Greene County Court News

Monday, August 3, 2009



State v. Derek A. Young, possession of marijuana

State v. Amy L. Young, possession of marijuana


Suzanne Marie Miller v. Jason Paul Miller, dissolution

Dorman Hardesty, Alice Hardesty v. Heather L. McCarter, civil tort

Sallie Mae Inc. v. Brandy M. Logan, collection


Gerard R. Parent to Dianne M. Masse, property in Greene County

David L. Bailey as Auditor of Greene County to Steve Patterson, property in Greene County

Tony Wayne Smith to Todd Carpenter Property Management LLC, property in Lyons

Stephen B. Nonte and Joni Kay Nonte to Adam S. Nonte and Autumn N. Nonte, property in Greene County

Joseph B. Strange and Anna L. Strange to Susan J. Yake, John M. Strange, Thomas E. Strange and Douglas R. Strange, property in Greene County

Norma E. Purcell to Norma E. Purcell, Robert E. Purcell and Jack L. Purcell, property in Greene County

Sunny L. Proctor to Martha A. Smith, property in Worthington

The Bank of New York Mellon to Jeffery K. Abrams, property in Linton

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Renewing Properties LLC, property in Greene County

Matthew J. Bredeweg to Nathan R. Rollins, property in Greene County

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Donna J. Britton, Cheryl L. Hammer, Ruth Ann Mauder, property in Greene County

Willis Dale Runnels and Evelyn Louise Runnels to Kimberly A. Runnels and Stephanie L. Francy, property in Greene County