Greene County Court News

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



State v. James B. Winfree, receiving stolen property


Arrow Financial Services LLC v. Leif Shidler, Amanda Shidler, collection Travis Allen Huber v. Angela Kay Huber, dissolution

Samantha Dlea Stewart v. Zachary Craig Alexander, petition for support



Household Finance Corporation III v. Tina Marie Cox Goodman aka Tina Goodman, Clint Fulk, etal, mortgage foreclosure


Aarond Beaver, possession of tobacco

Ben A. Belton, speeding

Christian P. Brooker, speeding

Ethan S. Calahan, no seat belt fastened

Tracy A. Carpenter, no federal dot inspection

Ronald L. Cowden, overweight gross

Robert I. Denny, no seat belt fastened

Daniel E. Dyar, no federal dot inspection

Steven T. Fehrenvach, false or fictitous plates

Ryan J. Forester, expired driver's license

Susan E. Garwood, driving while suspended-infract

Zachary S. Griffin, speeding

Bradley W. Griffith, slowing down, turning from dir

David A. Guerrettaz, expired driver's license

James R. Hamilton, disobedience to official traffic

John A. Hines, expires license plate

Paul E. Kimmes, speeding

Michael W. Lang, no federal dot inspection

Joshua N. Leibering, obeyance of markings or signs

Haskel D. Minor, failure to yield to right of way

Christopher L. Mosher, no federal dot inspection

Gregory W. Parsons, no federal dot inspection

John R. Phillips, no registration plate

Amber D. Raines, disobedience to official traffic

Douglas L. Robertson, overweight gross

Jeremiah D. Roby, possession of tobacco

Patricke Shacklett, expired license plate

Patricke Shacklett, obeyance of markings or signs

Patricke Shacklett, speeding

Esther L. Sheffler, speeding

Curtis P. Teepe, no seat belt fastened

Samantha Townsend, no license in possession

Samantha Townsend, no or improper taillight

Joseph M. Vanalstyne, stopping at railroad crossings

James D. Welch, no seat belt fastened