Greene County Court News

Monday, May 11, 2009



Midland Funding LLC v. Michael K. Arthur, collection

HSBC Bank USA NA v. Brian G. Lester, Donna J. Lester, mortgage foreclosure

Carrie L. Vallad v. Ronald E. Vallad, Jr., dissolution

Household Finance Corporation III v. Jerry L. Wilson, collection



State v. Justin D. Eastman, operating vehicle with an expired interim license plate

State v. Jeremy T. Hood, driving while suspended

State v. Aaron Gardner, seven counts of theft, two counts of possession of marijuana


Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Darren S. Hill, Tabatha E. Hill, mortgage foreclosure

Mary Barrix and Joe Barrix, Jr. v. Kristopher Jackson, Graves Plumbing Company Inc. and Safe Auto Insurance, civil tort

Michelle Drogich, personal representative of the estate of Ryan Phegley v. Joan R. Bedwell, civil tort

Tanya McIntyre v. Steven McIntyre, dissolution

Kara Jo Kirkman v. Eric Scott Kirkman, dissolution


Everett Lane v. Sam Wilson, claim for possession

Everett Lane v. Nona Kay Mitchell, claim for possession

Everett Lane v. Cristel Mitchell, Chet Mitchell, claim for possession

Sandra Lane v. Chris Moriarty, rent

Steve K. Hart v. Christian Sharp, Peggy Sharp, claim for possession


Don R. Arney, overweight gross

Andrew M. Bowman, expired license plate

Joaquin F. Branco, no seat belt fastened

Joaquin F. Branco, speeding

Ryan P. Burns, no federal dot inspection

Jaren E. Butler, speeding

Joshua A. Cesinger, speeding

Joshua A. Cesinger, no registration plate or license

Marla S. Clark, driving while suspended

Patricia A. Clark, speeding

Christina N. Cornelius, no registration plate

Glenn M. Crohn, no seat belt fastened

Jennifer L. Effinger, speeding

Joseph S. Engleman, speeding

Penny S. Farabee, obeyance of markings or signs

Heather M. Fitzgerald, speeding

Matthew B. Frederick, speeding

John J. Frentz, speeding

Heath A. Fulk, no federal dot inspection

Steven K. Hahn, speeding

Terry J. Haskett, expired driver's license

Lindsey R.Hines, speeding

Troy D. Howard, speeding

Kayla Hughes, false or fictitous plates

Olivia N. Ingle, speeding

Tomi L. Jones, speeding

Mervin D. Kemp, no federal dot inspection

Paul K. Kichler, speeding

John G. Knepp, overweight gross

Larry D. Lawrence, speeding

Larry D. Lawrence, no seat belt fastened

Edward W. Lemmons, no seat belt fastened

Gavin P. Lichlyter, speeding

Kyle A. Lichlyter, financial responsibility

Kyle A. Lichlyter, failure to have required signature

Kyle A. Lichlyter, speeding

David A. Lynch, no seat belt fastened

Kelly R. Marsh, speeding

Jessica J. McCarter, no seat belt fastened

Marni A. McCarter, no seat belt fastened

Belinda L. McCormick, speeding

Lee A. Meyer, no seat belt fastened

Sally J. Moore, speeding

Ezekiel T. Morrow, obeyance of markings or signs

Daniel L. Myers, obeyance of markings or signs

Robert L. Nichols, expired driver's license

John W. Norris, speeding

Rodney D. Page, no seat belt fastened

Marcus G. Palmer, speeding

Jay D. Parrish, speeding

Joshua L. Roach, possession of paraphernalia

Jenna M. Rollins, speeding

Dianne Shepherd, speeding

Darren L. Smallwood, no seat belt fastened

James W. Sparks, speeding

David Stewart, Jr., speeding

Marcia K. Sullivan, speeding

Joshua L. Thompson, possession of tobacco

Lindsay F. Wade, expired license plate

Lindsay F. Wade, speeding

Dhyanna M. Webster, false or fictitous plates

John H. Wilder, speeding

Drew M. Willbanks, no license in possession

David L. Willhoite, false or fictitous plates

David L. Willhoite, no license in possession

Jane A. Archer, expired license plate

Justin D. Ball, no registration plate

Donna Basilici-English, speeding

Alex O. Bitter, speeding

Justin M. Blanks, speeding

Tim J. Bovenschen, no seat belt fastened

Mark T. Bowlen, no seat belt fastened

Rayna R. Bowman, speeding

Rayna R. Bowman, expired driver's license

Melissa H. Brake, speeding

Dianna J. Conrad, speeding

Deshon L. Crayton, speeding

Lenora A. Damron, child restraint violation

George D. Dean, disobedience to official traffic

Zachary A. Deckard, no seat belt fastened

Brian R. Dehem, speeding

Dana Duncan, no registration plate

Patrick W. Dunigan, no seat belt fastened

Ashley E. Dunn, following too closely

Cheyenne N. Edlin, no seat belt fastened

William C. Edmonson, no seat belt fastened

Steven V. Friend, speeding

Chase W. Grye, oper un-authorized area on orv

Robert J. Garten, speeding

Darrin J. Graber, speeding

Jan S. Gray, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Rusty A. Halbert, speeding

Terri L. Hamilton, speeding

Mitchell L. Harrison, speeding

Wayne C. Harvey, speeding

Jared S. Helms, disobedience to official traffic

Drake D. Hobbs, no seat belt fastened

Rickie F. Holmes, expired driver's license

Brock D. Howell, speeding

Mervin D. Kemp, no seat belt fastened

Matthew N. Kern, speeding

Blake D. Kindred, no seat belt fastened

Jon R. Koenig, speeding

Ivan Koudriavtsev, no federal dot inspection

Michael S. Latimer, no seat belt fastened

Terry R. Leverty, speeding

Barry L. Lawhead, no seat belt fastened

Larry R. Leinenbach, speeding

Jerry R. Lester, no seat belt fastened

James F. Luckett, speeding

Jesse S. Mage, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Sherry R. Marques, speeding

Matthew E. Marx, speeding

William G. McCool, u-turn on curve or crest

William G. McCool, no federal dot inspection

Rachel A. McHenry, no seat belt fastened

Barbara S. Mensch, speeding

Beth A. Mishler, no seat belt fastened

Claire M. Mitchell, speeding

Kurtis C. Moffitt, expired license plate

Iris Morris, no seat belt fastened

Shane A. Morrison, no registration plate

Ezekiel T. Morrow, obeyance of markings or signs

Ezekial T. Morrow, speeding

Larry G. Mullis, speeding

Randy J. Nickle, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Susan J. Oneall, speeding

William E. Paul, no federal dot inspection

Christian N. Quearry, no seat belt fastened

Michelle L. Quearry, no seat belt fastened

Tyler S. Rasner, no seat belt fastened

Daniel A. Reed, speeding

Daniel A. Reed, expired driver's license

Kyle E. Ressegue, oper un-authorized area on orv

William L. Ripberger, speeding

Seth D. Robinson, no seat belt fastened

Seth D. Robinson, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Connie L. Ruark, speeding

Katherine M. Satter, speeding

Bryan W. Shelton, no seat belt fastened

Jeremy L. Simpkins, no seat belt fastened

Joseph W. Skomp, no seat belt fastened

Teresa L. Smith, no seat belt fastened

Janet K. Spaulding, speeding

Brad M. Stefancik, no seat belt fastened

Ryan R. Sterrett, failure to present fishing license

Holscher K. Stinebaugh, speeding

William L. Strain, no seat belt fastened

Cory B. Sullivan, speeding

Cody E. Swan, no seat belt fastened

Cody E. Swan, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Riley C. Terrell, no seat belt fastened

Jordan R. Tharp, no seat belt fastened

Daniel E. Thomas, speeding

Kentz R. Ward, no seat belt fastened

Michelle L. Warren, no seat belt fastened

Harold B. Welch, speeding

William P. White, no seat belt fastened

Barbara J. Wilder, speeding

Lance M. Willaims, no seat belt fastened

Dustin A. Wilson, no seat belt fastened

He D. Zachary, no seat belt fastened


Eric L. Toon, Bloomfield, and Katelyn J. Burch, Bloomfield

William E. Rogers, Springville, and Shirley Rene Janisse, Springville

Cheyenne J. Fleetwood, Bloomfield, and Patsy A. Hardesty, Bloomfield

Walter R. Tinsley, Solsberry, and Tracy Crowe, Solsberry

Michael Allen Bailey, Hymera, and Brandy Marie Whitson, Jasonville

Justin L. Mann, Bloomfield, and Michelle L. Sparks, Linton

Arjun Pal, Bloomington, and Melanie D. Rogel Morales, Bloomfield

Joseph Daniel Smith, Bloomfield, and Racy Dawn Myers, Bloomfield

Derek M. Fulford, Jasonville, and Jessica Rehmel, Jasonville

Darrell Jeffrey Long, Newberry, and Dusti Lee Brewster, Sandborn

Nathaniel Ray Ellingson, Cumberland, Wis., and Laura Beth Eslinger, Linton

Lawrence Lee Swain, Jr., Mokena, Ill., and Amber Rae Williams, Lyons


Dennis L. Alsman to Rick Weaver, property in Craig and Bryant's Addition in Linton

Thomas D. Ellis and Teresa A. Ellis to Gregg L. Witte and Mary Witte, property in Greene County

Mary M. Roberts to Holly C. Hewitt and Ernest Gene Roberts reserving a life estate for Mary M. Roberts, property in Greene County

David L. Bailey as Auditor of Greene County to Lisa L. Kennett, property in Greene County

David L. Bailey as Auditor of Greene County to Michael Smith, property in Linton

Russell E. Allyn and Kathryn A. Allyn to Amy J. Lessner and Gary L. Dobson, property in Greene County

Janice E. Bridges to Gary Scott and Lori A. Scott, property in Greene County

Roger Bridges and Janice Bridges to Gary Scott and Lori A. Scott, property in Greene County

Opal June Soliday by her attorney-in-fact Martha June Owen to Teddy Joe Soliday, Donna Sue Soliday and Opal June Soliday reserving a life estate unto Opal June Soliday, property in Greene County

Harold Lee Emery and Betty L. Emery to Dianna L. Adcock and Jeffery L. Emery reserving a life estate for Harold Lee Emery and Betty L. Emery, property in Greene County