchildren can find good paying jobs and will stay here instead of moving away.

I am confident the planning committee will recommend a "rural area only" plan -- one that reflects our own needs and requirements, and not a copy of any other county.

We have tremendous economic opportunity at hand in our county. What we do with it will be determined by whom we elect to the offices of commissioners and the county council. Voters need to think about whether they would really want a junk yard or an adult book store next to their homes, businesses, schools, or churches or a hog farm next to a multi-million dollar world class tech park. No one wants government to restrict rights unnecessary, but we all live in this community called Greene County and most people understand that some regulations are necessary to protect our homes, our lives, and our property.

Comprehensive land use planning is necessary to attract and keep businesses and jobs to our communities.

Please vote to make Greene County a better place to live and have the opportunity for quality employment.

Ron Toon


Voices for Kids had

a great month

To the Editor:

October has been a huge success for Greene County Voices for Kids.

The month began with the Apple Festival and the promise that everyone visiting our booth would indeed find apples at the Apple Festival. We had the juiciest, tartest Jona Gold apples in southern Indiana topped with lots of gooey caramel and the whole concoction was a huge hit. Festival-goers loved it and the chill in the air made our hot mulled cider very popular as well.

Many thanks to all those that worked in our booth. And many, many thanks to all those that bought and loved our apples. You were our best source of advertising.

Last week Voices for Kids had their first golf scramble, also a huge success, thanks to many wonderful sponsors. We truly appreciate the support of Nails by Angie, Health is Wealth, Taylor Creations, Phillips Well Drilling and Service, Jarrod Holtsclaw and Family, Riester & Strueh Attorneys, The Dugout, Bloomfield Manufacturing and Bloomfield State Bank.

Thanks to all of our players from SAIC, Edward Jones and Greene County General Hospital. We also appreciate the Bloomfield boys golf team participating in the event and 1st Security Insurance for sponsoring them. Pampered Pets also made a sizable contribution in support of the event.

Last but not least congratulations to the winning team Seniors for CASA, sponsored by R. J. Auctions.

Sandy May

Greene County CASA Program

Greene County Voices for Kids, Inc.


Reader has decided

to vote 'the Bible way'

To The Editor:

I have been reading and hearing how everyone is going to vote. So I started wondering -- how am I going to vote? After much thought, I have decided to vote the Bible way.

First, I must vote for the sacredness of life. That is where it all starts. We are endowed by our Creator (that is God) with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So I must vote for life and it must not be destroyed whether young or old.

Second, I must vote for the sanctity of marriage, between one man and a woman. If our families are destroyed then our nation will follow.

Third, I am concerned about our safety here at home. The terrorists hate America and Israel with a hate we cannot fathom. We don't have time to set down and try to change their minds. They even attach bombs to their children and they are taught to die is to go to paradise. They are waiting for every chance to come and get us. We must be ready to stop them and keep them away not here.

If we would vote these biblical ideas I thing God would honor our country and supply all the other things we are so worried about -- even jobs, foreclosures, and yes even global warming -- especially who would know better about global warming than God who made us all in the beginning.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things we need would be added. Matthew 6:33

Think about it!

Geraldine Smith