Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Linton Police Department's activity log for Monday included one fraud and two follow-up investigations, one request for information only, one juvenile/delinquent, two assists to the utility department after hours, one incident of vandalism, one protective order violation, one disorderly conduct, two accidents with personal injury, two accidents with property damage, one funeral escort, one lost and found, one medical/illness, one alarm, three animal complaints, one prowler, two assists to other agencies, one extra patrol, one domestic dispute and one traffic stop.

* Aug. 16 -- Police responded to numerous 911 calls that came in around 4:20 a.m. from a male and a female reporting a domestic dispute at a residence on SW H St. When an officer arrived, the man said the woman had battered him -- an officer observed fresh red marks and scratches on him. The woman refused to answer the door for police. Both of the subjects were photographed. On the police report, the officer classified the incident as "battery/mutual combat." Minors were present in the residence during the incident. LPD Chief Troy Jerrell was the investigating officer.

* Aug. 17 -- A resident reported the theft of his identification after he received a fraud alert from a credit reporting agency about suspicious activity on his credit report. LPD Officer Karl Jacobshagen was the investigating officer.

* Aug. 17 -- Police responded to an accident on State Road 54E near the Burger King/WalMart entrance at approximately 10:42 a.m. Two vehicles were westbound on the highway when the first slowed for traffic near the entrance to Hoosier Technologies. The second did not see the slowed vehicle in time to stop and struck it on the rear bumper. The accident report stated it was a low speed, low impact, low force collision and neither vehicle showed any visible damage. However, a child in the vehicle that was struck complained of neck, back and rib pain after the accident. The total amount of property damage was estimated to be under $750. Following too closely was cited as the primary cause of the crash. LPD Officer Karl Jacobshagen was the investigating officer.