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Greene County Court News

Friday, November 20, 2009



State v. Angel Walls, theft


Corvell Inc. v. James Corbin, account

Corvell Inc. v. David Dailey, account

Corvell Inc. v. Matthew Major, account

Michael Gentry v. Thomas Gordon, Melissa Gordon, damages and rent

Mary Wilkie v. Melissa Gordon, account


Timothy L. Abbott, speeding

Carolyn S. Allen, speeding

Ashley L. Allor, speeding

Jacob M. Apollos, speeding

Dixie R. Barnes, speeding

Jessica J. Barrett, speeding

Scotty Bell, speeding

Donald S. Berberich, speeding

Dale E. Biehl, speeding

Ryan R. Blackwell, speeding

Dustin R. Bledsoe, speeding

Michael E. Brackett, speeding

Joseph D. Bradbury, speeding

Leighton A. Burgess, speeding

Virgil E. Brunham, speeding

Ryan J. Campbell, possession of tobacco

Brittany L. Clark, speeding

Daniel W. Clark, speeding

Tashia L. Coffman, speeding

Jimmy R. Colvin, driving while suspended-infract

Loren J. Comstock, no seat belt fastened

Michael D. Copeland, no seat belt fastened

Justin S. Cottingham, speeding

Nancy J. Croslow, speeding

Patrick J. Cundiff, driving while suspended-infract

Andrew C. Damron, possession of tobacco

Adam M. Davis, speeding

Alfreddie H. Davis, speeding

Suzanne L. Davison, speeding

Dale D. Denoma, speeding

Dale D. Denoma, expired license plate

Stanley D. Deweese, speeding

Upinder S. Dhanda, driving while suspended-infract

William Q. Dicus, possession of tobacco

Lawrence J. Doone, speeding

Emily M. Fanning, no seat belt fastened

Emily M. Fanning, expired driver's license

Timothy J. Farrar, expired driver's license

Timothy J. Farrar, speeding

Timothy W. Farris, speeding

Mary A. Field, speeding

Austin C. Finley, speeding

Jared T. Fox, possession of tobacco

Darren S. Fulford, speeding

Opie L. Gage, no seat belt fastened

Angela D. Gallagher, speeding

Timothy A. Gayde, no seat belt fastened

Timothy A. Gayde, no seat belt fastened

Timothy A. Gayde, no seat belt fastened

Timothy A. Gayde, no seat belt fastened

Teresa L. George, expired license plate

Ryan M. Gonterman, speeding

Russell L. Goodman, no seat belt fastened

George A. Harlan, expired driver's license

Krista R. Harrell, following too closely

Brandon R. Harris, no seat belt fastened

Craig M. Harstein, speeding

Matthew J. Hawkins, speeding

Elizabeth M. Head, speeding

Chelsa B. Hellums, speeding

Jessica L. Hineman, no seat belt fastened

Matthew A. Hudman, no seat belt fastened

Matthew A. Hudman, following too closely

Carley J. Hudson, expired license plate

Jack O. Huffman, speeding

Dylan M. Hutcherson, no seat belt fastened

George T. Jamison, no seat belt fastened

Brandon S. Jerrell, speeding

Mason Johnson, speeding

Mason A. Johnson, no seat belt fastened

Brent E. Jones, speeding

Charles C. Jones, speeding

Jennifer A. Jones, speeding

Kenin M. Krieger, speeding

Travis L. League, possession of tobacco

Monica D. Lee, speeding

Vankil Lian, speeding

Daniel P. Luse, speeding

Christopher D. Malkemus, speeding

Justin L. Mann, speeding

Michael M. Marshall, speeding

Samuel T. McCandless, speeding

John R. McGovern, stop signs at intersections

John R. McGovern, obeyance of markings or signs

John R. McGovern, speeding

David G. McNeal, no seat belt fastened

David G. McNeal, speeding

Stephanie M. Meinert, speeding

Aaron A. Miller, speeding

Anna D. Miller, speeding

Sarah K. Miller, speeding

Oliver J. Moore, speeding

Justin N. Muncie, speeding

Justin N. Muncie, no seat belt fastened

Beryl C. Myers, speeding

Samuel J. Nail, driving while suspended-infract

Rebecca D. Neeley, expired driver's license

Dennis D. Nelms, speeding

Jessica L. Nelson, speeding

Jessica L. Nelson, no seat belt fastened

Phillip G. Newton, speeding

Michael J. Nichols, child passenger restraint

Michael J. Nichols, speeding

Nathaniel L. Olson, speeding

Roger E. Padgett, speeding

Erlan J. Paniamogan, speeding

Joseph D. Patrick, obeyance of markings of signs

Brian L. Pearson, speeding

Alexander M. Peaugh, speeding

Carole A. Peckinpaugh, speeding

James A. Phipps, speeding

Mark B. Pinnick, speeding

Hadassa E. Ramos, speeding

Hadassa E. Ramos, child passenger restraint

Todd A. Rath, speeding

Cole D. Raven, speeding

Joseph R. Rent, speeding

Patrick J. Rice, speeding

Bruce W. Riddle, speeding

Eric C. Robles, no federal dot inspection

Eric C. Robles, no federal dot inspection

Douglas J. Rodgers, speeding

Nathan D. Rumple, unsafe start from parked position

Christopher S. Russell, speeding

Danielle L. Samuelson, speeding

Michelle L. Schutte, driving while suspended-infract

Michelle L. Schutte, speeding

Andrew W. Scott, speeding

Jenifer L. Sermersheim, speeding

Louis P. Sipes, speeding

Britnee K. Smith, speeding

Landon A. Smith, speeding

Matthew F. Smith, speeding

Carliss S. Snyder, driving while suspended-infract

Luke A. Spencer, speeding

Lana D. Sperling, speeding

Bradley K. Stevens, speeding

Donna S. Stidd-Krepps, speeding

Joshua L. Stivers, financial responsibility

Norman F. Sullivan, speeding

Jackie W. Swint, speeding

Samuel L. Trockman, speeding

Brandy L. Tsouchlos, speeding

Jack E. Tubbs, speeding

Jimmy D. Wilkins, Jr., disobedience to official traffic

Reed S. Wilkinson, no seat belt fastened

Cecelia A. Wilmes, following too closely

Robert J. Wolfe, obeyance of markings or signs

Justin K. Wright, no seat belt fastened

Douglas A. Yarnell, stop signs at intersections