Letter to the Editor

Lyons Senior Citizens appreciate new home

Monday, July 20, 2009

To the Editor:

This is in reference to Lyons' Senior Citizens and our new place across the street from Cinco De Mayo in Lyons.

We are very proud and very fortunate to have this place, and without so many volunteers and donations we would not have.

We especially want to thank the Greene County Foundation for its generous donation offer that allowed us to purchase the building. Also, Bill Wells, Harley Haskett, The American Legion, Lyons and all others I can't recall names right now (as I'm upset) and many more who wished to remain anonymous.

Thank you to all the volunteers for all the remodeling and painting and everything that went into our building, especially Harold Long and another unnamed person who got us our furnace and air-conditioning unit at cost, and REMC for donating our hot water heater.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of people and things, but it is not intentionally.

We (all the citizens who come to our Center) appreciate having a place to go and eat and socialize. We do not appreciate the vandalism done and hope that they are caught and taken care of.

Most of us are living on Social Security now and worked hard for our money (as the song goes) and we like being able to come here and eat and then play games or cards, Euchre, mostly. We also play a new card game called Golf. It is very interesting and fun.

We play Bingo two or three times a month coming from Terre Haute, Lyons Health & Living and from Odon's new assisted living home.

We have a nurse come in once or twice a month for blood pressure and sugar.

We have music every Tuesday afternoon that we really enjoy and invite you to bring an instrument and join us. If you have no instrument, come and join us anyway. We have a lot of fun and a lot of good people here.

Kathy England, our new director, is great and doing so much for us and trying to get more people interested in coming to eat or just to participate in games.

We are raffling off quilts at $1 a chance or six for $5, and we give them away once a month or two.

We have a great breakfast and cook once a month from 7-10 a.m. Come join us.

And now for all of us trying to have a great place for socializing, we have to have vandalism from someone or more who doesn't appreciate seniors trying to enjoy our later years in life.

They need to get a job, like we did, it may not pay much, but it will keep you out of jail hopefully and not stealing other people's property.

For all of us at Lyons Senior Center.

Lois J. Flynn