Court News

Monday, February 1, 2010



Derick Scott Richards v. Melissa Jean Hasler, paternity

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Matthew F. Smith, collection

In the matter of the petition of Metropolitan School District of Shakamak for appointment of appraisers to determine the fair market value of real estate, civil misc.

Samantha L. Cessinger v. Ren D. Barton, petition for child support

GMAC Mortgage LLC v. Jeremy Boberg, Jacquelynn Boberg aka Jacquelin Bobert and the unknown tenant, mortgage foreclosure

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Alexander F. Scott, collection

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Rick L. Pridemore, collection



State v. Jerry L. Anderson, battery upon a law enforcement officer, resisting law enforcement


Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, property in Greene County

GMAC Mortgage LLC to Ginny Cornelius as trustee of the Rural Route Land Trust, property in Greene County

Terry D. Pierce as Sheriff of Greene County to Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., property in Greene County

Bank of America NA to the Bank of New York Mellon, property in Greene County

Robert Joe Wheaton and Paula Jean Wheaton to Larry A. Coleman and Erin B. Coleman, property in Greene County

Chris A. Gardner and Jeanine D. Gardner to William J. Riggins and Sallie R. Riggins, property in Jasonville

Edward W. Richards to Sylvia Yvonne Oakley, property in Linton


Wesley A. Marshall, no seat belt fastened

Joshua P. Mason, no seat belt fastened

Alicia L. McGhee, speeding

Ashle L. McKinley, speeding

Daniel P. Mitchell, speeding

Wiliam R. Noel, no seat belt fastened

Fred J. Occhipinti, speeding

Joshua D. Orr, no seat belt fastened

Joshua D. Orr, child passenger restraint

Cassandra A. Parr, no seat belt fastened

Edwin F. Paynter, speeding

Gary D. Price, no seat belt fastened

Shania Richardson, possession of tobacco

Cameron M. Ritchie, speeding

Christopher R. Roark, no seat belt fastened

Angus E. Robinson, intersections: approaching

Crystal A. Robinson, speeding

Brian S. Roddy, no seat belt fastened

Shannon L. Ryan, speeding

Christopher S. Selby, speeding

Levi P. Shand, expired license plate

James R. Shelton, no registration plate or license

Timothy S. Smiley, speeding

Heather L. Squire, no seat belt fastened

Andrew J. Storm, disobedience to official traffic

Stacy L. Sturma, no seat belt fastened

Gerald L. Thompson, no seat belt fastened

James J. Turpin, possession of tobacco

Kathy A. Warren, speeding

Angelica N. White, speeding

Christy L. Williams, speeding

Edward F. Windhorst, speeding

Bethany D. Wright, expired license plate

Tricia J. Wright, speeding

Timothy R. York, speeding