Court News

Thursday, September 17, 2009



George Foote v. State of Indiana, petition for post-conviction relief


Wendy Sue Ynocencio v. Michael Anthony Ynocencio, dissolution

GE Money Bank v. Bruce Shryock, collection

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. v. David White and the unknown heirs at law of Robin White, deceased, mortgage foreclosure

Tina Jo Moore v. Kevin Wayne Moore, dissolution

Chase Bank USA NA v. Larry K. Holmstrom, collection

Penny K. Ipsen v. Earl W. Ipsen, dissolution



State v. Tina Turpin, two counts of theft


Lannan Auto Sales v. Christopher A. Roberts, account and damages

JoAnn Ward v. Lois A. Stewart, damages and rent

JoAnn Ward v. Angela Ballard, damages and rent

JoAnn Ward v. Julia Kirsten, Greentree, damages and rent

Terry E. Cox v. Donna Hoff, nature of claim not listed

Corvel, Inc., v. Cory Baker, account

Corvel, Inc., v. Chris Blanton, account

Corvel, Inc., v. Debra Clark, account

Corvel, Inc., v. Elizabeth Davis, account

Corvel, Inc., v. Mark Rodgers, account


Charlotte J. Webb to John D. Reynolds, property in Linton

Edward Eugene Medley to Danny K. Leigh, property in Worthington

Opal M. Williams to Walter R. Murphy, property in Koleen

Opal M. Williams to Walter R. Murphy, property in Greene County

John T. Brazil and Roberta Jacobsen Brazil to Matthew Kirk McDaniel, property in Linton

Janelle Myers to Fernell Keith McDonald, property in Greene County

Taylor Real Estate Investments LLC to Stephen W. Creech and Peggy L. Creech, property in Greene County

Richard L. Webb and Tamra J. Webb to Richard L. Webb, property in Greene County


Basim A. Abdalla, speeding

Dominic L. Abrell, no seat belt fastened

Dustin M. Allor, speeding

Perry A. Anagnos, no registration plate or license

Brian S. Arbaugh, speeding

Gary A. Bartley, speeding

Jessica M. Beall, speeding

donald J. Bell, driving while suspended-infract

Gregory A. Bentley, speeding

Robert S. Bishop, speeding

Tammy L. Blazier, no seat belt fastened

Danielle N. Bonam, speeding

Clifton L. Bowers, speeding

Kristy J. Bowersock, improper use of center lane

Michael C. Brewer, speeding

Derick F. Brooks, following too closely

Joshua c. Brown, speeding

Kira I. Brownd, speeding

Ronnie E. Bullock, driving while suspended-infract

Carlos Chapa, driving while suspended-infract

Evelyn P. Chappell, speeding

Abraham Christenberry, no seat belt fastened

John P. Coleman, no seat belt fastened

Tod A. Coleman, speeding

Kenny R. Cordell, expired driver's license

Holly M. Cox, expired driver's license

Holly M. Cox, no registration plate

Luann Daub, speeding

Zackary S. Dimmett, no seat belt fastened

Jessica L. Donna-Page, no seat belt fastened

Donald C. Duke, violation of license plate tra

Michael W. Dunn, speeding

Seth A. Ellmore, speeding

Terry R. Evans, speeding

Robert D. Everett, speeding

Damon R. Ferguson, speeding

Billie L. Finch, no seat belt fastened

James L. Fox, speeding

Anthony M. Fusco, no seat belt fastened

Carol J. Gerkin, speeding

Larry J. Gottschallk, no federal dot inspection

Alan D. Hale, obeyane of markings or signs

Justin E. Harbaugh, following too closely

Nicole D. Harrelson, speeding

Samuel D. Hayes, speeding

Michael J. Hendershot, no federal dot inspection

Travis E. Hughes, speeding

Scott B. Huxley, speeding

Patrick J. Irwin, no federal dot inspection

Lee J. Johnson, failure to dim headlights

Michael E. Jones, speeding

Stephen D. Kemp, financial responsibility

Stephen D. Kemp, false or fictitous plates

James P. Kincaid, speeding

Kari J. Kirkman, speeding

Fred R. Lammert, Jr., no seat belt fastened

Jayne E. Leahy, speeding

Christopher J. Liggett, speeding

Joshua M. Maggard, speeding

Daniel J. Martin, following too closely

Russell G. Mathes, speeding

Andrew M. Matt, disregarding automatic signal

Nathan C. McCain, speeding

Elizabeth R. McIntyre, speedign

Jared F. Meadows, speeding

June Mengedoht, speeding

Phyllis J. Merriman, speeding

Jason R. Miller, speeding

Matthew J. Mitchell, following too closely

Dean I. Monk, speeding

Derick L. Muse, speeding

Derick L. Muse, no seat belt fastened

Gary L. Myers, no seat belt fastened

Lora L. Myers, speeding

Jessica L. Nelson, no seat belt fastened

Tamara L. Noland, speeding

Gordon R. Norris, driving while suspended, infract

Gordon R. Norris, speeding

Alexandre R. Pareja, speeding

Amber L. Parsons, speeding

Kelly J. Parsons, no seat belt fastened

Amit J. Patel, following too closely

Joshua S. Pottorff, speeding

Brandon J. Preston, no seat belt fastened

Rick J. Reed, child passenger restraint

Brenton J. Rhodes, no seat belt fastened

Nelda S. Rimstidt, speeding

Franklin D. Roach, speeding

Robert D. Roach, no seat belt fastened

Robert L. Roach, speeding

Christopher A. Roberts, speeding

Donald L. Roberts, speeding

Brenton A. Royal, speeding

Jeffery E. Schenck, speeding

Darvid A. Schneider, no federal dot inspection

Douglas J. Schuba, speeding

Dean E. Smith, speeding

Roy M. Smith, speeding

Christopher A. Stanley speeding

Mark E. Steward, speeding

Cody E. Swan, no seat belt fastened

Timothy D. Thompson, speeding

Tracy D. Thompson, driving while suspended-infract

Ivy M. Toone, speeding

Cathy J. Tuddy, speeding

Angela R. Vaquero, knowingly perm unauth. driver

Maximino Vaquero, driving while suspended-infract

Russell S. Vaughn, speeding

Jesse L. Vaught, driving while suspended-infract

Nicholas S. Walton, speeding

James F. Weller, obeyance of markings or signs

Kari A. Wittman, speeding

Delmar J. Wittmer, speeding

Aaron M. Wyatt, speeding

James W. York, obeyance of markings or signs