Police Logs

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



No new bookings.



The Linton Police Department's activity log for Tuesday included one request for information only, one custody dispute/exchange, one incident of criminal mischief, two fraud, two utility repairs, one accident with property damage, one funeral escort, three medical/illness, four animal complaints, one suspicious vehicle/person, one assist to another agency, three thefts-other, one disabled/stranded vehicle, one ordinance violation and one traffic stop.

* April 21 -- A resident on Samuel Ave. reported an attempted theft of items from their yard. He said a male came to his residence while he was gone and asked his girlfriend if he could pick up scrap metal out of the yard. The girlfriend may have given the man permission to take scrap but then she called the resident and he said no. The male was then told to put the scrap back and he did, but he apparently had already loaded up cans too as well as a battery charger, two electric skillets and one tire still on the rim. He put it all back when asked. LPD Cpl. Chad Crynes was the investigating officer.

* April 21 -- A resident reported their car had been keyed while parked in the school parking lot. No other damage was noted. LPD Officer Karl Jacobshagen was the investigating officer.

* April 21 -- A local business reported they had received a counterfeit $10 bill over the weekend. A bank confirmed the bill was a fake. The business was not able to determine who used the bill or what date it came in. LPD Officer Karl Jacobshagen was the investigating officer.