Greene County Court News

Friday, December 5, 2008



State v. Bram E. Reynolds, public intoxication

State v. Thomas D. Eckel, public intoxication

State v. Nathan R. Saleh, shooting from a public roadway

State v. Douglas A. Collins, invasion of privacy

State v. Kevin Lacer, three counts of attempted trafficking with an inmate

State v. Buford Shepherd, hunting without consent of landowner

State v. Dennis Cummings, hunting without consent of landowner


National City Real Estate Services LLC v. Daniel Kershaw, Katrina Kershaw, mortgage foreclosure


Revolution Cycles LLC v. William C. Groomer, Clyde T. Groomer, account


Samuel L. Allen, speeding

Kimberly L. Anthony, expired driver's license

Kristi M. Axsom, speeding

Abigail M. Badura, obeyance of markings or signs

Tina J. Baker, no seat belt fastened

Anna R. Beaman, speeding

Heather A. Beatty, speeding

Carrie F. Bonfer, speeding

Jordan H. Brown, speeding

Jeffrey W. Burris, financial responsibility

Brandon W. Callahan, speeding

Brooke E. Callis, speeding

Jennifer J. Cartwright, expired driver's license

Melba J. Cartwright, speeding

Elva J. Cassel, speeding

Jana S. Clark, no seat belt fastened

Wendy S. Cook, no seat belt fastened

Andrew L. Cooksey, railroad crossings; duty to stop

Andrew L. Cooksey, failure of vehicles to stop

Brian A. Cooksey, speeding

Connie L. Cooper, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Ross A. Darrough, no federal dot inspection

Anthony J. Denzio, speeding

William H. Dewees, speeding

Lisa M. Dove, no seat belt fastened

Ryan M. Durig, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Stacy E. Edwards, operating unregistered ORV on public highway

Christopher W. Eisenhut, speeding

James C. Ellerbook, speeding

John W. Fifer, no seat belt fastened

Wayne E. Fifer, obeyance of markings or signs

Ryan C. Freimanis, speeding

Timothy C. Fries, speeding

J Socorro Galvan Rico, expired driver's license

Samuel B. Gee, speeding

Christopher J. Goode, speeding

Lindsey R. Graham, disregarding automatic signal

Cassondra A. Gray, following too closely

Devon A. Green, speeding

Burley J. Haggard, speeding

Stephanie D. Hall, no seat belt fastened

Charles E. Hamilton, disregarding automatic signal

Kimberly M. Hayden, speeding

Glenn K. Helton, speeding

Rodney E. Hendrixson, no federal DOT inspection

Michael W. Herman, expired driver's license

David L. Hestand III, disobedience to official traffic

Natasha R. Holley, learner's permit violation

Hillary F. Hubele, speeding

Jeffrey S. Hurley, speeding

Sharon A. Hutchison, no seat belt fastened

Jessica Jacobs-Tuttle, speeding

Matthew J. Jamniczky, no seat belt fastened

Robert I. Jones, speeding

Alyssa J. Keller, speeding

Mervin D. Knepp, speeding

Karlie M. Knotts, speeding

David R. Lambert, no seat belt fastened

Thomas W. Legg, obeyance of markings or signs

Thomas W. Legg, speeding

Michael C. Lewis, speeding

Kristopher L. Lucas, no seat belt fastened

Steven H. Lumbert, no federal dot inspection

Ronald J. Martin, no federal dot inspection

Misty D. McCullough, speeding

Scott J. Meyer, speeding

Norman J. Miller, obeyance of markings or signs

Justin A. Mitchell, following too closely

Chester L. Nafziger, speeding

David C. Neal, speeding

Brian D. Neely, expired license plate

Amanda N. Neidig, speeding

Kristen E. Nickell, speeding

Jason C. Obrien, speeding

John R. Passen, disregarding automatic signal

Heather N. Piatt, littering

Heidi E. Pigg, no seat belt fastened

Kris W. Ploetz, speeding

Dustin J. Poling, speeding

Samantha J. Polmanter, speeding

Pranee Prairie, speeding

Kari L. Randolph, speeding

Ryan S. Reel, expired license plate

Ethan S. Resler, expired driver's license

Kelly Rice, expired license plate

Debra L. Riggins, child passenger restraint

Debra L. Riggins, expired license plate

Debra L. Riggins, financial responsibility

Debra L. Riggins, no seat belt fastened

Elizabeth A. Riggins, no seat belt fastened

Elizabeth A. Riggins, child passenger restraint

Kalee M. Rigney, speeding

Sid A. Roberts, expired license plate

Tyler G. Roberts, speeding

Marie E. Robertson, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Debra L. Rose, speeding

Sara L. Russell, speeding

Osvaldo Salazar, no federal dot inspection

Donna S. Schantz, driving while suspended-infract

Courtney Sevilla-Garcia, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Taresa D. Sherfick, speeding

Scott D. Smoot, speeding

Nathaniel D. Snodgrass, speeding

James M. Stanely, speeding

Dustin W. Stewart, no seat belt fastened

Tom A. Stovall, no federal dot inspection

Cameron Swaby, driving on wrong side of road

Van B. Swindall, obeyance of markings or signs

Ashely S. Taylor, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Maurice B. Terhune, expired license plate

Bryce D. Terrell, no seat belt fastened

Nicholas L. Thieke, speeding

Lindsay B. Thomleson, speeding

Julie A. Tryoer, speeding

Larry J. Tucker, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Rebecca A. Ubelhor, speeding

Christopher D. Vail, speeding

Nathan C. Vineyard, no federal dot inspection

James R. Vires, no seat belt fastened

Shane M. Wasnidge, no seat belt fastened

Anthony E. Wheatley, speeding

Jeff A. Whitfield Jr., financial responsibility

Jeff A. Whitfield Jr., driving while suspended-infract

Robert Wigfall, speeding

Rodger L. Wilson, following too closely

Emilie B. Wood, speeding

Stephen C. Wood, financial responsibility

Rickie L. Woodruff, speeding


John Freeland and Vickey Freeland to Sally Gibler, property in Greene County