Greene County Court

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



State v. Samuel J. Shaw, resisting law enforcement


Stephanie N. Foster v. Paul E. Foster, dissolution

Bobbie-Jo Carter v. Dennis B. Carter, dissolution



Capital One Bank (USA) v. Ryan Flora, collection

Midland Funding LLC v. Gail Ray, collection

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Marilyn J. Johnson, collection

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Timothy J. Souders, collection

Midland Funding LLC v. Anthony L. Newton, collection

Michelle Jean Bolin v. David Christopher Bolin, dissolution


Biggs/Switz City Ltd PTRS v. Bonnie Harrol, claim for possession


Dawn S. Abrams, speeding

William N. Adams, no seat belt fastened

Richard L. Alsman, financial responsibility

Jessica M. Anderson, speeding

Jessica M. Anderson, no seat belt fastened

Jarrod E. Arthur, speding

Sarah Asrar, speeding

Jason L. Baker, speeding

Ryan D. Barrett, speeding

Robert A. Blankenmyer, speeding

Mark J. Blankenship, driving while suspended-infract

Lawrence Bowersock, speeding

Tad A. Branaman, financial responsibility

Bregory M. Bray, speeding

Justin D. Bruhn, speeding

Jason A. Bruner, no seat belt fastened

Nicholas J. Bushy, expired license plate

Charles A. Cagle, speeding

Jackson S. Clark, speeding

Bernard C. Cliff, Jr., speeding

Sarah E. Clliff, speeding

Kevin L. Comstock, no federal dot inspection

Mark A. Cooper, speeding

Arial R. cox, no seat belt fastened

Christopher M. Cundiff, speeding

Donald G. Decamp, speeding

William J. Donelson, speeding

Dennis L. Dungan, speeding

Cary L. Eads, leaky load

Anthony M. Eleftheri, speeding

Douglas A. Elmore, speeding

Christopher M. Faifer, speeding

Coty G. Fender, speeding

Lydia J. Flath, speeding

Karry E. Flick, no seat belt fastened

Terry L. Fout, speeding

Darren L. Ganzel, speeding

Michael J. Gardner, no seat belt fastened

Brandy J. Gilstrap, speeding

Gary P. Gonnerman, speeding

Jose A. Guerrero, expired driver's license

James L. Handlos, no seat belt fastened

David J. Hanselman, speeding

Timothy G. Hardy, speeding

Lyndsey D. Harner, speeding

Richard L. Harris, speeding

Robert J. Hoover, obeyance of markings or signs

Jessica R. Huffman, driving while suspended-infract

Jessica R. Huffman, financial responsibility

Jessica R. Huffman, no seat belt fastened

Lisa A. Hughes, no seat belt fastened

Lisa S. Johnson, speeding

Rex C. Kamman, speeding

Spencer A. Keusch, speeding

Tisha D. Kivett, speeding

Kyle A. Kline, driving while suspended

Ron Lamar, speeding

Jason K. Lee, speeding

Israel Lopez, speeding

Ricardo Maganan-Herrerra, driving while suspended-infract

William A. May, speeding

Delisa L. McCloud, speeding

Matthew B. Montgomery, speeding

Jeffrey A. Moser, speeding

David C. Oconnor, speeding

Kent L. Parisien, speeding

Rogelio G. Partida, speeding

Brandon J. Patterson, speeding

Brandon J. Patterson, expired license plate

Ron A. Plecher, speeding

Amber N. Porter, expired driver's license

Jaron R. Powell, speeding

Donald E. Reeves, following too closely

Erick L. Rheam, speeding

Robert A. Robertson, no federal dot inspection

Raymond G. Rogers, obeyance of markings or signs

Vanessa N. Rudolph, speeding

James R. Shelton, speeding

Roger D. Sherrard, no seat belt fastened

Jamie J. Staten, speeding

Patricia W. Stemaly, following too closely

Ray David Stimmer, following too closely

Jerry D. Talbott, speeding

Sandra D. Tapp, speeding

Jeremy J. Teagud, no seat belt fastened

George B. Thompson, speeding

Luis A. Torres rivera, no federal dot inspection

Benjamin A. Wendell, speeding

Terry J. White, no seat belt fastened

Timothy A. Woodward, speeding

Fredrick R. Wright, speeding