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Greene County Court News

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Discover Bank v. Troy M. Goodman, collection

Equable Ascent Financial LLC v. Donald Woods, collection

Equable Ascent Financial LLC v. Dorinda Bauer, collection



State v. Brando P. Chambers, burglary, theft, criminal mischief

State v. Daniel L. Grubb, burglary, theft, criminal mischief

State v. Cody L. Skinner, burglary, theft, criminal mischief


Owen Community Bank v. Janice C. Reach, mortgage foreclosure

Capital One Bank v. Penny S. Thomas, collection

Melinda S. Scales v. Joshua A. Scales, dissolution

Razor Capital LLC v. brittney Myers, collection


The Estol Porter and Azie Porter Revocable Trust to Lloyd Livingston and Wilma Livingston, property in Greene County

Ben D. Hershman and Patricia L. Hershman to James A. Delph property in Greene County


Christopher J. Bailey, no seat belt fastened

Joshua C. Baker, speeding

Ren D. Barton, driving while suspended-infract

Sean A. Boyd, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Lisa M. Bradley, no seat belt fastened

Justin D. Bruhn, driving while suspended-infract

Mark A. Burgener, speeding

Gregory L. Carlisle, speeding

Kent L. Carroll, speeding

Sandra J. Cazee, no seat belt fastened

Ian C. Crawford, speeding

Ian C. Crawford, obeyance of markings or signs

Matthew B. Crichfield, expired license plate

Alexander E. Culver, speeding

George W. Daugherty, speeding

Barbara G. Dempsey, no seat belt fastened

Steven L. Dobson, speeding

Scott A. Edlin, speeding

Drew G. Englert, speeding

Matthew E. Everett, speeding

Tiffany R. Firrone, false or fictitous plates

Tiffany R. Firrone, financial responsibility

Ronald W. Fisher, Jr., speeding

Ronald W. Fisher, Fr., expired driver's license

William L. Foreman, no seat belt fastened

David R. Frette, speeding

Scott E. Gerkin, driving while suspended-infract

Scott E. Gerkin, speeding

Tyler G. Gerkin, driving while suspended-infract

Rory E. Grubb, no seat belt fastened

Kristine K. Habich, speeding

Dennis L. Hammond, no seat belt fastened

Rodney L. Harner, speeding

Jennifer A. Harper, no seat belt fastened

Jeremy L. Hawkins, driving while suspended-infact

Jeremy L. Hawkins, speeding

Boyd W. Hayes, slowing down, turning from direction

Lori A. Henderson, speeding

Nichole E. Hickman, speeding

Gina M. Hoover, speeding

Shannon L. Hudson, expired license plate

Maria D. Jeffers, no seat belt fastened

John M. Kenworthy, speeding

Kenneth L. Klein, speeding

Klay D. Knox, no seat belt fastened

Klay D. Knox, expired license plate

Christopher Koontz, speeding

Laura L. Lechien, obeyance of markings or signs

Austin J. Lucas, failute to signal

Kristy A. McFadden, speeding

Laura B. McIntosh, speeding

Teresa Monier, expired driver's license

Scott L. Moore, no seat belt fastened

Scott L. Moore, speeding

Stephen J. Moore, speeding

Kenneth E. Nalley, no seat belt fastened

Darrell R. Neidigh, no seat belt fastned

Keenan J. Nowlin, speeding

Christopher G. Oliver, driving while suspended-infract

Christopher G. Oliver, no seat belt fastened

Meagan M. Pinkstaff, following too closely

Douglas A. Poole, obeyance of markings or signs

Douglas A. Poole, no seat belt fastened

Joseph D. Ray, no seat belt fastened

Rachael H. Reagin, throwing burning material from

Scott D. Rexroth, speeding

Kyle W. Reynolds, speeding

Jason L. Ridgway, child passenger restraint

Dawn M. Ruble, speeding

Nicki R. Screen, speedign

Jarrod J. Skinner, no seat belt fastened

Justin M. Slater, speeding

Matthew R. Tharp, no seat belt fastened

Gerald L. Thompson, speeding

Gerald L. Thompson, no seat belt fastened

Natasha K. Tresner, no seat belt fastened

Steven J. Wakefield, driving while suspended-infract

Lavena S. Watts, speeding

Derek N. Wikle, expired license plate

Kristie D. Williamson, speeding

Elizabeth A. Ziegler, speeding