Greene County Court News

Monday, August 17, 2009



State v. Kim Davis, criminal mischief

State v. Brent R. Gilbert, dealing in a schedule II controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine with a firearm, possession of chemical regeants or precursors with the intent to manufacture, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of anhydrous ammonia in an improper container, possession of marijuana

State v. Colin Wolfe, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of at least .15 grams or more in blood or breath


David R. Miller and Susanne R. Miller to Leonard D. Mayo and Beth A. Mayo, property in Greene County

Gerald Uland and Beverly A. Uland to Gerald Uland, Beverly A. Uland and Kelli R. Uland, property in Greene County

Ginny Cornelius as Trustee of Rural Route Land Trust to State of Indiana, property in Greene County

JC Property Group LLC to Jeffrey W. Laughlin and Judith R. Laughlin, property in Linton

Jerrald W. Maddox and Kelly J. Maddox to Bloomfield School District School Building Corporation, property in Bloomfield

John B. Allen to John B. Allen and LuAnne R. Allen, property in Greene County

Owen Community Bank SB to Martin M. Bartlett, property in Greene County

Brad Trimble and Diana Trimble to Keith R. Buck and Amanda R. Buck, property in Greene County