Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thanks for helping Linton food pantry

To the Editor:

Last August there was much coverage in this newspaper on the renovation project at the Linton Community Food Pantry and Thrift Store. Thanks to Chris Pruett and his reporters we were introduced to many local residents that were unaware of our six partner churches joined together in "feeding the hungry" and offering a pleasant shopping atmosphere in the thrift store.

Public interest has been overwhelming with donations and support. As the end-of-year figures were tabulated, even we were amazed at the ending numbers -- 2,075 families were provided food, totaling 7,327 individuals, close to the population of the city of Linton!

$23,639.62 was spent purchasing food, giving business to Angell's, Save-A-Lot and Walmart. We appreciate the discounts and special thanks to Angell's for delivering!

Sincere thanks to all the area farmers for keeping our freezers full of beef and pork and hunters for the deer meat and fresh produce from various gardeners.

For the "tons" of canned goods and monetary donations we thank the clubs, organizations, businesses, sororities, youth groups, school groups, other churches and the many, many individuals for sharing your blessings with the less fortunate. May God reward you with His blessing.

Thanks also for donations of clothing and household articles to the thrift store and the customers that do their shopping.

Words are not enough to thank the many volunteers that give their time so willingly and keep things running smoothly.

If you still haven't visited our store ... go online to LCFP.NET.COM and see what we are all about.

This new year needs are rising but we have faith with the generosity of the community and help from the Lord above, we can meet these needs and continue to "Just Feed Them."

God bless you all and pray for our continued success.

Linton Community

Food Pantry & Thrift Store

Martha Roach