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Bloomfield library to 'pretty up' south entrance

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Greene County's Master Gardeners and the staff of the Bloomfield-Eastern Greene County Public Library are planning to pretty-up the south side entrance to the library's main branch in Bloomfield.

They're asking for a little help from the community in the form of donations -- of plants.

Director John Helling said they hope to have the project done by mid-May.

"It's a little gardening project to beautify our entrance a little bit. One of our employees, cataloger Mary Witte, is an Advanced Master Gardener and she's heading up the project. We now have a list of plants that are needed that we are going to ask the public to donate," said Helling.

Witte has designed a small plan to landscape the entrance area using primarily local plants.

She says having the Master Gardeners to help with the project and asking the public to donate plants is a way to beautify without spending a lot of money out of the library's budget.

"I'm hoping that having people give plants will give them a sense of ownership and pride," said Witte.

Plants might be dug from a local yard or bought and donors will be able to go by and see their donation grow year after year.

The library plans to buy some items needed for the project and if anyone would like to contribute cash instead of plants, donations will be accepted at the library.

"Some junipers are included in the plan and monetary donations would be welcome to help pay the cost of this shrubbery," said Witte.

The wish list includes two dwarf Alberta Spruce and six Winter Gem Boxwoods, five Coreopsis Zagreb, several Siberian Iris in shades of blue or purple, and one white Clematis.

"It's time for that lava rock to go," said Witte.

Work has already started. Between now and the middle of May, Witte hopes the lava rock will be cleared off, the old shrubs will be dug up and the ground leveled and prepared for new planting.

The Master Gardeners plan to be there on May 14 for the actual planting as one of their community service projects they undertake each year.

Witte said the group is planning another beautification project at the entrance to Greene County's Solid Waste Management property. They also maintain flower barrels at Shawnee Theater and do regular work at the Bloomfield Park as well as schools and community properties.

Witte said it would be a good idea for people to call ahead to let her know what they might be donating. That way they won't end up with too much of one and not enough of the other plant.

To contribute a plant, contact Mary Witte at the Bloomfield-Eastern Greene County Public Library by calling 812-384-4125.

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