Hasler being held on auto theft charge

Monday, October 26, 2009

Joshua K. Hasler, 28, of Newberry, is being held without bond in the Greene County Jail since his arrest last week for allegedly hopping into another man's car and driving away.

A preliminary charge of auto theft, a class D felony, has been filed against Hasler in Greene Circuit Court.

The charge stems from an incident on Oct. 20 when Hasler reportedly stole a customer's car that was parked at Ball-Spencer Photography Studio on State Road 54 west of Bloomfield.

According to a probable cause affidavit written by Greene County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Smith, a witness said she was waiting for an appointment inside the business and saw Hasler sitting outside in a pickup truck.

The witness said he was acting strange. She said he would get out of the truck then get back in, start the truck then shut it off.

Then she saw a small white car pull into the parking lot and park alongside the truck. The driver of the car got out and went inside and then Hasler got out of his truck carrying a bag, got in the car and drove off.

The car was a white 1997 Honda Civic. The driver was Caleb Dougherty. He said he left his keys in the car because he was only going to be inside for a few minutes.

When law enforcement officers arrived at the studio, the truck Hasler was driving was still parked there. It was registered to Kerry Dean Hasler of Newberry and officers went to the address on the registration to try to locate Hasler but they didn't find him there.

Deputy Smith, Deputy Brad Deckard and Lyons Town Marshal Ron Sparks were all out looking for Hasler and the stolen car when they received information that Hasler had driven the car to another residence in Newberry where he carried the bag in and asked to take a shower.

When officers arrived, Hasler walked out of the house and was taken into custody on a warrant that had been issued for his arrest in another case as well as suspicion of auto theft.

He was transported to jail without incident and the stolen car was recovered.