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Letters to the Editor

Monday, December 1, 2008

Work together to solve energy crisis

To the Editor:

This is a plea to the president, congressmen, senators, governors, state representatives, and state senators.

A few months ago the people of the United States were crying out to you about the high price of gas. They wanted our legislature to come up with solid plans to reduce our country's dependency on oil. Since then we have gone into an economic recession and the oil problems have been shuffled aside in Washington and across the United States. I am pleading with you to remember the high gas prices and know that they will come back if you do not act defensively.

As you are working on economic problems incorporate a solution to our dependency on oil. Let's not only get more refineries in operation, but also lead the way in manufacturing solar panels, wind farms, and other replacements for oil, thus getting more jobs for American workers.

Also, work on reducing the red tape and stumbling blocks to manufacturers who want to start these plants in America. Steer some of the money you have authorized to battle this economic situation we find ourselves in, to help solve an oil crises that you and I know will eventually cripple the United States.

There are many who are predicting that when the price of oil rebounds it will reflect far worse at the pump than we have seen this year. If this happens then you will see a domino effect on the economy that will affect everyone in America. It does not mater to which political party you belong, just work together and do not ignore this problem even though it has temporarily subsided.

This is a plea to all Americans. Do not stop conserving even though you're paying less for gas. Everything that we do to reduce our use of oil will help to keep the prices down. We cannot let the legislators handle the problem, but we also have to do our part. You have heard it all before: drive less, buy smaller vehicles, reduce your speed, insulate your homes better, etc. We need to keep doing these things or we will be contributing to future problems. To keep us focused, we need to always remember the pain of paying high gas prices. No one liked it. You saw that the pain was not just at the pump, but it spread to everything you were buying and doing. It was not pleasant and it will continue until we, as a nation, reduce our dependency on oil and find better sources of energy.

Let's work together on this, and let's keep our legislators on track.

Bret Hobbs


Family appreciates support

To the Editor:

Thank you for all your help, prayers, food and just everything that was done to help us through our time of need.

Luther Haddock was in real bad health for a long time. He just did not want to give up. He passed away on Sept. 20, 2008 at Bloomington Hospital. He made many trips to the hospital, but this was to be his last.

Thanks to the Greene County Ambulance Crew, the Bloomington Hospital staff and doctors, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Linton, The Masonic Lodge, The Eastern Star Lodge, The American Legion, and Jenkins Funeral Home all of Bloomfield.

Thanks to the neighbors, friends, family for the food, prayers, and well wishes and all the help in other ways.

Thank you.

Nancy Royal Burch Haddock


Landon Haddock

Clarksville, Tenn.

Geneva Perry

Lexington, Ga.

Wanda Johnson


Elaine Robertson

Pelham, Ala.

Lester Burch


Diane Price, Joseph and Asa Burch


Linton woman 'counts her blessings'

To the Editor:

Counting my blessings

On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 15 I had a heart attack. My husband took me to the Greene County Hospital Emergency Room. The doctors, nurses and staff there responded very quickly and within minutes of my arrival was diagnosed, by Dr. Hyde and treatment was started to minimize the damaging effects of the heart attack.

I also want to thank my family doctor, Dr. Fred Ridge for coming and being part of the wonderful team who attended me. Within a very short time I was stabilized and in an Air-Evac helicopter and on my way to the St. Vincent's Heart Center in Indianapolis. The Air-Evac team was very professional, caring and reassuring.

The doctors at The Heart Center told me that I was very lucky that I received such quick and appropriate treatment at our hospital, which prevented more serious damage to my heart. I had a stint put in and am now scheduled to have heart surgery after I have had a chance to heal.

This is not the first time that the Greene County General Hospital ER has played a major role in saving the life of one of my family members. In 2002 my daughter was hemorrhaging on Easter Sunday. We took her to the Greene County General Hospital ER, where Dr. Ridge and his staff saved her life.

I want to thank Dr. Ridge, Dr. Hyde, the ER nurses and staff of the Greene County General Hospital, the Air-Evac team, my family, my friends, my church, my God and all those who have kept me in their prayers and will continue to help and lift us up during this time.

This is truly a time for giving thanks.


Cathy Riegle


Veteran says thank you to Post 22

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the American Legion Post 22 for the good Thanksgiving dinner, also for honoring us veterans on Nov. 11.

Thanks very much.

Orvel Stremming