Greene County Court News

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Citibank (South Dakota) NA v. Larry Holmstron, collection

First Resolution Investment v. Amber D. Davis, collection

John Douglas Boatright v. Lydia Joellen Flath, dissolution

Bloomfield State Bank v. United States of America Internal Revenue Service, civil tort



State v. Patti Terkowsky, battery


Carl Poe v. Mary Poe, dissolution

J. P. Morgan Chase Bank v. Troy L. Martindale, Carol A. Martindale, collection

Steve Glen Whitney Wiley v. Misty Dawn Wiley, dissolution


Midwest Business Holdings LLC dba Store Your Stuff v. Sam I. Wilson, Jr., account

Midwest Business Holdings LLC dba Store Your Stuff v. Debbie S. Rusher, account

Joyce Truppa v. Lenny Deckard, Kevin Deckard, claim for possession

James Corwin dba Corwin Rentals v. Michelle Graves, Jeffrey Caddell, claim for possession


Susan B. Jenne to Beth Ann Elgin Biles, property in Worthington

Thelma N. Carter to Homer Eugene Carter, property in Greene County

Greg M. Small to The Small Children's Irrevocable Trust, property in Greene County


Bud L. Coleman, false or fictitous plates

Joshua R. Creutz, speeding

Matthew B. Crichfield, speeding

Assad A. Dastour, speeding

Max G. Dean, speeding

Joshua J. Deckard, speeding

Douglas P. Deisher, no license in possession

Sueanna R. Douthitt, speeding

Domenique G. Dubois, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Shahab Ebrahimi, speeding

Kelly A. Edyd, no seat belt fastened

Heather L. Edmonson, no seat belt fastened

Lisa A. Epley, speeding

Joshua M. Felker, expired driver's license

Ryan L. Fleetwood, speedign

Matthew D. Foertsch, speeding

Dustin L. Foltz, speeding

David R. Foster, expired driver's license

Gregory D. Gentry, expired license plate

Philip C. Gerster, speeding

Angela F. Gioe, speeding

Martin S. Gonzalez, speeding

Gary L. Grandlienard, speeding

Thomas N. Graves, no federal dot inspection

Elizabeth A. Gregg, speeding

James L. Gunderson, no federal dot inspection

Stephen M. Hack, speeding

Megan E. Halstead, speeding

Judith R. Hamby, driving on wrong side of road

Trudy L. Hamilton, expired driver's license

Nicholas A. Hardin, speeding

Garrell J. Hash, disobedience to official traffic

Peter M. Helmbock, speeding

Donovan E. Hodge, speeding

Casey R. Horton, speeding

Casey R. Horton, no seat belt fastened

Abigail M. Howard, speeding

Gary D. Howell, no seat belt fastened

Andrew N. Huber, speeding

Randy E. Hughbanks, expired driver's license

Robert L. Hughes, parking in area where parking

Joseph E. Hunter, speeding

Pamela K. Ingram, speeding

Andrew P. Johnson, speeding

Donna L. Kay, speeding

Jonathan D. Kelm, speeding

James R. Kent, disobedience to official traffic

Krystal N. King, speeding

Michael E. King, speeding

Megan L. Knepp, speeding

Delora L. Koenig, speeding

Cindy Leadman, parking in area where parking

Kyle E. Leis, following too closely

Joseph Lewis, stop signs at intersections

Crystal S. Long, no seat belt fastened

Kenneth F. Long, no seat belt fastened

Matthew M. Mallard, following too closely

Joshua M. Marlowe, oper un-reg orv on public hwy

Juan G. Martinez, speeding

Tylor S. MAxey, disobedience to official traffic

Darin E. McCullough, no seat belt fastened

Darin E. McCullough, child passenger restraint

Darin E. McCullough, child passenger restraint

Shea E. McGovren, speeding

Jeffery J. Munson, speeding

Brock A. Myers, no seat belt fastened

Emie L. Pasco, no seat belt fastened

Seth M. Perigo, disobedience to official traffic

Steven J. Pollitt, expired driver's license

Brandon J. Popovich, speeding

Steven W. Powell, speeding

Jason S. Quilter, expired license plate

Jason S. Quilter, speeding

Mark B. Raibley, speeding

Michael D. Raper, disobedience to official traffic

Rita F. Robbins, speeding

Shayla Robinson, child passenger restraint

Lourdes M. Rodruguez, speedign

Mark A. Rogers, littering

Bradley A. Rue, speeding

Daniel C. Salmon, no seat belt fastened

Todd L. Schabel, following too closely

Glenn R. Sheffler, no seat belt fastened

Wesley A. Smith, unsafe vehicle operating on hwy

Kellee J. Stevenson, speeding

Everett H. Sturgis, disobedience to official traffic

Heather J. Sylverster, speeding

Candice Tatlock, no seat belt fastened

Austin R. Teltoe, trucks following closer than

Aramis A. Thomas, speeding

John W. Thompson, driving while suspended-infract

Jocelyn L. Turpen, no seat belt fastened

Michael S. Vienazindis, speeding

Joseph Visser, no federal dot inspection

James S. Walton, no seat belt fastened

Robert D. Waters, speeding

Andrew T. Watt, speeding

Jared S. Whitaker, speeding

Carroll G. White, speedign

Donald L. Wilson, expired license plate

Sandra J. Wilson, disobedience to official traffic device

Jared L. Wuerzburger, speeding