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Greene County Court News

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



State v. Michael James Allen Tomes, dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance, maintaining a common nuisance


Hewitt Interiors Inc. v. Bruce K. Kreiger, Criss Ann Kreiger, Fifth Third Bank, collection

Jeremy J. Lundy, Amber Lundy v. Matthew D. Fulk, John Strouse dba Strouse Farm and Trucking, civil tort



State v. John Kevin Irons, dealing in a Schedule IV controlled substance

State v. Kevin D. Faught, dealing in a Schedule III controlled substance, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing in a Schedule III controlled substance, aiding in dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance, dealing in a Schedule IV controlled substance, dealing in methamphetamine, conspiracy to commit dealing in methamphetamine


Discover Bank v. Staci Lane, collection

Lora Beth Sherfield v. Jeffrey Dean Sherfield, dissolution


Corvell Inc. v. Roger Bryant, Teresa Bryant, account

Corvell Inc. v. Alison Lundy, account

Corvell Inc. v. Liviere Macias, account

Corvell Inc. v. Jerald Welch, Kelly Welch, account


Toni M. Allen, speeding

Jeffrey A. Arthur, speeding

Amanda L. Arthur, speeding

Matthew J. Asher, speeding

Ricardo Ayala, speeding

Cory D. Ball, speeding

Rebecca S. Basey, speeding

Kaitlyn S. Belcher, speeding

Brandy S. Bennington, speeding

Matthew D. Bezy, speeding

Jackie L. Bieghler, speeding

Cassidy M. bline, speeding

Jess A. Bluck, no seat belt fastened

Connie S. Bohnert, speeding

Evan M. Brothers, speeding

Joseph T. Brown, speeding

Johsua A. Browning, expired driver's license

Joshua A. Browning, speeding

Kimberly R. Burton, speeding

John H. Campfield, speeding

Zachariah E. Cliff, no seat belt fastened

Jack D. Constable, speeding

Steven R. Corn, speeding

Donald R. Cornelius, speeding

Molly M. Coulston, speeding

Sean C. Crimmins, speeding

David F. Crouch, speeding

Wm. E. Dale, speeding

Brittney L. Davis, intersections approaching

Michael Decker, speeding

Jeremy H. Demoss, speeding

Brittany A. Devore, speeding

Chandler T. Dillman, speeding

Paul F. Dimmett, speeding

Donna M. Donaldson, speeding

Luhe Dong, no federal dot inspection

Luhe Dong, speeding

James B. Doyle, no seat belt fastened

Corey W. Dunaway, no seat belt fastened

James W. Duncan, speeding

Stephen M. Emmons, speeding

Jeffrey A. Enochs, expiration and renewal of driv

Jeffrey A. Enochs, no seat belt fastened

Robert W. Fleck, speeding

Jerry L. Fruth, speeding

Kristen J. Fulford, possession of tobacco

Robert C. Fulkerson, speeding

Paul A. Fulp, no seat belt fastened

Susan r. Gallagher, speeding

Elizabeth A. Gill, speeding

Brett G. Graham, speeding

Robert K. Green, speeding

Joseph C. Gregoline, speeding

Craigery L. Hawkins, no seat belt fastened

Johnda C. Hazelwood, speeding

Travis G. Hennecke, no seat belt fastened

Jackson W. Henson, speeding

Ryan J. Honnert, speeding

Jason A. Howder, no federal dot inspection

Ryan C. Huffine, speeding

Christy D. Johnson, speeding

Chantel L. Jones, speeding

Fred W. Jones, speeding

Raymond D. Jones, no seat belt fastened

Manoje Kantilal, no seat belt fastened

Alexander J. Keene, stop signs at intersections

Bette G. Keller, speeding

Chastity L. Keller, driving while suspended

Peter A. Kellough, speeding

Teleshia S. Kenworthy, no seat belt fastened

Matthew S. Kixmiller, speeding

Chelsea L. Klein, speeding

Glenn J. Kuh, speeding

Alanna S. Lacomb-Neal, possession of tobacco

Cody R. Lafferty, speeding

Jonathan E. Lamb, no seat belt fastened

Nathan A. Langley, speeding

Ronald L. Lehman, speeding

Thomas W. Lehman, no seat belt fastened

Yvonne Lemmons, speeding

Carlos Maldonado-Cruz, speeding

Carol J. McDonald, speeding

Robin P. Mervyn, speeding

Jessica M. Messer, speeding

Teresa A. Metcalf, expired driver's license

Teresa A. Metcalf, speeding

Steven R. Meyer, no seat belt fastened

Colt S. Michaels, speeding

Alexander M. Mieure, speeding

David E. Miller, speeding

Thomas M. Miller, speeding

Brittany L. Moore, financial responsibility

Brittany L. Moore, false or fictitous plates

Larry Morin, speeding

James Mozer, speeding

Mary B. Mueller, speeding

Rebecca L. Murley, speeding

Samuel A. Muse, expiration and renewal of driv

Caitlin M. Natsch, speeding

Tamara E. Newland, no seat belt fastened

Matthew S. Orcutt, speeding

Travis R. Osmon, expiration and renewal of driv

Bret S. Pafford, speeding

Crystal R. Patten, speeding

Kristan L. Patton, speeding

Jasmine R. Pearson, possession of tobacco

Thomas R. Perkins, speeding

Misty S. Petro, speeding

Tara N. Pfiefer, speeding

Robert E. Pittman, no seat belt fastened

Joyce A. Ralston, speeding

Eric Revolorio-Monjaras, speeding

Eric Revolorio-Monjaras, no license in possession

Carol A. Ringham, speeding

Michael W. Roach, speeding

Cheryl A. Sanders, speeding

John T. Saylor, speeding

Tony D. Schantz, expired license plate

Brian J. Scheid, speeding

John M. Sears, speeding

Scott D. Seay, speeding

Alex M. Seger, speeding

Logan W. Simmons, speeding

Curtis Smith, speeding

John T. Smith, no seat belt fastened

Brenda K. Spurgeon, speeding

Dustin A. Stafford, speeding

Stanley G. Walter, speeding

Brian M. Steiner, speeding

Myron L. Stevenson, disobedience to official traffic device

Danny K. Stewart, speeding

Jared S. Stormes, speeding

John T. Stormes, no seat belt fastened

Septtimous Taylor, speeding

Michael E. Todd, speeding

August C. Ubelhor, speeding

Mallory E. Utley, speeding

Hayley M. VanWinkle, speeding

Levi N. Wall, no seat belt fastened

Derrick L. Ward, no seat belt fastened

Sue E. Warren, no seat belt fastened

Carla F. Willis, speeding

Calvin E. Wilson, speeding

Cogan L. Woolley, speeding


Samuel R. Lehman to Midwest Business Holdings LLC, property in Bloomfield

Auddress Enochs and Betty J. Enochs to Tooger Smith, property in Greene County

Nancy J. Acton fka Nancy J. (Clark) Bolton to Steve L. Acton and Nancy J. Acton, property in Greene County

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., property in Bloomfield

Donald L. Cowden to Angel K. Patton, property in Greene County