Greene County Court News

Thursday, February 12, 2009



State v. Charles Henderson, two counts of aiding in theft

State v. Roger A. Burris II, three counts of theft

State v. Aaron Stewart, receiving stolen property

State v. Daniel Scott, theft

State v. Tyler Turley, receiving stolen property

State v. James Kennett, receiving stolen property


Cherri B. Farris, v. Russell M. Farris, dissolution



State v. Varonica S. Brown, check deception


Chase Home Finance LLC v. Kevin Brown, Melinda Brown, Green Tree Financial Servicing and the unknown tenant, mortgage foreclosure

G.E. Money Bank v. Timothy Kinnaman, collection


Megan L. Arnold, speeding

Delores E. Ballentine, speeding

Jesse D. Betts, false or fictitous plates

David R. Boblitt, speeding

Robert A. Boellner, speeding

Guy E. Bolton, no seat belt fastened

Guy E. Bolton, speeding

Steven R. Brady, speeding

Jeremiah D. Bryan, speeding

Flossie D. Burnette, financial responsibility

Roger A. Burris, disobedience to official traffic

Roger A. Burris, slowing down, turning from direction

Emmaleen C. Cahill, speeding

Ronald L. Cogswell, speeding

Neil A. Coker, obeyance of markings or signs

Jewel J. Corn, speeding

Dustin L. Devore, speeding

James R. Eads, speeding

Tommy E. Edmonson, driving while suspended-infract

Joey L. Edmonson, no seat belt fastened

James D. Egan, speeding

Ted Feeney, speeding

Norma L. Fendley, speeding

Robert L. Flanders, disobedience to official traffic

Kylie D. Flinn, no seat belt fastened

Kylie D. Flinn, driving while suspended-infract

Kylee N. Frye, no seat belt fastened

Brian Fulk, possession of tobacco

Jason R. Gardner, speeding

Sarah R. Goodman, no seat belt fastened

Daniel J. Grubb, speeding

Douglas A. Halter, speeding

Whitney L. Hampton, speeding

Leland E. Hutchens, speeding

Ronald L. Ingalls, speeding

Ronald L. Ingalls, child passenger restraint

Ronald L. Ingalls, child passenger restraint

Stephen D. Ison, no seat belt fastened

Larissa C. Johnson, no seat belt fastened

Larissa C. Johnson, speeding

Marlena K. Jordan, speeding

Michael J. Jordan, speeding

Damion R. Kinball, speeding

Bernard W. Kirsch, speeding

Amanda M. Kobus, no seat belt fastened

Amanda M. Kobus, obeyance of markings or signs

Myron D. Lamar, speeding

Brandon L. Lash, speeding

Katy M. Lengacher, speeding

Mitchell R. Love, speeding

Mitchell R. Love, no seat belt fastened

Drew M. Luigs, speeding

John S. Marcus, speeding

Gloria L. Marlowe, speeding

Larry S. Mast, no federal dot inspection

Misti D. McDonald, no seat belt fastened

Terence M. Merkel, speeding

Gregory D. Mifflin, speeding

Gregory D. Mifflin, no seat belt fastened

Mary K. Miller, obeyance of markings or signs

Mary K. Miller, obeyance of markings or signs

Mary K. Miller, obeyance of markings or signs

Mary K. Miller, obeyance of markings or signs

Alexander L. Mysliwiec, speeding

Manda S. Oldham, speeding

Brian J. Overton, speeding

Jesse C. Patton, no seat belt fastened

Martin James Perez, speeding

Leeza R. Phillips, speeding

Lynn M. Pierce, speeding

Juanita M. Polmanter, speeding

Robert D. Prenatt, speeding

Becky S. Reed, speeding

Robert C. Rhoades, speeding

Jerald Richardson, no seat belt fastened

David L. Robinson, speeding

Diana D. Rollins, speeding

Patricke D. Shacklett, expired license plate

Patricke D. Shacklett, speeding

Scott A. Shelton, following too closely

David J. Sizemore, speeding

Neddy M. Skinner, child passenger restraint

William S. Skinner, speeding

Jeremy R. Smith, expired driver's license

Jeremy R. Smith, speeding

Matthew F. Smith, no seat belt fastened

Michael A. Spencer, no seat belt fastened

Jason D. Summers, speeding

Meagan A. Swinney, speeding

Rodney D. Taylor, speeding

Gerald A. Tonet, no seat belt fastened

Theodore J. Townsend, disobedience to official traffic

Donald B. Villwock, speeding

Erica N. Wagler, child passenger restraint

Erica N. Wagler, no seat belt fastened

Chad R. Walton, speeding

Chris J. Yoder, speeding


David W. Bays, Worthington, and Kathryn Ann Carty, Rosedale

Whelan Shoemake, Solsberry, and Kristina L. Bruner, Solsberry

Jonathan Ray Michael, Bloomfield, and Casey Nacole Uebel, Bloomfield

Dusty Lane Jerrell, Jasonville, and Pennie Hill, Jasonville


Mary Frances Edmondson to Brian D. Edmondson, property in Greene County

Linda S. Faught and William Burton to Nathan David Zimmerman, property in Wetnight's Addition in Jasonville

Bill and Sarah Baize to Billy Baize and Penny Freeze, property in Greene County

Rodney C. Bredeweg and Rene A. Bredeweg to Michael D. Ruppel and Angela Y. Ruppel, property in Greene County

John D. Bohnert and Penny J. Bohnert to John D. Bohnert, property in Greene County

Jerry D. McKinnon and Caroline Verden to Jerry D. McKinnon and Deborah J. McKinnon, property in Greene County

Johnathan Ryser and Elissa Ryser to Joe S. Hale and Rodney W. Gerkin, property in Greene County

Andrew E. Keen to Tracy D. Keen, property in Linton

Andrew E. Keen to Tracy D. Keen, property in Linton