Greene County Court News

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



State v. Cecil E. Gallen, residential entry, intimidation


Northpark Community Credit Union v. Amie Ann Kent, Charlie Kent, collection

Danielle Renee Lewis v. Ryan Ray Lewis, dissolution

Dawnella Dru Welch v. James Donald Welch, dissolution



Citimortgage Inc. v. Robert Burnette, Rachelle Burnette and Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc., mortgage foreclosure

Peggy Baker v. Derek W. Baker, dissolution

LVNV Funding LLC v. Tonya N. Shomaker, collection

Delana A. Raney v. Christopher H. Raney, dissolution


Stefanie R. Atkins, speeding

Dawn N. Beeks, no seat belt fastened

Tyron L. Benford, speeding

Amber L. Bennett, speeding

Dale M. Berry, no federal dot inspection

Jared M. Bilskie, following too closely

Jared M. Bilskie, speeding

Emily R. Bock, no seat belt fastened

Nancy J. Bohlen speeding

Jeddidiah D. Booker, speeding

Anthony L. Bowers, speeding

John E. Brodzek, speeding

Troy Brooks, no seat belt fastened

Dwayne M. Bruce, driving while suspended

Marilyn R. Buechlein, speeding

Paul G. Burton, expired license plate

Dawn L. Chance, speeding

Holly J. Coats, speeding

Benjamin W. Conner, speeding

Stephen D. Crumrin, no seat belt fastened

Nathan M. Davis, speeding

Gary O. Driver, no seat belt fastened

Tina L. Dunn, speeding

Destiny R. Dyer, speeding

Brian K. Ellerman, stop signs at intersections

Brenda D. Everett, no seat belt fastened

John W. Fifer, no seat belt fastened

Patrick L. Fugate, driving while suspended infraction

Everett W. Fulk, no seat belt fastened

Melissa R. Gasaway, driving while suspended-infract

Melissa R. Gasaway, speeding

Stephen M. Hale, speeding

Kyla R. Gargrove, no seat belt fastened

Jennifer L. Haslam, speeding

Audra L. Hasler, following too closely

Nathan D. Hughes, speeding

Richard J. Jarboe, speeding

Maria L. Jeffers, no seat belt fastened

Wayne L. Jeffers, no seat belt fastened

Ian M. Johnson, speeding

Russell P. Johnson, speeding

Woody D. Jones, no federal dot inspection

Ryan g. Kluemper, speeding

Billy E. Koontz, speeding

Benny C. Lackey, speeding

Timmy L. Lewellyn, expired license plate

Tonda R. Lovins, speeding

Eric M. Lybarger, speeding

Joshua M. Marlow, speeding

Gayle A. McDaniel, speeding

Matthew J. Mitchell, speeding

Michael J. Napper, speeding

Randall K. Odonnell, speeding

John L. Parkes, violation of license plate transfer

John L. Parkes, no seat belt fastened

Jerry R. Pharr, speeding

Jason H. Phillips, driving on wrong side of road

Donald E. Pierce, speeding

Richard D. Powell, speeding

Kenneth L. Puett, no seat belt fastened

Kenneth L. Puett, child passenger restraint

Jason R. Reutman, no seat belt fastened

Paula F. Roberts, following too closely

Douglas L. Robertson, overweight gross

Crystal D. Robinette, speeding

Michael R. Rose, speeding

Paul C. Schwinghammer, speeding

Christopher J. Scott, no federal dot inspection

William R. Secrest, driving while suspended-infraction

William R. Secrest, no seat belt fastened

Thomas E. Sessa, no federal dot inspection

Melissa J. Skinner, speeding

David Smith, speeding

David B. Smith, no federal dot inspection

Evan M. Smith, no seat belt fastened

Tami J. Smith, speeding

James C. Solarek, speeding

Robert E. Steed, speeding

Jackilyn Strong-Jones, speeding

Jo A. Sutton, no seat belt fastened

Caleb A. Wainman, speeding

Zackary L. Walker, no seat belt fastened

Wendy K. Westerline, speeding

Jordan M. Whitledge, speeding

Kevin R. Winkler, speeding

Robert L. Wise, expired license plate

Robert L. Wise, no seat belt fastened

Rosie M. Yoder, speeding


Bloomfield State Bank to Charles F. Moore and Francis J. Moore, property in Greene County

Charles A. Stahl, Jr. and Judy Ann Stahl to Charles A. Stahl and Judy A. Stahl as Co-Trustees of the Stahl Family Real Estate Trust, property in Greene County

David L. Bailey as Auditor of Greene County to Jerry L. May, property in Greene County

Diane K. Tylor nka Diane Kay Barr Taylor to Donald E. Dennis and Juanita F. Dennis, property in Yeoman's First Addition in Linton

Robert W. Fowler Family Trust to Robert W. Fowler, property in Greene County

Mary C. Doyle to Trustee of the Twylah F. Trisler Revocable Living Trust, property in Greene County

The Trustee of the Twylah F. Trisler Revocable Living Trust to William Joseph Doyle, property in Greene County

Open Arms Christian Ministries Inc. fka Turning Point Education Centers Inc. fka Greene County Youth Alternatives Inc. to Stephan Sullton and Jenifer L. Sutton, property in Greene County

Jack L. Phillips to Fidelity National Title Insurance Group, property in Greene County