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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visitor impressed

with GPFWA

To the Editor:

Several weeks ago while visiting relatives in Linton I had the great opportunity to witness several "visitors" to the Goose Pond FWA. I saw a field (which I think was in the city limits of Linton) covered with Sandhill Cranes with more coming in to feed. What a sight! Then, driving the highway south from Linton I saw many flocks of Canada geese, several flocks of ducks and numerous gulls.

And, I know wildlife covered the areas I could not see. This wildlife would not be there if not for Goose Pond FWA.

I am an avid outdoorsman and duck hunter and have been on several FWA's in Missouri, as well as, a National Wildlife Refuge at Swan Lake in Sumner, Mo. These areas are priceless. This is an important way of preserving wildlife for our youth. I sincerely hope the citizens of Linton, Greene County and the surrounding areas truly appreciate the valuable resource they have.

Jay B. McGarraugh

Columbia, Mo.

Visitor enjoys festival, local restaurant

To the Editor:

I have visited Linton many times over the years because my sister lives there. I am writing to say you have two treasures that I hope you will encourage and support.

A few weeks ago I attended your festival for the Goose Pond. I have been watching Goose Pond being reclaimed over the years, and I think it is a wonderful place and a gold mine for Linton. This past weekend my sister took me to one of your other treasures, a new restaurant on Main Street called Heritage House. The food was all very good, the salad fresh and crispy, and the pork chop was seasoned well and juicy. All the sides were good, but be sure to order the grilled shrimp on a skewer as an added bonus. It was awesome, and on top of everything, the bill was reasonable.

When I come to town to visit Goose Pond, I will visit Heritage House.

Judy Mayor


Thank you for

prayers, visits, cards

To the Editor:

My sincere thanks for the prayers, visits, cards and calls during my recent hospital stay and recuperation.

Your kindness and concern has meant more than you know.

Bob O'Neall