Greene County Court News

Monday, March 8, 2010



In Re: Name Change of Joshua Lee Weaver Thompson, name change

IU Credit Union v. Kim Southern, Calvin D. Southern, Alberta Southern, Michael Koontz, complaint



William R. Secrest, invasion of privacy

State v. Garrett Alsman, possession of a device or substance to interfere with screening test, interferring with screening test

State v. Chad Daniel Bruner, driving while suspended

State v. Philip D. Hunt, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .15 grams or more of alcohol in blood or breath

State v. Gloria L. Marlowe, driving while suspended


Summit Urology PC v. David Griffith, collection

Jennifer Rose Quakenbush v. Aaron Lee Quakenbush, dissolution

Advantage Assets II, Inc. v. Rick D. Morecraft, collection

Midland Funding LLC v. Mark Price, collection

HSBC Bank Nevada NA v. DLee D. Carpenter, collection


Donald R. Terrell v. R. Randall Baker, damages

Anthony D. Davidson v. Rusty Lewis, damages and rent

Smithville Telephone Company v. Christa Van Pelt, account

K and K Construction, Kristen Knepp v. Linda Terrell, account


Hobart Thomas Nickell to Joseph A. Cunningham, property in Greene County

Johnny M. Long to Elaine Long, property in Greene County

William V. Harper to Jason L. Ridgway, property in Greene County

Sean K. Bays and Ricky K. Bays to Hugh K. Garner, property in Greene County

Stephen S. Bonney and Patty L. Bonney to Stephen S. Bonney and Patty L. Bonney, property in Greene County

Joe Graves to Nicholas R. House and Dixie L. House, property in Greene County

Eric T. VanHorn and Heather Camden to Eric T. VanHorn and Heather Van Horn, property in Linton

Dudley H. Dunn to Raymond E. Pittman and Janet S. Pittman, property in Greene County

Tillie Jessup to Don C. Jessup, property in Greene County

Dale Jessup to Don C. Jessup, property in Greene County

Kevan Graves and Amanda C. Freeman to Joe N. Graves and Vanetta J. Graves, property in Switz City