Greene County Court News

Friday, May 22, 2009



State v. Jerry Earl Arthur, Jr., domestic battery in the presence of a child

State v. Dennis R. Hauger, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, inhaling toxic vapors

State v. Andrew Scott McKinney, theft


Harold Roudebush, Phillip Roudebush and Brian Roudebush to Brian Roudebush, Holly Roudebush and Phillip Roudebush, property in Greene County

Garry D. Heshelman and Janet A. Heshelman Revocable Living Trust to Garry D. Heshelman, Janet A. Heshelman and Marta Dee Heshelman, property in Greene County

Larry G. Rothrock to Preston E. White and N. Cameron White, property in Greene County

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David A. Thompson, property in Greene County

James Thacker and Kathy Thacker to Brian Yake and Sheryl Yake, property in Greene County

Jennifer J. Bell to Scott A. Bell and Jennifer J. Bell, property in Linton

Lilco Inc. to Lorean Jo Hawkins, property in Greene County