Greene County Court News

Monday, March 9, 2009



State v. Randy Clifford Nash, possession of a handgun without a permit, possession of a handgun without a permit with a prior conviction within in 15 years


Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Jennifer A. Collins, collection

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Marie A. King, collection

Amy Jo Duncan v. Douglas Keith Duncan, dissolution

Palisades Collection LLC v. Teena R. Vaught, collection



State v. Bradley J. Deford, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of at least .15 grams or more of alcohol in blood or breath


Dayna Marie Haseman v. Michael Steven Hertaus, petition to establish support

Bryan Hall, Sherry Spangler-Hall v. UDWI REMC Community Fund Inc., civil plenary

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Raymond E. New, Linda J. New, mortgage foreclosure


Harold S. Alsman, possession of paraphernalia

Russell L. Alsman, possession of paraphernalia

Laurie N. Armes, speeding

Seth W. Beall, speeding

Brenda A. Beeks, speeding

John A. Blair, speeding

Leah Bradley, speeding

David B. Bricker, speeding

David B. Bricker, no federal dot inspection

Nathaniel J. Cangany, speeding

Ronald E. clifford, no federal dot inspection

Michael S. Collier, no seat belt fastened

Scott A. Collins, speeding

Marc T. Daigle, speeding

Sanny L. Davis, no federal dot inspection

Brent J. Fielder, no license in possession

Karen Freije, speeding

Cesar M. Gonzalez, no federal dot inspection

Robert J. Greenwell, speeding

Kenny A Harper, no seat belt fastened

Aminolah H. Hashemi, speeding

Brett Herald, speeding

Lisa R. Jacobs, speeding

Amy L. Jarman, no seat belt fastened

Jason S. Mann, speeding

Todd M. Norton, no federal dot inspection

Rustico J. Ortiz, speeding

Joseph D. Perdue, speeding

Oscar Ramirez, no license in possession

Oscar Ramiraz, speeding

Cory R. Rash, failure to signal when

Cory R. Rash, driving on wrong side of road

Tonya R. Reed, speeding

Tova E. Sample, no seat belt fastened

Brian L. Survance, speeding

Christie L. Tudor, speeding

William E. Updike, speeding

Paul E. White, no federal dot inspection

Dirk E. Yates, no seat belt fastened


Richard D. Mayfield to Tooger Smith, property in Greene County

Mary Nell Harrison to Pamela A. Cooper, property in Greene County

Wanda M. Baker to Jacquelen Bland, property in Linton

Wanda M. Baker to Jacquelen Bland, property in Linton

Lilco Inc. to Chris Fields and Tina Hauger, property in Jasonville

Dixie Ann Rippy to Kenny R. Rippy and Judy K. Miller, property in Greene County

Dixie Rippy to Kane W. Rippy and Kane W. Rippy as custodian for Justin K. Rippy and Trent Michael Rippy, property in Greene County

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Citifinancial Inc., property in Greene County

Jerry Lux and Marlene K. Lux to Daniel T. Lux and Paul J. Lux, property in Greene County