Greene County Court News

Thursday, January 14, 2010



State v. James L. Coulter, illegal taking of white tail deer, hunting deer during closed season


The Bank of New York v. Anthony Russell, Michael Barnard, First Bank National Association, mortgage foreclosure

Razor Capital LLC v. Wendy Holcomb, collection

Old National Bank v. Jonathon M. Page, collection

In Re: the name change of Levi Adam Pigg, name change

Lisa M. Bradbury v. Derek R. Bradbury, dissolution

Robert A. Reed v. Sherry L. Reed, dissolution

Citibank (South Dakota) NA v. Tracy L. Stewart aka Tracy L. Prater, collection

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP v. Tammera L. Cronic, William Cronic, unknown occupants if any, mortgage foreclosure

Stephanie K. Graves v. Cordaryl Love, petition for support

Kristina A. Rippy v. Gerald W. Rippy, dissolution

American Express Bank FSB v. Joe James, collection


Midwest Business Holdings LLC dba Store Your Stuff v. Richard M. Jackson, account

Allstar v. Billy Utt, account

Allstar v. Rick Atkinson, account

Allstar v. Jeffrey Spicer, Jr., account

Musselman Apartments Inc. v. Dustin Wilson, damages and rent

Biggs Property Management v. Richard Carr, claim for possession


Christopher A. Corns, Bloomfield, and Dena Holloman, Bloomfield

Anthony Minks, Worthington, and Sarah Michelle Coleman, Spencer

Eric Allen White, Springville, and Heather Dawn Langley, Springville

James R. McDermott, Newberry, and Angel Dawn McKinnon, Newberry

Gary Ray Tannehill, Linton, and Terri Sue Tannehill, Linton


Quincey U. Murphy and Stacey A. Murphy to John M. Kenworthy, property in Greene County

Charles A. Nevills and Effie J. Nevills to Joshua Harris and Alexandria Gambill, property in Greene County

James Corwin to Cody J. Mauder and Kendal L. Mauder, property in Greene County

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher W. Bray, property in Greene County

Neil R. Hugentober to Neil R. Hugentober and Lois Ann Hugentober, property in Greene County

Federal National Mortgage Association to Patrick Lewis Jr. and Amy Marie Fitch, property in Greene County

Nina Mulay to William D. Cady and John Malcolm Cady, property in Greene County

Carl R. Crichfield and Carolyn F. Crichfield to Darla S. Truelove, property in Green Acres Second Addition

Randy J. Padgett to Darla J. Padgett, property in Greene County