Greene County Court News

Thursday, May 13, 2010



In the matter of the petition of Toni Cahill to change name of minor child, civil misc.

Jamie Denise Shute v. Anthony Luke Shute, dissolution

Arrow Financial Services LLC v. Tanya Salesman, collection

Janet Mitchell v. Charles Mitchell, dissolution

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP v. George K. Arthur and VISA/Midwest Carpenters and Millwrights Federal Credit Union, mortgage foreclosure

Morgan F. (Kimmel) Meadows v. James Devon Meadows, annulment

Green Tree Servicing LLC v. Jama J. Phillips, Dickie A. Phillips, civil plenary



State v. Ginger M. Kendall, driving while suspended

State v. Seth R. Stinebaugh, battery resulting in bodily injury


Brandy Hutcherson v. Shane Hutcherson, dissolution

Nick Ray Duytschaver v. Susan Duytschaver, dissolution


Hartman and Paddock PC v. Jason Miller, account

Hartman and Paddock PC v. Gina Rogers, David Rogers, account

Brad Holmes v. Grace L. Johnson, damages and rent

Brad Holmes v. Dhyanna M. Webster, damages and rent


Rickey D. Cooper and Pamela A. Cooper to Pamela A. Cooper, property in Greene County

Dawes Bradley Hays to Janet Pittman, Marvin R. Harper and Connie N. Harper, property in Greene County

James H. Swaby and Sheryl Anne Swaby to Henry E. Miller, property in Greene County

Gary Manley to Andy Joe Spencer and Janell Sue Spencer, property in Greene County

Wanda P. Shepherd to Robert Levy Flanders, property in Greene County

Teresa L. Fiscus aka Teresa Fiscus to John B. Fiscus, property in Worthington

Marsha K. Simpson and Otha C. Simpson to Woodson E. Lagle, property in Greene County

Alvin B. Crowe and Jean Marie Crowe to Daniel Raines and Wendy Raines, property in Greene County

Federal National Mortgage Association to Justin Clark, property in Greene County

Edward Burch and Maudie Burch to Ashley Brandon Chew, property in Greene County

Alice L. Griffith to Chad A. House and Amy J. House, property in Greene County

William E. Sipes and Diana K. Sipes to Sipes Land Company LLC, property in Greene County

William E. Sipes to Sipes Land Company LLC, property in Newberry

William E. Sipes to Sipes Land Company LLC, property in Greene County