Borders asking for summer study on informed consent hysterectomy bill; speaks to international conference in New York

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
District 45 State Rep. Bruce Borders (R-Jasonville) (Greene County Daily World/Nick Schneider)

District 45 State Rep. Bruce Borders (R-Jasonville) says women need to know the facts before they agree to have a hysterectomy.

Borders, who believes most of the hysterectomy procedures performed are unnecessary, was unsuccessful in passage of a bill he sponsored last session that would have required women to have informed consent before under going the common medical procedure.

The bill died in January without a vote in committee, but Borders is continuing his fight during the off-session to enact this legislation in Indiana.

Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus, a hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ.

Under Borders proposed bill, patients would be required to watch a video/DVD that relates information that the procedure will result in infertility, a description of the discomforts and risks that might follow the procedure.

It specifically requires doctors to inform patients about the general nature of their condition; the proposed treatment or procedure; the expected outcome; and the material risks and reasonable alternatives to the procedure.

The bill also requires patients to be advised that the hysterectomy procedure is considered to be irreversible, the patients must be given a description of the discomforts and risks that may accompany or follow the performing of the procedure, as well as a description of the benefits or advantages that may be expected as a result of the hysterectomy.

Borders is trying to get a House summer study committee for the bill and plans to re-introduce it next legislative session, if he wins re-election in November.

"I'm trying to get a summer study committee on it so we can build up some steam on it (the legislation)," Borders said.

Some states have similar legislation on the books, but Borders added, "There is nothing that has any substance to it. This is the first legislation that has been proposed anywhere in the world that requires a DVD be given to a person having a hysterectomy. Once the person has been given that DVD which we can produce for about $1 a piece, we want women to understand what the results of a hysterectomy are. Basically, 100 percent of the time when they see that DVD they literally chose not to have a hysterectomy."

Borders said he became interested in the topic after his wife, Lola, had a hysterectomy several years ago and things did not go well.

"It almost never does. According to the HERS Foundation and their study of over 850,000 hysterectomies, 98 percent of them are unnecessary," Borders told the Greene County Daily World.

Borders said the bill is obviously not supported by many in the medical community, because it is one of the more profitable procedures -- a $17 billion industry each year.

"One thing they don't tell women is your chance of cardiovascular disease increases by 300 percent," he said.

Last month, Rep. Borders was a guest speaker for an international conference sponsored by the Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS) Foundation, a non-profit international women's health education organization in New York City.

The focus of the conference was hysterectomy informed consent legislation.

According to the HERS Foundation, more than 621,000 hysterectomies are performed each year on women in the United States who are not provided with information that is required for informed consent.

Borders' address was titled: "Your Vote is Mightier than the Lobbyist's Dollar"

Last session, during an Indiana House of Representatives hearing, the Indiana Hospital Association and a gynecologist who claimed to represent the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) voiced opposition to HB1366. Planned Parenthood Action Network (PPAN) of Indiana and Indiana ACLU spoke against the bill.

Borders said feedback after his 30 minute presentation and participation in a roundtable discussion has been positive and upbeat toward his new effort to have the legislation passed.

This could possibly become a federal law, Borders said. He's going to get his bill into the hands of Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), an ardent women's rights advocate, who delivered the keynote address at the conference.

He hopes she might introduce similar legislation in the U.S. Congress.

"She (Maloney) herself was saved from a hysterectomy because of advice she was given and she had become so appreciate of the cause because of her own situation and the counseling she had. She became keenly interested in the issue," Borders said.

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  • ??? Let's see. A hysterectomy can lead to infertility. Now that sure deserves a study. This is the funniest article I have ever read. He has not been a woman for a day or he would understand why women get hysterectomies. Most will say it is the best thing they ever did....women past 35 with kids, that is.

    -- Posted by Christ4U on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 4:50 PM
  • Really? This is the taxpayers money at work?!? Come on Bruce! The women who have to have this procedure done know perfectly well what the procedure entails. Are you sure it is not for the MEN to feel better for themselves than anything? Please try to spend your time with something else that is more beneficial to us, like child abuse,and stricter laws on child molesters!

    -- Posted by pinky1 on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 4:55 PM
  • "It almost never does." ???? Things usually go well if you follow your doctor's advise about not lifting, resting, etc. If you have a good doctor, there should be no problems. I think the cardiovascular risk has been associated with hormone replacement. Maybe women shouldn't be so quick to take those drugs. I know I am glad I had the surgery.

    -- Posted by Sue62 on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 5:48 PM
  • Come on Bruce. I think there are other concerns that you would better address than this.

    -- Posted by Sue62 on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 5:49 PM
  • Uh, its my understanding that a hysterectomy is not the same as having ones "tubes tied", which is to prevent pregnancy. I was contemplating having my tubes tied and my uterus would NOT have been REMOVED, like in a hysterectomy. A friend of mine was told she had to have a hysterectomy after the birth of her last child, and it is not something that she would have volunteered to do. I think what Bruce is doing is great. Everyone who is going to have major surgery should be aware of all the facts. Some people won't just ask their doctor.

    -- Posted by feelinyounglookinold on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 6:11 PM
  • It's like a certain person says.."watch the other hand"..."smoke and mirrors". (i.e. this is a diversion)

    -- Posted by Music Man on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 6:13 PM
  • Care to elaborate, Music Man? I'm intrigued.

    -- Posted by VeraKlopek on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 6:22 PM
  • Elvis Lives.........

    -- Posted by localyokal on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 7:29 PM
  • One out of three women are hysterectomized by age 60.

    Women are not being informed about the life-long important functions of the uterus and ovaries. The uterus is a hormone responsive, reproductive, sex organ that supports the bladder and the bowel, and provides support to the pelvis.

    Women who experience uterine contractions during orgasm will not experience them without a uterus (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists pamphlet). During a hysterectomy a woman's ****** is shortened, made into a closed pocket, and sutured shut at the top of the ******.

    When the uterus is removed women have a 3X greater incidence of heart disease, and when the ovaries are removed, it's 7X greater. The ovaries are the female gonads, and removal of the ovaries is female castration, the same as removal of the male gonads, the testicles, is male castration.

    These consequences of hysterectomy are universal, they are fact. They do not differ if you have an exceptionally skilled surgeon, and they are the same for a Speaker of the House, Senators, bus drivers, school teachers, single women, married women, women who are tall and short, rich and poor.

    Who would deny a woman's right to know the consequences of hysterectomy and female castration? Only when the consequences of hysterectomy are made part of hysterectomy informed consent will women have been given the opportunity to make a fully informed decision about what she will, and will not, allow to be done to her body.

    You can watch the free, short, educational video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs", and learn more about the internal female organs at

    Kudos to Representative Borders for standing up for a woman's right to be fully informed before she is told to sign a hysterectomy consent form. This issue is of vital importance to every woman and man. There are 621,000 hysterectomies performed a year in this country, and 73% of women are castrated during the surgery. It's unpleasant to use such language, but it's more unpleasant to be castrated. If we want women to understand the consequences of what is being done to them, we must start using the medically correct words.

    Please support Rep. Borders Resolution to provide women with this critically important information.

    Thank you.

    Nora W. Coffey

    President, HERS Foundation

    -- Posted by nwc on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 8:47 PM
  • I for one am so glad to see this headline. I agree 100% with Bruce Borders on this issue. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. He is right in saying most are unnecessary. I went into the hospital April 24th, 2007. I came home May 18th, 2007 with a colostomy bag on my side (the result of a mistake on the doctors part). Six months later, I was back for more surgery. I now face panic attacks every single day of my life. I am a furnace most of the time. I have gained at least 50 pounds. I cry at the drop of a hat, or I just throw something instead. The fact is, women are not given the facts. It is true that my case is extreme. However, doctors need to stop performing this life altering surgery unless deemed medically necessary.

    -- Posted by whiteriverparent on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 8:48 PM
  • Having a hysterectomy was the best thing that ever happened to me! It saved my life. As with any surgery, do your homework and check out the doctor before hand.

    -- Posted by parent of lss kids on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 9:18 PM
  • Just another example of why this man should not be re-elected. Please people, don't vote for any incumbent in the fall.

    -- Posted by robturpin on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 9:41 PM
  • robturpin, why do you want to deny women the right to know the consequences of the second most commonly performed surgery? If your wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend were told they needed a hysterectomy would you deny them their right to information about the consequences of the surgery?

    Because the functions of the male sex organs are visible, no one could tell a man that if his ***** was amputated he would be the same sexually, but because the female sex organs are internal, and therefore not visible, women need to be informed of the consequences of having their uterus and ovaries removed. Surely you don't advocate that information be withheld from women?

    -- Posted by nwc on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 9:50 PM
  • To Pinky1: In time, women will find out this surgery is not the best thing that ever happened to them. Are you telling me that women are not worth the time and money to pass a law that protects them against this very unnecessary and barbaric surgery. This is the worse case of abuse against women there can be! When they are ripping healthy sexual organs out of young girls of 15-18 years of age, this is child abuse! There are laws protecting the environment to animals, but none to protect women-the backbone of the family.

    To Sue62: It doesn't matter if you have a good doctor or not. A hysterectomy no matter how it is done is a very damaging and dangerous surgery with life-long consequences. And, you saying that you think Rep. Borders should be concentrating on other concerns is your lack of knowledge what this surgery has done to his wife and his life. It not only affects the woman, but everyone surrounding her. Her health, marriage, family and career are all affected. Rep. Borders life has been destroyed along with his wife. If you are married, your husband knows what this surgery took from you and him. If they took your cervix, sex is not as enjoyable for him anymore. Did your doctor tell you this?

    It wouldn't be very funny Christ 4U if you had your healthy hormonal sexual organs taken from you without any information as to the consequences of this surgery only to be told it will be the best thing you will ever do, that nothing will change and that your sex life will not be affected. Why are you against watching the HERS Foundation DVD 'female anatomy' before you submit to this surgery? Had I been given a chance to watch this DVD, I would have never been hysterectomized and castrated for a pea-sized fibroid. We have to stop believing doctors who are out to only make money off of women. Why would you become an OBGYN if not for the money? They are trained to do surgeries. We are being lied too which is sad!

    I was easily talked into this surgery by Dr. Jerome Gundersen of Gundersen Clinic in La Crosse, Wisconsin because I was not informed or had any knowledge how this surgery would affect my health and life. I was full of energy and was fulfilling all my dreams. One dream was opening my own hair styling center up. I had worked for 5 years as a stylist and was ready to open my own salon up when I had the surgery. I was sick from day one. I didn't have to wait years to know all my illnesses was from the surgery. I knew right away. I have major health problems and I lost my health, zest for life and career.

    Please don't insult us Pinky1, Sue62 and Christ 4U by your unknowable remarks. You never need a hysterectomy/castration for fibroids, cysts or polyps unless you have the wrong doctor. There are alternative surgeries, but most doctor find it easier and faster to just clean house. HERS will find you a doctor in your area who will do alternative surgeries.

    -- Posted by GraceNikki on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 10:28 PM
  • I agree that we should not let the medical profession do surgeries that are not needed and I agree that we should be informed. We should also do our own research on the subject and check our doctor out. My surgery was the best thing ever. I battled with female problems from age 14 to over 40. Not to mention the normal female issues. Also once it is fallen and the bladder has fallen (badly) what is the alternative? I dont know about you but having it fall out on the ground was not a choice for me. The pros and cons are to be weighed and hormone replacement some women never chose to take in life anyway. I do not feel less like woman.

    -- Posted by deepthinker on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 10:31 PM
  • are you freaking kidding me?

    -- Posted by wotown1 on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 10:51 PM
  • deepthinker, you may feel that hysterectomy was the best thing that you've ever done in your life, but hopefully that does not stop you from supporting and advocating that every woman has the right to know the functions of the female organs and the consequences of their removal. Women should be given HERS Female Anatomy video at least 48 hours before being told to sign a hysterectomy consent form.

    With regard to what could have been done about your prolapsed uterus and bladder, you could have undergone a surgical resuspension of the uterus and a bladder repair. Unfortunately doctors who are not skilled at performing surgical resuspension of the uterus do not usually refer women with severe prolapse to a surgeon who is skilled at performing this surgery. Another conservative option is the use of a pessary, a device that is similar to a diaphragm. The woman inserts it herself, removes it for sex, and then reinserts it, similar to the use of a diaphragm for contraception.

    A few people have commented that they did a lot of research, and they suggest that other women do the same. But some people are not able to do research, they lack education or confidence that the could understand the complexities of the vast array of conflicting information available on the internet. And most people do not realize how many of the doctors and hospitals websites are advertising and promotion, they're not about good medicine. A woman should be able to not speak the same language, or not be educated or capable of doing research, she should not have to know the right questions to ask or whether the answers to her questions are accurate. When women watch HERS video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs", they understand what and where the female organs are, their many life long functions, and what happens to a woman's body when her female organs are removed. Every woman has a right to know!

    -- Posted by nwc on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 11:25 PM
  • I applaud Rep. Borders for understanding some core truths:

    - that women deserve to know not only the truth, but the whole truth

    - that hysterectomy is not a euphorism for sterilization

    - that hysterectomies are being perfomed at an epidemic rates to the tune of (minimally) 600,000 annually for benign conditions

    - that simply because the medical community continues to utilize clearly ineffective treatments for benign conditions - does not make hysterectomy necessary

    - there is no listing in the yellow pages for "good doctors"

    - all patients only know what a doctor has told them; this bill will guarantee that each and every woman is presented with the anatomical facts concerning hysterectomy

    -- Posted by tq on Wed, May 19, 2010, at 11:59 PM
  • This is a lot to chew on. I agree that women should have all the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions. At the same time, a patient has to take the initiative. There are doctors out there that are giving the whole truth. They are exhausting all other options before considering this procedure. I'm not sure that a law would be anything more than another piece of paper to sign and a video that many won't watch anyway.

    I wonder if promoting these doctors and specialists that are giving women options would be a better way to serve the needs of women. I admire Bruce's passion, but I'm not sure that a law or taxpayer money is the best way to go about this issue.

    -- Posted by GCC on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 12:07 AM
  • Thank you for your courageous efforts Mr. Borders in the face of vivisection of women and greed. A women's sexual organs are IMPORTANT TO HEALTH and are as valuable as men's are. Women may not need gynecological "operations" and her organs should not be removed to provide surgical teaching to students. Scar tissue from surgical damage can cause lifelong pain and adversely affect and interrupt normal human body function of nerves, circulation as well as endocrine function of hormones. Knowledge can empower women.

    -- Posted by Zoe on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 12:34 AM
  • GCC,

    In corporate America the responsibility for full disclosure rests on the manufacturer, not on the consumer. The product here is hysterectomy, and the manufacturer is gynecologists. Every woman has the right to be given full, accurate information about the consequences of hysterectomy. Promoting the handful of doctors who provide truthful information will not stop the 621,000 hysterectomies performed a year in the USA. One out of three women are hysterectomized by the age of 60. Even if the few full disclosure doctors were promoted, most women would not be able to afford to travel cross country to see them. The issue is not "giving women options", it's tell them the consequences of hysterectomy. I said there are a handful of doctors that tell women the consequences of hysterectomy, but in fact I can only think of one, and that's Mitchell Levine, in Cambridge MA.

    Knowing the alternatives is not enough, women need to know the damaging effects of hysterectomy, and the critically important life long functions of the female organs.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:13 AM
  • What are we paying doctors for if a patient needs to take the initiative? Aren't doctors supposed to be the specialists who give a patient the proper information to make an informed decision? Why are doctors not totally responsible for the information they give prior to removing the sex organs from a woman especially when they are profiting from the procedure? These so-called doctors have already removed the uterus from nearly half the population of women in the U.S. That number is staggering and catastrophic and shouldn't every person question the medical professions' motives? How on earth is it okay for these doctors to perform hysterectomies on over 1/2 of the female population in the US? Logic would tell you that half the female population didn't line up and ask that their sex organs be removed. The women posting here who think they were in control or that it was the best thing they ever did, were no more than unknowing victims of the most unnecessary barbaric surgery in history. As far back as the 1800's, these doctors were skilled in removing fibroids and ovarian cysts and even transplanting ovaries, yet they would trick you into believing that it cannot be done today in 2010.

    If having your sex organs amputated and mutilated is the best thing you ever did, you are either totally uneducated and brainwashed, or you are just too embarrassed to tell the truth about how it feels to live without your sex organs intact and live with an increased risk for heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia, etc. No man would be bragging about being castrated or having his ***** shortened and it's just as ridiculous that a woman would brag it up. It is long past due that a law be passed that would supply women with the truth, and stop the medical community from profiting off their ignorance. Rep. Borders will not profit by passing a law that gives women the proper information required for informed consent, but gynecologists will lose billions when they are stopped from performing millions of unnecessary hysterectomy procedures on unknowing victims. The fact is that insurance companies pay a doctor far more to amputate your uterus than to remove a fibroid or ovarian cyst, and since hospitals are profit-making corporations, their main interest is their bottom line. As bad as Wall Street screwed the U.S. public, it doesn't even compare to doctors removing women's sex organs for profit. When will it not be okay, when they've done it to 3/4 of the female population in the US, or do they have to hysterectomize every female before it will stop? If there were more men like Bruce Borders in this world, women would be treated far better.

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:26 AM
  • I was hysterectomized and castrated against my will and without my consent nearly three years ago. I am completely disabled now and unable to work. I'm only 48. I have lost most of my vision due to the loss of estrogen to my lenses and my bladder and bowels have prolapsed, I have thyroid disease, etc. I have lost all sexual feeling and sensation. I have memory issues as well. My health problems are endless now.... I could go on and on. I went to two doctors and neither of them explained any of the above consequences; especially going blind. Both doctors told me I would feel like a new women, better sex, etc., etc.; all the standard lies.... I did not want to be de-sexed and castrated. I did not want to lose the health and well-being I enjoyed before this barbaric surgery. Yet, I was put to sleep and all six of my female organs removed without my consent. Some of the comments on this site are just plain ignorant. Some of you might as well say that if your eyes cause you problems; you should just have them removed. How obviously ridiculous...... And yet; this is what some of you are saying in essence in regard to the female sex organs. I thank God in heaven for Rep. Borders and his courage to speak out about a horrific injustice against women and society at large. I can't imagine a more important or critical issue Rep. Borders should be working on. I testified in Indiana in favor of HB 1366 at my own expense even though I'm unemployed. I also attended the HERS conference in NY in April along with my son who lives in Queens. Rep. Borders is not against hysterectomy per se. He is against women being lied to about the true damaging and life-long CONSEQUENCES of hysterectomy. Knowledge is power. Women can't give 'informed' consent when they have not been informed. It's that simple. The HERS video is an excellent video that matter-of factly states the functions of the female sex organs throughout a woman's life and the consequences of removal of those organs. Education is a good thing and this is what Rep. Borders is advocating. I would encourage voters in Indiana to vote for Rep. Borders in November. He is a passionate person dedicated to serving the public and protecting that public. I, for one, wish there more politicians like Rep. Bruce Borders.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:32 AM
  • I am not sure how I feel about legislation of this type. I do question a doctor's integrity that would not agree that every person has a right to be completely informed about any surgery or procedure to be performed. Would legislation such as this benefit any type of surgery or procedure that either a man or woman would consider under going? I can think of many other types of surgeries that are being performed at an alarming rate that have long term affects. Like many of the other individuals that have commented on this story I know first hand the risks of a hysterectomy. My doctor was responsible enough to provide a good amount of reading material and information to my husband and myself to make an informed decision. My doctor also took the time to explain the entire procedure and what would and could happen both during and after the surgery. Even after being provided with all the information my hysterectomy developed into a second emergency surgery that almost cost me my life. Would I have the surgery again? Yes, but it was not my first choice or attempt to correct my problem. In my case I had spent 3 years trying everything possible to resolve my problems that constantly left me in excruciating pain and feeling sick and miserable most of the time. My sister unfortunately suffered the same fate due to a hereditary issue, but was not as blessed as myself to have children first. My questions for Representative Borders is this...if the doctor will be required to provide what is being proposed who will pay for this?...why would insurance companies not be on the band wagon with this type of legislation?...would this type of legislation not be beneficial to insurance companies when so many claims are being paid out?...How much money will taxpayers spend to push this bill through and complete a study?...After all is said and done women will still make their choices and of the 5 women polled just this evening all 5 agreed that they would do it again.

    -- Posted by kdee on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:36 AM
  • Yes, that is a good question, why wouldn't gynecologists want to give every woman all the information for informed consent? I think that says a lot.

    Of the women here who have had a hysterectomy and feel they made the right decision, I wonder what exactly were you told about it? Were you told that it increases your risk for heart disease and osteoporosis. Were you told it would shorten your life span? And how do you know you were told about every alternative?

    I've talked to a lot of women and not one was told any of those things, nor were they given any alternatives and not one had cancer or any life threatening condition.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 6:44 AM
  • Our economy and schools are going to hell, and he worries more about this? Sure, it is nice he is concerned and it is a decent topic, but you are telling me this is the most important thing in this state currently?

    -- Posted by NewberryUSA on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 8:32 AM
  • I totally support Mr. Borders, I had the surgery because I had a fibroid tumor. I was not totally informed of what could happen later. I have started having problems that will require surgery.

    I was not aware that things could shift and start falling out because of this surgery. Women should be better informed. Had I known then what I know now I would have done everything I could not to have this done. Women have a right to know the whole story on this issue. This is a life altering situation. I support you 100% Mr. Borders. If I can help you out I will.

    -- Posted by primitive sister on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 8:46 AM
  • This could be just one of the many topics being dealt with. I think its important that every human being be informed of all risk involved with any surgery. Would you want a dr. to say "its not that big of a deal," then take your womanhood and you find out after the fact that it was a HUGE deal???? I for one would not, and am glad there are people with a voice in the government trying to help!!

    -- Posted by VeraKlopek on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 8:48 AM
  • kdee, you pose some excellent questions. There was a one-time cost to HERS of $2,000 to make the video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs", and it costs us $1 to duplicate it. We also make the video available free and downloadable on HERS website, youtube, Vimeo, and other free video hosting websites. Even though we are a grassroots non-profit organization with a grassroots budget, so we do not have funds for advertising to let women know the video is available, the anatomy video has been watched by over 1.5 million people. Women call and email to tell us that they were not told the information in the video about the critically important life long functions of the female organs. Women scheduled for surgery cancel it, and women considering it understand the importance of looking for conservative alternatives that keep their uterus and ovaries intact. It also helps women to reconsider whether they have symptoms that are a nuisance, and not a true medial problem.

    The facts women find most compelling are:

    1. When the uterus is removed women have a 3X greater incidence of heart disease, and when the ovaries are removed it's 7X greater.

    2. The uterus is a hormone responsive sex organ, and the ****** is shortened and made into a closed pocket, sutured shut at the top. The pleasurable, powerful uterine contractions that are felt with orgasm will not occur without a uterus.

    3. The uterus supports the bladder and the bowel, and the broad bands of uterine ligaments that attach to the uterus and are severed during hysterectomy provide structural support to the pelvis.

    HERS has counseled 950,000 women. About half of them were told they needed hysterectomies, and half had undergone the surgery. None of them had been told any of the three consequences in this short list, or the other consequences that are in addition to these three points.

    One in three women are hysterectomized by age 60 in the USA, and 73% of women are castrated (their gonads removed) during the surgery. In the time it took to write this comment another 5 women were hysterectomized, and 4 were castrated. Every minute another woman's hormone responsive sex organs are removed.

    HERS produces the video for $1, a minimal cost that does not need to be passed on to the taxpayer. What's a uterus worth? It's a $17B a year industry. Are women's health and well being worth a dollar? Gynecologists could make $1 less by providing this video, or they could share the cost by paying 50 cents and charging insurance 50 cents.

    Financial institutions received billions in bailouts. Surely a woman's life is worth legislation that requires an investment of $1 to give women the information tools about the consequences of hysterectomy that are required for hysterectomy informed consent.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 9:10 AM
  • After reading some of these comments, my hormones are out of control. So, I guess after having my second child, I should have just said...No, don't take my uterus, I'd rather die than live without it. Glad I didn't. The crime with my hysterectomy was with the insurance co. who made me wait an extra 2 months while they decided if I needed it, and if they would accept my dr.(who I had seen the entire pregancy and for all the aftercare of having a second C-section.)

    This is a private, personal matter. ALL DOCTORS SHOULD HAVE TO IMFORM ALL PATIENTS OF ALL RISKS FOR ALL PROCEDURES ALL THE TIME!!! That's it. Just that simple.

    -- Posted by LEO63 on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 10:00 AM
  • ivybreeze1960, Women cannot experience uterine orgasm without a uterus, and more than a man can experience an erection or ejaculation without a *****.

    There was a time when no women were talking about their loss of sexual feeling after hysterectomy. After all, who wants their husband, boy friend, partner friends or family to know that they are no longer able to experience orgasm? Although it is easy to understand the need to deny it, to keep it a well guarded secret, it is imperative for women to know that to experience uterine contractions during orgasm after their uterus has been removed would require them to be super human.

    Since HERS was founded in 1982 women started talking about the loss of sexual feeling, Many voiced a feeling of shame and embarrassment, and live in fear that others will find out about their deep, dark secret.

    As more women speak out about the consequences of the surgery, the veil of silence is being lifted to reveal the truth. Every day more hysterectomized and castrated women and the people who care about them are dedicating themselves to informing other women about the damaging and often devastating effects of hysterectomy to make sure that this will be the last generation of women that this is done to. Loss of orgasm is about more than the loss of sexual pleasure, there is a loss of sexual energy and of the intimacy between partners.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 10:09 AM
  • ivybreeze1960, Women cannot experience uterine orgasm without a uterus, any more than a man can experience an erection or ejaculation without a *****.

    There was a time when no women were talking about their loss of sexual feeling after hysterectomy. After all, who wants their husband, boy friend, partner friends or family to know that they are no longer able to experience orgasm? Although it is easy to understand the need to deny it, to keep it a well guarded secret, it is imperative for women to know that to experience uterine contractions during orgasm after their uterus has been removed would require them to be super human.

    Since HERS was founded in 1982 women started talking about the loss of sexual feeling, Many voiced a feeling of shame and embarrassment, and live in fear that others will find out about their deep, dark secret.

    As more women speak out about the consequences of the surgery, the veil of silence is being lifted to reveal the truth. Every day more hysterectomized and castrated women and the people who care about them are dedicating themselves to informing other women about the damaging and often devastating effects of hysterectomy to make sure that this will be the last generation of women that this is done to. Loss of orgasm is about more than the loss of sexual pleasure, there is a loss of sexual energy and of the intimacy between partners.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 10:10 AM
  • Don Con, you make yourself appear very ignorant and uneducated to reduce this critical human rights issue down to "I think Mr. Borders should leave government and go back to impersonating Elvis. He's starting to look like the Las Vegas Elvis with that hair." Your comment is beyond ridiculous. Attacking Rep. Border's hair. Really..... Are you serious?

    Having said that, I have watched various videos of Rep. Borders impersonating Elvis and I think he's great! Rep. Borders is a very unique and charismatic individual who has a true 'passion' and 'zest' for life and the those around him; not common in our society today.

    Consider posting something intelligent please....

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 11:24 AM
  • nwc...Forgive me if this was said and I overlooked it, but is there any other way to have an orgasm as a female if you have had a hysterectomy?

    -- Posted by feelinyounglookinold on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 12:18 PM
  • Can we say "SECOND OPINION"? One should never have such a radical procedure done without a second opinion. Can we say "GOOGLE"? Research, research, research ! We all have that right. The information is out there. And, if you can't trust your Doctor to give you all the "facts", then you need to get another Doctor.

    -- Posted by BluePony on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 12:33 PM
  • In my case, I not only went for a second opinion, I also researched for hours on the internet. I found no good reason to have the hysterectomy. Everywhere I turned, including family and friends, I was told the same thing. Just get it all taken out. That is actually a direct quote from the doctor. I finally gave in. Because of the cysts on my ovaries there was a cancer scare. When the surgery was actually performed it was discovered that I had a very severe case endometriosis. It was in trying to scrape all of this off that my colon was cut into which let to the colostomy. If nature had taken its course, I would have went into menopause naturally and it would have taken care of itself since estrogen is what feeds endometriosis. I was only 37 years old. I now feel like a 60 year old most of the time. Unless you have been personally affected by a surgery like this one, there is absolutely no way you could possibly understand the long term effects. I am truly happy for the women who had the surgery with positive results. The fact still remains that the surgery is overused.

    -- Posted by whiteriverparent on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:23 PM
  • Dear Ivybreeze, "Performing the operation" called hysterectomy to control bleeding is like pulling a tooth rather than filling it. It is cited in medical literature, especially in Africa, that a burst uterus can be sutured. When women are told they will bleed to death without a hysterectomy..this is not certain. The story of a long time, long surviving, bleeding woman goes back to biblical times. One cause for bleeding may be a botched abortion..( from torn and not repaired uterus or piece of fetus left in). If a woman is heavily bleeding from a cancer situation, she can still bleed to death after hysterectomy. A doctor can keep cauterizing only so many times. Even metal coils placed in vessels to form a clot can fail post hysterectomy. If the blood clot moves to the heart or lung may be curtains any way. Gunshots and stab wounds are a horse of a different color. So let's give women ALL the info needed for their best personal decision.

    -- Posted by Zoe on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:29 PM
  • Regarding "whiteriverparent" being 37 and feeling like 60,I agree that hysterectomy can age a woman by 20 years. We need a law to give us the information we need to make an informed consent.

    -- Posted by Zoe on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 1:38 PM
  • bluepony, A few people have commented that they did a lot of research, and they suggest that other women do the same. But some people are not able to do research, they lack education or confidence that the could understand the complexities of the vast array of conflicting information available on the internet. And most people do not realize how many of the doctors and hospitals websites are advertising and promotion, they're not about good medicine. A woman should be able to not speak the same language, or not be educated or capable of doing research, she should not have to know the right questions to ask or whether the answers to her questions are accurate. When women watch HERS video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs", they understand what and where the female organs are, their many life long functions, and what happens to a woman's body when her female organs are removed. Every woman has a right to know!

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 2:06 PM
  • I am all for research and I would have researched it if I could have but was never given the chance, nor was I given any information. I was hysterectomized and castrated without my consent after going to the Emergency Room in pain. I refused to consent to a hysterectomy yet woke up without my uterus, ovaries or cervix. I did not have cancer, I was not bleeding and never had a menstrual problem my whole life. I was lied to and betrayed and the same has been done to many women.

    I notice no one has commented about the fact that nearly half the female population in the U.S. have been hysterectomized already. Wake up people! Your mothers, daughters, and sisters have a 1 out of 2 chance of losing their female sex organs before they turn 65 in the U.S. It's not a small problem, it's totally out of control and dangerous for women. Is that what you want for the women you care about? If there's a classroom of thirty 5 year old girls, at least half of them will be hysterectomized before they turn 65 (at the current rate). Is that what you want for our children?

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 2:53 PM
  • I have read all the posts here. I would like to first of all commend the following for their posts: NWC, TQ, Zoe, Cathy108, Jiggaz31, GraceNikki (who I can really relate with), MaryEllen, primitive sister, VeraKlopek, bunny923, Leo63, whiteriverparent, and LA, and not in any order of best and most important. I just thank you all, and if I left someone out, I apologize. Now, here are my thoughts and input:

    I so highly also commend Rep. Bruce Borders for his dedication to this very important matter. It really upsets me that some have posted here to make ill comments about him; as stating such as; he should concentrate on "more important issues". This is a CRITICALLY IMPORTANT ISSUE. How many females are there in the U.S. alone? Thank goodness we have a representative in govt. as Bruce Borders to value this as such an imperative issue with legislation which must be passed to stop this insanity of horrific consequences unnecessarily done to females. I can speak 'first hand' because it happened to me. I also am married, and this has affected my husband by me being 'castrated'. So, even though Rep. Borders has "never been a woman"; he is just as close to the issue. The devastation of this surgery happened to his beloved wife, and just as with my husband; it has hurt and affected him. To see a loved one suffer with a life altering surgery to her body, when not told/advised of alternatives to save such a precious and vital part(s) of one's body (again, it happened to me and therefore; my husband shares with the trauma), there has to be laws put into effect to save a female from this, and correct this.

    One may think of costs of this, but I believe NWC pointed this out of how little this would be, and in the long run; it is going to save 'we taxpayers' millions by this being put into legislation as LAW. I just don't get it... who could this hurt by having a simple bill passed to have a female the right to view a video to become informed to ensure what a doctor may not/does not inform her on; i.e., the 'whole' of it all with such a major surgery, the possible and probable problems which have occurred after such a surgery (why would millions of women being stating as such - happening to them - and again, I am one of them), and not let them be provided more information than not?

    How I dearly wish I would have been able to view this video. I did not need to have a Hyst., and was one of those females who put trust into a long time GYN, and have faith that if he says a Hyst. is the only route to go; it must be so. I had two small fibroids in my uterus. This GYN, Dr. Anthony Ramsey in Medford, Oregon told me that "I MUST" have a Hyst., and have it right away. I was bleeding more heavily with recent periods, and he used a 'scare tactic' on me and my husband. He said, "You can not afford to have one more period even. It was our faith in him to believe him that this was the route to go. One can call me naive, but what is wrong with 'faith' in one's doctor? I did go online, and did happen upon a site where a Dr. Stanley West responded to my question about having a Hyst., and he said, "You don't need one for just some small benign fibroids. Having your uterus and ovaries removed could create more complications for you. I suggest you check into possibly having a Myoectomy(sp?)." I showed this email to this GYN prior to my Hyst., and he got angry. He said, "How dare this doctor email you when he has never even seen you! No, you need a Hyst., and you need to have it right away. Little did I know, and I am sure his billing office checked out my insurance, and I had great insurance with Aetna. It was; however, due to stop after the first of the following year. His office did not know what I would be doing after the first of the year, and certainly could not ask me; such as "Are you going to get other medical insurance, go with Cobra?" and such. That would be unethical, but I am sure it exactly why they made sure I had that Hyst. performed before December 31st of that year. How hideous is this, and goes to show that doctors are into doing Hysts. for profits and greed. Getting back to Dr. Stanley West... He did say that some doctors are not skilled enought to perform a Myeoctomy, and this type of surgery does not profit them as much. Why was I never told about this procedure by this GYN; however, to consider as an option to save my uterus and ovaries? Why was I not explained about complications which can happen after such a life altering surgery as it very well has been proven it can be. My husband came to one 'Pre-Op' appt., as he was concerned. This GYN had the gal to 'wink' at my husband, as he said, "Your sex life will be so much better. Think about it - no more 'bloody' periods." And speaking of "sex life"... my husband and I, at the time, had been married for 22 years. We had a fantastic sexual relationship. I am talking about great, and I was even the one to promote love making much of the time. I would surprise him with putting on (as examples) a red lingerie outfit with the 'fish net' stockings. I would climb into the shower while he was taking one, and surprise him with a loving 'romp'. Since the Hyst., I have no desire to do these fond affectionate things with my husband. The doctor never told us this as a possible outcome. Had we even known this, alone, would be an outcome by having a Hyst.; we both would have ran from his office. I am not joking about this either. He never told me about the possible physical problems I could face after a Hyst., and I have physical impairments/problems. I have to live now with major fatigue, lower back pain whenever I bend over, abdominal pain (and I have to sleep with a heating pad on my abdomen every single night). I have such pain whenever I try to just put on a pair of pantyhose now. I curse that doctor every single time I do so. I am sure I have scar tissue in my abdomen, and my bladder is not the same either. I told him, after the Hyst., during each 'Post-Op' visit, that I did not 'feel right'. He kept telling me it would just "take time". Well, it has been going on 7 years now, and I have only gotten worse. I never, ever would have had a Hyst., had I known what I now have to live with; along with my husband having to live with. We should have been INFORMED.

    No one person can post here, and convince me that what Rep. Bruce Borders is doing is not worthy of time spent on. This bill should be top priority. This is 'abuse' to the finest. 'Walk my Walk' before you 'Talk the Talk'. If one spent one day in my body; they would be up in arms about this crucial issue. Plus, my husband will comment here also. I know he shares Rep. Bruce Border's feelings; as he can relate. I so highly commend him, and hope he does not relinquish his quest regarding this, and I would surely want him in a government office. What a man!!! Also, thank you all, who have commented here in support of him and this so important matter. The rest of you; I am sorry to say - you need to think back on when women fought to earn the right to vote, and this is so similar to a female's plight with not being heard. This would not happen to men, and a bill would have been passed; so to speak, yesterday...

    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 6:58 PM
  • My wife just commented here (Bibi). I am not a good writer, but will do my best here. I think she summed up our feelings, but I add a few words here in support of what Rep. Borders is doing. It is due to being in the same 'shoes' as him. I live with a wife, who I dearly love and care about. I have seen her go from a very vibrant, active woman to a 'shell' of a person, physically. I don't know what to do about how to help her with her loss of sexual desires now. Of course this affects me. I just know the person she was, and how gravely this unnecessary surgery affected her. She says to me she would not know what to do if she did not have a 'support group' of people as what she says is the Hers Foundation 'A Team'. I have gone to this website myself, and read the blogs. I realize she is not alone with what happened to her by being deceived into an unnecessary operation; as I was, because I was there for a Pre-Op visit with this GYN, and put full faith into what he was sayin that a Hysterectomy was the only way to help her. Help her? She has never been worse...

    This is why laws need to be put into effect to inform people of their right to be of every single aspect of this major operation. If we have a wife, a girlfriend; we, as men, should consider this of being of critical importance for them. Trust me, it affects we, as their 'significant others'. I am sure this is why this is close to Rep. Border's 'heart' with this. He has been 'affected', seeing his loved one hurt. I know I am.

    Please support him and this, and anything to do with getting these kinds of bills passed. We should not stand by, as males, to let this important matter 'go by the wayside'. I will comment again, if needed, with anyone who states that I am wrong about supporting Rep. Borders regarding this and his character. He must be a good man. Plus, so what if he wants to be an 'Elvis' guy? More power to him. Let us stick with the issue here; however, but since it brought up; I hope he 'stays in this building'...

    Fondly to all in support of this cause,

    Bibi's husband

    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 8:01 PM
  • I forgot to add one comment which bothered me with the comment made by 'Pinky1' with saying that (something as this)- "Come on Bruce... The women who have this procedure done know perfectly well what this procedure entails." Know this: No, there are too many females who are not told/made aware/provided important information of what this "procedure entails", and this must be part of what any doctor needs to PROVIDE with such a MAJOR SURGERY. To even call it a "procedure" is obtuse. Have you seen the Hers video? If you have not; then I think you will understand, once viewing, of how crucially important it is for any female to see before making a decision to have such a "MAJOR SURGERY", AND, AGAIN - IT IS NOT JUST A "PROCEDURE". I don't think they have women stay in a hospital after having a Hysterectomy for at least 3-5 days after having a "Procedure" done of this magnitude. My point being here is another reason all females need to be well informed, and they are NOT. I am one; therefore, and again I can speak with 'first hand' experience. If you were so lucky and fortunate to have a GYN who informed you; this is great, but there are millions who are not, and this is the whole idea to make it possible for females who have not been as fortunate as you. Rep. Borders is advocating for a very, very important subject. Yes, child abuse and other topics are important too, but do not discredit this as being less important. I feel I am an important human being, and I was "abused". Tell me, anyone, if what happened with me, and being abused by this GYN, is less important?

    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 9:00 PM
  • Pisces, you have quoted me in error. You attributed to me that all doctors "are out to get us". I have never made that statement or anything similar to it. You called your mistaken comment dangerous, but I submit that it is dangerous to falsely accuse a person.

    It is often misunderstood that hysterectomy is, as you said, "women's reproductive" surgery. The uterus is not just a baby bag, it is a hormone responsive sex organ that provides structural support to the bladder, the bowel, and the pelvis.

    Uterine contractions that occur with orgasm will not be experienced after the uterus is removed. During a hysterectomy a woman's ****** is shortened, made into a closed pocket that is sutured shut at the top of the ******.

    When the uterus is removed women have a 3X greater incidence of heart disease, and when the ovaries are removed it's 7X greater.

    The "stigma" of unnecessary hysterectomy belongs to doctors who perform the surgery and the hospitals that enable them, not the women it was done to. In 1993 a Congressional Subcommitte Hearing determined that at least 90% of hysterectomies were medically unwarranted. You said "women have a right to know", so surely you are in favor of women being given information about the consequences of hysterectomy that is requisite to informed consent. A second, fifth, or tenth opinion is often not sufficient. Ten wrong opinions are just ten wrong opinions.

    Women who watch HERS video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs" understand what the female organs are, where they are, what their life long functions are, and what happens to a woman's body when they are removed. It is every woman's right to know the consequences of hysterectomy, the most commonly performed non-obstetric surgery. Aren't women worth the $1 solutioin of being given women the information in HERS Female Anatomy video? You agreed that "women have the right to know", but you disagree that it should be mandatory for doctors to provide them with the information. For more than a century we have seen that doctors will not voluntarily provide this information to women, therefore it must be a matter of law that has meaningful penalty if it is violated, such as revocation or suspension of their medical license.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 9:17 PM
  • Watch the trailer of the April 2010 Hysterectomy Conference. This is information very woman needs to know about the alternatives to hysterectomy and coping with the consequences.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 10:06 PM
  • You should either stop posting foolish comments on this blog that have nothing to do with this most critical issue or post something worth reading Don Con.

    By the way, why would you be interested in watching Rep. Borders propose legislation only if he did so while gyrating his hips? Sounds like you have issues of your own buddy.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Thu, May 20, 2010, at 11:02 PM
  • This is quoted from a story on from 2009.

    "Dr. Ernst Bartsich, a clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical College in Manhattan, N.Y., said as many as one in three women in the U.S. has had her uterus removed by the time she's 60. That number increases to one in two by 65. Bartsich, an outspoken critic of what he calls the overuse of hysterectomies, said he believes that 85 percent of such procedures could have been avoided through less invasive methods, such as removing painful fibroid tumors from the uterine wall or through medication. Bartsich said the U.S. hysterectomy rates are triple those of other industrialized nations. "The question is why take a healthy uterus out when it's normal otherwise?" he said. Bartsich points to a study published in 2000 in the association's Obstetrics & Gynecology journal. It found that of 497 women who had the operation between August 1993 and July 1995 in Southern California, 376 didn't meet a panel of doctors' standards for appropriateness. Some 70 percent of the procedures also didn't meet the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' standards, the study reported."

    It is dangerous for women living in the U.S. because 1 out of 2 will be hysterectomized before she turns 65. You can make silly comments about Elvis and complain that a video costs a dollar, but what is really at stake are women's lives.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 1:03 AM
  • Pisces, in 2006 there were only 168,000 prostatectomy procedures performed (removal of the prostate) compared to over 600,000 hysterectomies. How can you even compare the two?

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 3:49 AM
  • OMG what the h does he know about it. It was the best thing i ever did about three years ago wished i had done 20 years ago!You need to stay out of medical issue let the doctors do it and when you have one maybe then only then you can have a say!

    -- Posted by switzgirl9 on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 6:33 AM
  • This is just another area where a MAN is trying to tell a WOMAN what to do with her body. When are women going to wake up and tell the men that they have no right to tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies????????????? It is already required that an "INFORMED CONSENT" form be signed prior to any surgery. It becomes part of the medical record. Hysterectomies are done because there is a medically necessary reason. The uterus is not a "sex organ". It is a pear-shaped pouch to carry a baby in. The monthly menses is the shedding of the lining that is designed for the child's protect while gestating.

    Most women who need a hysterectomy have had so much trouble that it is indeed a blessing to have it done and not have to deal with heavy bleeding and severe cramps every month. This surgery also helps prevent gynecologic cancers.

    Come on Bruce, work on bringing jobs to your district, or finding funding for the schools. All you seem to do is try to get laws passed that will put other people under YOUR religeous beliefs. Stop trying to legislate YOUR brand of morality. Maybe it is time for ELVIS TO LEAVE THE BUILDING. Come on ladies, lets get out the vote and send him back home.

    -- Posted by virginiagrace on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 8:17 AM
  • switzgir9 - um, his wife had one. That's about as close as he can get to having one himself.

    virginiagrace - wow, how clueless can one be? What the crap does religion have to do with it?

    An "informed consent" saying you understand the risks of surgery is not the same as knowing all the facts about long term effects.

    If you don't agree with Bruce Borders on this issue, that is of course your right. But, saying all the irrational BS that you said in your post is ridiculous.

    -- Posted by whiteriverparent on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 8:26 AM
  • Yeah, that was indeed pretty ridiculous virginiagrace.....

    I applaud Bruce Borders for speaking out on this. It has certainly opened my eyes.

    -- Posted by PinkMarie on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 9:02 AM
  • I in fact have had a hysterectomy!! I think that women have to be proactive in finding out the correct information for themselves, that is what is wrong with today's society, people want to blame the lack of knowledge for their misfortunes! When I was told several years ago that I needed one, I researched and asked all the needed information for me to make an informed decision. If we do nothing, we can not blame others for the decision.I agree the information should be there, and it is, if you want to find it! Also, the doctors play a part in the decision. We should hold our doctors to higher standards. We can not blame our decisions whether bad or good on lack of information or others. I agree that having a hysterectomy should be a last ditch effort, but also if you are under age of 18, parents should play the key role in the decision too. If the parents allow this, then is it really child abuse??? Come on!! INFORMED DECISION MAKING!!! The long term affects of this procedure is different for everyone, we as individuals and women need to make wise decisions about our own body. I am not against this bill, just that maybe we have other things that we should focus on instead!

    -- Posted by pinky1 on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 9:30 AM
  • I don't know much about Rep. Border's 'religious beliefs' and really don't care about them. I agree with whiteriverparent "What the crap does religion have to do with it?" people who are on here posting stuff about Rep. Borders impersonating Elvis is so not the point. I personally don't give a crap who he impersonates....

    I know one thing for sure. I was a healthy 46 yr old woman who did not need a hysterectomy and did not consent to one. Yet, I was put to sleep (via injection into my IV) without being told and woke up with all six of my healthy female "sex" organs gone. There was no consent signed in my case; much less 'informed consent'. There is no informed consent signed by me which is a part of my chart or record. This much I know.

    I also know that I am completely disabled and now unemployed due to all the health problems I now endure because of the removal of my healthy "sex" organs; even the loss of my vision. I can't see well enough to even drive by myself now. Within five months my being hysterectomized and castrated I developed cataracts and had gone from having the eyes of a 40 yr old to a 65 or 70 yr old woman my eye doctor told me and he told me that there was no reason for this to happen to me so suddenly other than the sudden loss of estrogen to my lenses. I did not even know that my lenses required estrogen to be able to see before my estrogen was stolen from me via a doctor who took an oath 'to do no harm' and then proceeded to do take my 'sex' organs and the hormones they produced. I know my bladder and bowels have both fallen down and are now completely displaced since the surgery. I know that part of my ****** is missing and I have been visibly mutilated. I know that I now have thyroid disease because my thyroid gland has estrogen receptors and was thrown for a loop when my estrogen was suddenly stolen from me. I could go on and on and on and on..... There is no f****** end to the list of health problems I now endure because of a greedy doctor who performed surgery on me that I did not need nor consent to. I know that I wish I was dead most days because of the hell my life has become since being hysterectomized and castrated. This much I know first hand.

    For you women out there who want to be de-sexed; good for you. Have the surgery. It is your right to have your 'sex' organs removed if you don't want them. We are not talking about women not having the right to have this surgery done if they want and choose that. We are talking about (and so is Rep. Borders) women who do not want or choose to be de-sexed and live without their 'sex' organs. We are talking about women who don't want or choose to live 'castrated' and like a freak. Herein lies the real issue. If doctors were only hysterectomizing and castrating women who want or choose this; then there would be no issue. This is not what is happening though. Doctors are hysterectomizing and castrating women who do not want or chose this.

    ENTER BRUCE BORDERS....... A man of courage and compassion like I have never met before in my life. Bruce Borders has stated over and over that he is not against women being hysterectomized and castrated if they want or choose that. He is against doctors lying to women about the consequences of these surgeries and/or performing them without 'informed' consent. He knows and cares about this issue because he and his wife personally went through the experience of not being informed and not knowing the consequences of what would happen to his wife after being hysterectomized and castrated. Rep. Borders has been hurt along with his wife by a horrific experience that is forever and will not end and was not necessary. They know this now but it is too late for them. Rep. Borders and his wife won't ever be the same people they were before she was de-sexed.

    I am so thankful to the both of them for having the courage "guts really" to step forward and talk about the 'truth' about what happened to them and the truth about what is happening every minute of every day to women all over the U.S. without their 'informed' consent. Rep. Borders has talked to women like me and has listened to horror story after horror story and he cared enough to take a stand. He is a man who honors women and their right to be told the truth and not lied to be greedy doctors who only care about lining their pockets with $$$$$$$$.

    Finally, Rep. Borders has nothing to gain by trying to help get true informed consent laws passed in regard to hysterectomy and castration. He and his wife have already and forever lost all that was precious to them. Rep. Borders is trying to help other woman and those who love them not suffer the same fate as he and his wife and myself and so many others. Really people..... those of you who are on here posting that women don't need men telling them what to do with their bodies, etc., etc. Do you know how foolish you sound? Do you? OMG (as one of you said) women are being de-sexed every minute of every hour of every day all over the U.S. to the tune of over 600,000 a year. Do any of you women posting these foolish comments really think that all those thousands of women want and choose to have their 'sex' organs removed? It is beyond obvious that this surgery is taking place regardless of what women want or choose. That is wrong, wrong, wrong! I know I wish I had never heard the word hysterectomy; much less experienced the horror of being hysterectomized. I wish I did not have first-hand knowledge but I do. My choices in life at this point are few. The doctor who removed my 'sex' organs without any need and without my consent decided my future for me. I would never have chosen the life I am now forced to live and the future I can't bare to face. I'm sure Rep. Borders and his wife wish they did not have first-hand knowledge and experience with hysterectomy either. But they do. They do. They do. They can either shut the h*** up or they can speak up about the terrible wrong that was done to them by a doctor who took an oath 'to do no harm'. I admire them for deciding to speak up. I am thankful for them speaking up. Just as their lives will never be 'normal' or 'ok' again; neither will mine. That can't be changed. The one thing that can be changed is the fact that this barbaric surgery does not have to continue to be performed on women who do not want or choose it. That is the issue period. It's really that simple.

    You women posting foolish comments about wanting and deciding to be de-sexed and how it is your right, etc. Then, go get de-sexed or just enjoy your life if you are already de-sexed. Why are you on here throwing snide remarks at Rep. Borders? There is no issue with women having the right to be hysterectomized and castrated. The numbers alone prove that point. There are doctors around every corner just waiting to remove your 'sex' organs with or without your consent. If you don't 'get' that; then you don't 'get' what this is truly about. Get educated and then post something worth reading. Post something that will encourage and uplift all the thousands of lives that have literally been destroyed by hysterectomy. Nobody is trying to stop women who want this done to them from having it done. Knock yourself out if that is what you want. What Rep.Borders, Nora Coffey and others like myself are trying to do is stop doctors from de-sexing women who don't choose or want it.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 10:09 AM
  • Part of the reason why we need a law passed is the obvious lack of education we can see from some of these posts here. Many women think they understand their anatomy, but they are totally misinformed. Of course a woman could have sex 14 times in the shortened ****** which has been sutured shut, but when all the nerves have been severed to the genitals, it's physically impossible to have multiple orgasms. I have to wonder if some of these kooky posts are just gynecologists trying to keep their business going by deceiving the readers.

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 11:54 AM
  • It's truly sad and revealing that our medical community has put women in a position to resort to arguing about whether or not it's a good thing to remove female sex organs. How did anything ever get so twisted? I never knew anything about this surgery until my wife was given an unnecessary hysterectomy and castrated. I can totally relate to Representative Borders in that it's totally life altering and devastated our sex life. You don't have to be a woman to understand and I think as a man it's sometimes easier to understand because men understand right away what it means to be castrated. It's shocking that so many women posting here are trying to tell others it's a good thing. It would be bad enough if you had to be sterilized and castrated, but when these surgeries are being performed on women at this rate, without medical basis, the Attorney General needs to become involved and start prosecuting. Thank you Rep. Borders for speaking up and fighting this.

    -- Posted by RickP on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 4:48 PM
  • pisces, The only benefit HERS receives from having our female anatomy seen by as many women and men as possible is the satisfaction of knowing that women are being fully informed about their female organs and what happens to their bodies when the organs are removed.

    I'm sorry there are things that have happened in your life to make you so angry that you would deny women the right to information about their bodies. Something has obviously happened in your life to make you feel that people only do the right thing if they profit from it. I hope you will realize that it is a good thing for women to have information about their bodies so that they understand the life long importance of their female organs. It is every woman's right to know.


    Nora Coffey

    -- Posted by nwc on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 6:43 PM
  • I think you insulting Rep. Borders for speaking up and fighting to pass HERS 'female anatomy' video prior to being told to sign a hysterectomy consent form is so outrageous. We need more people fighting for the hysterectomized and castrated women because most of the time we are too sick to do it ourselves. Who would disagree that having over 600,000 women's lives destroyed wouldn't be worth having a woman informed about this surgery? It amazes me that some women who are commenting are condemning other women who have been totally and completely destroyed by this surgery. Our lives will never be even close to what it was before our surgeries. The only thing we are guilty of is believing and trusting our doctors. You are heartless!

    How come men's gonads are so important for sexual enjoyment, but women's gonads (ovaries) aren't worth anything? Doctors are ripping them out and throwing them in a garbage pail. When they want to castrate men for rape, there is an outrage about it with lawmakers saying it is barbaric to castrate a man. We don't hear them speak up for women being castrated. Isn't this barbaric also?

    Every week in my paper, there is a FULL page ad for Cialis offering men an option to treat erectile dysfunction. Lets keep the men happy! Their ***** is their pride and joy. What is the company doing for women? I think our ovaries, uterus and cervix is our pride and joy also.

    Doctors who are funding the Representatives of Congress don't want an informed consent law because they would then be held responsible for lying and destroying a woman's life. Congress don't want it because they are funded by doctors. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours!!!

    How many years has it been since your hysterectomies and castrations that you are saying it is the best thing you ever did? Just wait and maybe you will have to eat your words, because things are taking place inside and outside of your body everyday to destroy your health and well-being! I wouldn't be tooting my horn just yet. NO ONE comes out of this feeling better than ever. It may take 1 year or 20 years for the impact of this surgery to take over your body and life. Once again, you never need a hysterectomy for fibroids, cysts or polyps unless you have the wrong doctor. Only if you have CONFIRMED CANCER should you even consider having this surgery.

    I want to commend Rep. Borders for having the guts to fight for this abusive act against women. I am not from Indiana, but if you are, you need to definitely vote for him. We need more representatives to fight for what they believe and vote for the ones that show great respect and dignity for women.

    -- Posted by GraceNikki on Fri, May 21, 2010, at 6:51 PM
  • wow! I just read all of these posts, I am shocked! I didn't know that a person who has had a hysterectomy could not have orgasams! I didn't know that your ****** was sewen shut and shortened! and to know that the cysts/tumors that most of us get are usually benign! and can be tested prior is shocking! I didn't know that it was an option to have them tested for cancer prior to a hysterectomy! yes we should be informed, this is the first time I have ever been told any of this, I am so thankful that I have never been faced with the problems that come with the monthly blessing, but I have friends who have, and who have turned to a hysterectomy, I never knew they could never enjoy sex again. yes we should be informed!!!

    My mothers bladder fell and they told her that she had tumors in her uterus so she needed the hysterectomy also, so she had it done. Now, this makes me wonder, did she even need the surgery? she was told afterwards that the tumors were benign...

    and for robturpin to not want us to be informed now makes perfect sence now...

    -- Posted by elynn66 on Sat, May 22, 2010, at 3:56 PM
  • Thank you Rep. Borders for speaking the truth. We need more politicians like you!

    -- Posted by RickP on Sat, May 22, 2010, at 6:52 PM
  • elynn66 and others who found this article and personal horror stories before being hysterectomized and castrated is just an indication that Rep. Borders has already made a difference for good.

    Dr. Levine told those of us who attended the HERS Conference in NY that doctors often use the word "tumor" because they know that the word alone suggests that something must be done and nothing could be further from the truth in most cases.

    For women reading this article and subsequent comments, you can research hysterectomy consequences on the internet and find tons of information. There is more information today on the internet regarding the consequences of hysterectomy than there was even a couple of years ago.

    Thank you Rep. Borders for helping bring attention to the unnecessary mutilation of women in the U.S.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Sat, May 22, 2010, at 8:55 PM
  • elynn, they like to scare women with cancer, but the fact is that less than 1% of cancer is found in the over 600,000 hysterectomy operations performed every year. That's one of the deceptive ways they get women in the operating room. Disgusting.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Sun, May 23, 2010, at 1:54 PM
  • A trailer of HERS day long Hysterectomy Conference held on April 24th, 2010 in New York City can be viewed at

    A video of the entire conference will soon be available.

    -- Posted by nwc on Sun, May 23, 2010, at 2:01 PM
  • Pisces, on one hand you seem to be concerned about who might profit from a $1 DVD, but on the other hand, it doesn't seem to concern you about who will profit from 25 opinions. The fact that you would have to get 2-25 opinions shows that our doctors cannot be trusted. It's no wonder that our healthcare costs are so high. A law would correct that. The legislation simply has you watch a video so that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. It doesn't intervene on your personal decision. What you decide after you view the information is your choice, and isn't that what you want?

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Mon, May 24, 2010, at 12:24 AM
  • Pisces, no offense, but you do seem a bit angry and irrational. The legislature already intervenes in your decisions by allowing pharmaceuticals and hospitals to advertise without fully disclosing all the facts. Regardless of how big your brain is, no one can make an informed decision without all the information. Have you even watched the video?

    -- Posted by bluewaters on Mon, May 24, 2010, at 5:56 AM
  • Pisces,

    I sat in with my mother when she was told she needed a hysterectomy, not once did either of the 2 doctors say, there is a 1% chance what you have is cancer and 99% chance that you do not! She got a second opinion at my request, & not once did they tell her that she would no longer enjoy sex! That she was going to have a shortened ******, sewn shut and all nerve endings would be gone! & out of the 2 doctors we went to them both said the same thing "your bladder has fallen, you have a tumor and told us the size of it, then told her you need a hysterectomy". My mother did not question anything! Do you want to know why? Because in the era she was raised in you don't question what the doctor say's, she treats them as if they are "god" so why would you have to question? Not everyone is like you! I question, but I had no idea what to question.

    I thank God that I read this article! I had no idea and probably never would have questioned them even if it were me, simply because since my mother had to have one I most likely will have to have one also.

    Now after reading this I will probably never opt to have surgery! I will make them biopsy, tell me what my options are, & are there any alternatives that we can do, this is not necessary. Unless they are absolutely positively sure that I have cancer.

    Why be so angry? Please be thankful for those of us who would have never known and would never have been informed. We depend on the doctors for the information we need to make informative decisions, if they are not required to give us all the info/options, as they weren't required to when my mother had hers, we would never be told.

    I realize there are people like you who research, but we didn't know we needed to, we trusted the doctor! And yes you are entitled to your opinion but please, don't deny me mine.

    -- Posted by elynn66 on Mon, May 24, 2010, at 10:11 AM
  • I am so happy for you ivybreeze and your active sex life. But, it's a little more information than any of us need. And I do feel 20 years older. I have no reason to say something that is not true.

    pisces - it is as if you really just want to argue, and you really want to be right.

    I went to the doctor for my annual pap. I was in no pain. I was having no problems. I was informed I needed a hysterectomy because of a fibroid and cysts on my ovaries. I was never offered other options. I had a bad feeling from the start but went ahead with the surgery because of the cancer scare. I have 2 kids to raise.

    If you truly believe that doctors are giving women all the information they need in order to make a good decision on their own, then you must be living under a rock. There is absolutley no reason why anybody should be against making sure women are informed. I did not need a hysterectomy and nobody will ever convince me that I did. There is no going back.

    Reading these comments makes me have less confidence in society than I ever have had before. People really cannot see past the end of their nose. How sad.

    -- Posted by whiteriverparent on Mon, May 24, 2010, at 10:26 AM
  • Good point Sasha.

    -- Posted by bluewaters on Tue, May 25, 2010, at 7:02 AM
  • ivybreeze1960, check out the short trailer of HERS April 2010 Hysterectomy Conference in New York at

    I agree with you that every person is unique, but the functions of the female sex organs are not, any more than the functions of the male sex organs are not. It is unlikely that a man whose ***** has been amputated could convince others that he is still able to have an erection or multiple erections and orgasms without a *****.

    Uterine contractions with orgasm is one function of the uterus, which not only a sex organ. The uterus supports the bladder and the bowel, and provide structural support to the pelvis. It also provides cardiovascular protection. When the uterus is removed women have 3X more cardiovascular disease, and when the ovaries are removed it is 7X greater.

    It is important that women are given information about the many functions of their female organs so that if a doctor recommends taking them out, women can make a fully informed decision about what she will, and will not, allow to be done to her body. Surely you would not be in favor of denying women the information about the consequences of hysterectomy required for informed consent.

    I am sure that the vast majority of people, including everyone commenting on this article, are in favor of women having all of the information required to make a fully informed, autonomous decision about her body.

    -- Posted by nwc on Tue, May 25, 2010, at 11:53 AM
  • When a woman wants to get a sex change, the first operation is to remove her uterus, cervix and ovaries because they are female sex organs. Why would anyone who didn't want a sex change think that was the best thing that ever happened to them? Ewww!

    -- Posted by bluewaters on Tue, May 25, 2010, at 2:06 PM
  • thank you nwc for clearing that up! its no different than our canine friends we spade and neuter, they no longer have the desire...

    -- Posted by lillymae on Tue, May 25, 2010, at 5:31 PM
  • What bluewater said in her post about removing the female organs in order to change a female into a male is correct. I learned months after I was de-sexed without my consent that my doctor is an 'experienced transsexual gynecologist' and is listed on transsexual sights as such. He admitted via his deposition that he performs hysterectomies on women who want to become men. So... there you have it..... right from the horses mouth so to speak. He admitted that he de-sexed me. That's a problem since I did not want to be de-sexed. I was fine with the gender I born with. Now, I feel as if I'm neither female or male. I feel as if I have no gender at all. That is certainly not the future I would have chosen for myself. I agree with bluewaters when she said "Ewww!" I don't have anything against anybody who does choose this but I did not choose this. This was chosen for me and now I live with the "fall-out" every day; to my body, mind and spirit. This is what we are fighting to change. No woman can give 'informed' consent to hysterectomy and/or castration when she does not know the truth about what is going to happen to her mind, body and spirit after these life-altering surgeries. That's wrong any way you want to slice it. We deserve better than that. Women are not second-class citizens in this country and we should not be treated as such. We have not come near as far as we think.....

    Again, thank you Rep. Borders for taking a stand against this terrible wrong. I'm sure the negative comments on this blog and other blogs are hurtful to you and your wife. You are human and words can kill. I pray that you will continue to fight (regardless of what negative things are said) with every last breath in you for the right for women to remain 'intact' if that is what they choose. As it stands now; there are animals in this country who are more protected by the law than women. We are better than that as a people and we must all work toward educating women about their female anatomy and the purpose of their female sex organ throughout their lives; not just throughout the child-bearing years. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You Rep. Borders for bringing this human rights issue to the forefront. Also, thank you for your honesty in talking/sharing what happened with Lola and you after her she was hysterectomized and castrated. I know that if you had your 'druthers' as my mother used to say; you would 'druther' not have to talk about such a personal issue in the public. You are a man of courage to take on such a controversial issue. I, for one, will be praying that you are voted in office again so you can continue to fight for us. All it takes for evil to continue is for good men (and women) to do nothing. Thank you for doing something....

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 1:23 AM
  • @ whiteriverparent

    I'm pretty sure that ivybreeze90's post is not "a little more information than any of us need", given the topic at hand.

    There is an agenda here that I can't figure out, but whoever said something about smoke and mirrors is dead on.

    It seems like a harmless concept to say that a patient should be given full information about a surgical procedure.

    However, I don't know who these HERS people are, but they are feeding you all a bunch of crap and scare tactics. They can tell me until they are blue in the face that I can no longer experience orgasms, and my body knows that they are dead wrong.

    And since I know flat out that they are giving FALSE information on that subject, I tend to dismiss everything else that they say.

    Do I need to say that again? The statements that they are using about post-hysterectomy women being unable to orgasm are FALSE. UNTRUE. INCORRECT.

    And before one of their supporters tries to call me a liar and indicate that I am someone "shamed" by my "de-sexing" and "castration", consider this...

    if you've read any of my comments on any of the articles in this paper, do I really come across as someone who is going to reply to this and lie about whether I can achieve an orgasm or not? What purpose on earth would that serve?

    Something isn't right about this whole thing. For me, having a hysterectomy was a positive experience. I do not regret it one bit.

    I do know that as with all surgeries, not everyone has the same. I am sorry that Rep. Borders' wife had a bad experience. But for Rep. Borders himself to say of hysterectomies going well "It almost never does" is an irresponsible statement for an elected official to make. I understand that following your wife's experience that you may have been seeking information and answers. However, what you choose to embrace because of your private life and what you choose to use as "fact" as a public servant are two entirely different things.

    Or they should be, especially in an instance like this, where patently false information is being tossed around like it is the gospel.

    Something ain't right in Denmark, folks. There is more to this than meets the eye. I don't believe it is a sham on Rep. Borders' part. I believe he latched on to this HERS bunch trying to find out more information after his wife's ordeal. That I have no issue with, it is his private life. However, his proclamations in this article have cost him one vote.

    As to this HERS bunch, don't waste your time trying to play keyboard warrior with me. I have nothing more to say to your leader or the names that are posting on your behalf. You have zero credibility with me, and are not worth the time it would take to respond to your rantings.

    -- Posted by just sayin'... on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 7:15 AM
  • I missed this from nwc on my first read though.

    Quote by nwc "Women should be given HERS Female Anatomy video at least 48 hours before being told to sign a hysterectomy consent form."

    Quote by Rep. Borders "Once the person has been given that DVD which we can produce for about $1 a piece"

    DVDs cost a dollar to produce? What's the cost breakdown on that?

    Seeing that the DVD Rep. Borders wants handed out is the same stuff this HERS group is spewing, it is no wonder that Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are against it. Think about it people. If you want to believe that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology are all sitting around, waiting to yank out not only your healthy organs but those of 15-18 year olds (per GraceNikki) so that they can cash in, ask yourself why Planned Parenthood and the ACLU is against it. Do you think it could be because of the content of the video as opposed to the concept itself?

    Thank about it.

    -- Posted by just sayin'... on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 7:30 AM
  • I can't help but notice that for every post here that promotes hysterectomy, they consistently ignore the facts or change them to suit their own motives. In contrast to just sayin's statements, HERS Adverse Effects Data ( shows that out of 691 women who were hysterectomized and castrated, 62.5% reported a "loss of orgasm." In these cases, a woman has lost her ability to have an orgasm or it has been diminished. When you view the Female Anatomy Video it states: "Physical sexual sensation is diminished or lost entirely because of the severing of nerves and the removal of the uterus. Women who experienced uterine orgasm before the surgery will not experience it after the surgery, because the uterine contractions that occur during uterine orgasm cannot occur without a uterus." When you Google hysterectomy and sexual dysfunction you get 1,380,000 hits. It's easy to find hysterectomy sexual dysfunction stories all over the internet from different websites yet "just sayin'" would try to have you believe that it never happens. As one of the poster's stated, when you spay or neuter a canine, they lose interest in sex. Women are not super beings, and when their sex organs are removed, it's not difficult to understand that it's going to impact their sexual function and desire just like it would for a man, a dog, a cat, or a horse, etc. Over half having loss of orgasm is a significant amount and shouldn't every women be given this information before she consents to such a life-altering surgery?

    Dr. Oz recently had a show entitled "The #1 Surgery Women Don't Need, Hysterectomy". Not only did he tell women that the removal of their uterus would shorten their life span, he also stated that "a hysterectomy can also cause the vaginal dryness, mood swings and hot flashes of menopause if the ovaries are also removed; impact sexual pleasure, particularly uterine orgasm; produce bladder and intestinal changes; and provoke emotional distress and depression." According to "just sayin'" I guess Dr. Oz is making it up too.

    While there is a lot of media attention and controversy about vaccines and autism which afflicts approximately 1 out of 90 children with the numbers rising, not much is being reported about the mass removal of female sex organs in the U.S. 1 out of 2 women are being hysterectomized before they turn 65 years old in the United States. If 1 out of 2 women got the swine flu, or diabetes, or breast cancer, it would be all over the media, yet for some reason women are being treated like lab rats when it comes to their sex organs. In fact 191,410 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, but over 600,000 women were hysterectomized and we heard much more in the media about breast cancer. Any reasonable thinking person would see that something really wrong is going on.

    I don't understand why every woman would not want other women to be given the correct information before she consents to any surgery, but especially for hysterectomy which is being performed at astronomical rates and has such life altering side effects.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 9:20 AM
  • I did not mean to offend Ivybreeze, I just thought telling us about her multiple orgasms in one night was a little much.

    I mean it when I say I am happy for the women who have had positive results. I do not have any sarcasm at all in my tone.

    I suppose I am a little bitter because of my own situation. I firmly believe hysterectomies are used far too frequently.

    But, I do feel it is worth mentioning that I do not know nwc. I am not posting for her or the HERS foundation. I am an individual who started posting here because of my own personal experience. Anybody who knows me at all knows who I am because of what I have stated in my posts. What happened to me was pretty well known in the community.

    I really am sorry if I have offended anyone. I am very passionate about this topic. I may come across a little harsh because I do feel so stongly that the common practice of "yanking it all out for no good reason" needs to be stopped asap. That is just how I feel.

    -- Posted by whiteriverparent on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 10:15 AM
  • The average age of natural menopause is 52 years old and it occurs when ovarian function decreases. However, ovaries function all a woman's life, so it's important to understand that even women who have gone through menopause still produce hormones from their ovaries. Women who don't have ovaries, don't go through natural Menopause, they experience the loss of ovarian function which can often lead to severe symptoms, and those symptoms can last for the rest of her life. Even though women can use hormones, they also come with risks and do not restore the intricate function of the ovaries. I don't think any woman would want to age faster, and the younger a woman is when her ovaries are removed, the more health risks she faces than intact women. Out of the almost 650,000 hysterectomies that are performed every year, less than 1% are diagnosed with cancer. The instance of cancer is very minor compared to the amount of organs being removed annually.

    You may not want to believe what Dr. Oz says, or what Dr. Ernst Bartsich said, or what Dr. Mitchell Levine said, or what Dr. Broder said in his study which found over 70% hysterectomies unnecessary, and found that they fell below the standard of care. Of course that is your choice and I'm glad you have a choice, but I think all women should be given all the facts so they can make their own choice too.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 10:42 AM
  • I am not posting for anyone but myself. I was given an unnecessary hysterectomy without my consent. I was a very healthy person before that, but now have joint pain to the point where its hard to even walk sometimes, severe hot flashes, sometimes 13-15 per day, and no sexual desire, and severely diminished orgasms. Yes, I can have an orgasm, but it's so weak that it sickens me. All my life before that I had intense multiple orgasms, but that was taken away from me for no good reason. Women who are still intact need to know that this can happen to them too. I would hate to see anyone else go through this and that is the only reason I speak out about it because it's too late for me. I wish I would have known how often this is done to women and how severely it alters your life. I wish I would have known a lot of things. I know about six women who were given hysterectomies and weren't informed about any alternatives or side effects. They were even told sex would be better and they'd feel better than ever which wasn't true in any of their cases. I also have a friend who was told she had cancer, and even though the benign fibroid was on the outside of her uterus, they took out all her healthy organs anyway when no cancer was found. It's just wrong. All women need to know what the possible risks and side effects are, and I haven't talked to one who was told any of them. I hope legislation does get passed federally and I wish someone cared enough to do it before this happened to me.

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 11:50 AM
  • whiteriverparent, I just wanted to clarify that aside from my remark about believing that ivybreeze's comments were on topic, nothing I said was directed at you. I recognize your name as a local poster, and I'm sure you are just trying to tell your story.

    I'm very sorry that you had such a bad experience.

    -- Posted by just sayin'... on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 1:44 PM
  • It makes me so sad to read many of the cruel comments on this blog. I have met Nora Coffey and I do not believe that she has any 'hidden agenda'. Her agenda is quite clear. She was hysterectomized without being informed of the physical, mental and sexual consequences. Nora has a strong personality and I believe she could not accept what happened to her and just go on with her life. I believe it is really that simple. She stands to gain nothing personally from what she's doing. Nora has suffered greatly due to being hysterectomized and I think she is the type of person who had to find a way to make something good come out of something so horrible. I truly believe that is her one and only agenda. I am not posting on her behalf but I do respect what she has done. I have my own web site and blog regarding hysterectomy because I want to warn women of the 'possible' consequences of hysterectomy; consequences I was never told about.

    I have met Rep. Borders and talked with him several times. I do not believe he has any 'hidden agenda' either. He has been deeply hurt by what happened to his wife and very honest and open about that. Rep. Borders learned about hysterectomy because of his wife but he has learned much more through talking with hundreds of women since his wife was hysterectomized and he began seeking answers... For this reason; he now realizes that there is an issue that needs attention. I am one of the women he talked to. This issue is about so much more than sex or orgasms; not to say that is not important though.

    When a woman is hysterectomized and castrated; her body is devastated physically, mentally, sexually and spiritually. It's a profound loss for most women. Some women seem to do better than others for some reason even doctors don't truly understand. I have known nothing but trauma and loss my entire life.

    I was raped at eleven and diagnosed with a brain tumor at fifteen. One of my children was sexually molested at a very young age. Two of my children were taken by their father eleven years ago at nine months and eleven months. They never came home again. I have never known anything but trauma. I am a very strong person who is capable of dealing with any issue. I have always worked and I have always taken good care of my health. I never let anything or anyone make me a victim. If any person could survive hysterectomy; it would be me. I am a survivor. Yet, not even I could survive the trauma of hysterectomy because it is a trauma to one's own body. I can't just merely choose to not let hysterectomy affect me like I could with so many other situations in my life.

    Once a woman is hysterectomized and castrated; she no longer has control over her own body. There are over 400 reception sites in a women's body that must have estrogen. When estrogen is suddenly taken via hysterectomy and/or removal of ovaries; there is a huge problem. I have lost nearly all of my vision due to the loss of estrogen to my lenses. My body is attacking my thyroid now because our thyroid gland has estrogen receptors and the estrogen is no longer there. Our brain has estrogen receptors and can't function properly without estrogen. That's the reason many women experience memory loss and develop dementia, etc.

    I was the picture of health before I was hysterectomized and castrated. Now, I am disabled and can't even work. I can't see to drive without someone with me to assist me. I no longer have any sensation in any area of my ******. I have lost all ability to be sexual. My bladder and bowels have fallen down and I urinate on myself. I don't even know I'm urinating on myself because I have no feeling left in my vaginal area. I have so many health problems; I don't know where to turn or what to do. I have tried every type of hormone therapy that exists and nothing helps me feel any better. There is nothing I can do. I continue to take hormones in order to help my body cope with the trauma of having lost my own natural hormones but it's not the same as having your own hormones. I also realize that taking hormones presents its own risks. I don't want to deal with any of this but I have to now.

    Not all women experience all of the same health problems after hysterectomy. The outcome is different for every woman. There are so many factors to consider. For instance, one has to consider the state of health a woman was in when before she was hysterectomized. One has to consider if the decision to allow for a hysterectomy to be performed was after exhausting other alternatives. There are just so many things to consider......

    One thing is certain. When over half of the female population within child-bearing age in any one country has had their sex organs removed; there is an issue. I now have the same agenda Rep. Borders and Nora Coffey have. My agenda is to find a way to educate women about the female anatomy and the functions of the female organs throughout life. Surely, there can be nothing wrong with an agenda that seeks to educate women (and men for that matter) about this issue. It would be wonderful if all doctors would tell women the 'possible' consequences of hysterectomy but they don't.

    I am homeless and unable to take care of myself and I'm only 48 years old. I did not choose my situation. It was chosen for me by a doctor who did not care. There is little recourse for women in situations like mine and that is yet another issue. The medial board protects their own and lawyers won't take these cases because of caps on malpractice lawsuits. It's just not worth their time and money to take a case like mine; even though I have been damaged by a surgery I did not consent to.

    For women who have posted on this blog that say they can still have some type of orgasm and can still work, etc.; then at least try to imagine how horrific it would be if you could not have any type of orgasm or how horrific it would be if you could no longer work and take care of yourself.

    The truth is that many women end up like me and Nora Coffey and Rep. Border's wife. I would give anything if I had no reason to even read this blog but I do. I will spend the rest of my miserable life warning other women (and men) about what happened to me and what I know is happening to thousands of other women without their 'informed consent'.

    For those of you who have been lucky enough to escape the horrific consequences of hysterectomy; please support Rep. Borders and those who are trying to make a difference for good and help women like me who were not so lucky. We need your support.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Wed, May 26, 2010, at 11:06 PM
  • Just sayin, in response to your statement "ask yourself why Planned Parenthood and the ACLU is against it." thus far it is one person from Indiana ACLU who opposed Rep. Borders legislation. It is unfair to paint all of Indiana ACLU with a broad brush, for all we know she may be the only person at Indiana ACLU who takes her position. You're mistaken about ACLU being opposed to hysterectomy informed consent legislation. National ACLU has been completely supportive of HERS work, and of the need for women to be provided with information about the consequences of hysterectomy prior to being told to sign a hysterectomy consent form.

    The facts about female anatomy are universal, from Alabama to Algeria, from Indiana to India. Most people posting comments stimulated by this article are sharing experiences, sometimes agreeing about issues, other times debating them. The discussion has generally been respectful and informative.

    The Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS) Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit international women's healthy education organization established in 1982 to provide full, accurate information about the alternatives to hysterectomy and the consequences of the surgery. If you have questions about HERS I would be glad to respond to them. The only wrong questions are the ones people are afraid to ask.

    I am very interested in why you are opposed to women being informed about female anatomy and the life long functions of the female organs. If you question the whether the information is valid, it's more than reasonable to ask for citations about any issue you are questioning.

    To learn more about HERS you can visit our website at There is a navigation bar that will take you to further information about these issues, you can click on "Adverse Effects Data", "Female Anatomy Video", "Facts", "Medical Journal Articles", "Art Gallery", etc.

    You can learn from experts who spoke at the April 24th Conference by watching the Conference Trailer displayed in the center of HERS Home page.

    -- Posted by nwc on Thu, May 27, 2010, at 7:24 PM
  • I just read the most recent posts here over the last few days. Unfortunately, my monitor went down, and had to get this remedied. I am back online now, read the comments, and I must respond - I just must. This is too important, and too close to my heart and soul, and for other's sakes and welfare out there. I also want to state that if I quote someone here; I will try to "quote" pretty correctly. I also, if I leave someone out here, who has commented; please know I did not mean to. I am trying to respond on behalf of all of us in favor of this subject matter. So, here goes...

    I want to let all know here that the person who started, heads up the Hers Foundation has not even responded here by sharing her own personal story of the horrible thing which happened to her years ago. She was given a Hyst. without 'informed consent' - even without consent, period. She woke up to having her female vital organs removed, without her approval, AND NOT NECESSARY TO BE REMOVED. How about this for "FACT"?

    The people at the Hers Foundation; just like Rick Schweikert, and so faithful others (thank you, Irene) are dedicated to this because they believe this is a matter of an unjust medical nightmare happening to women daily which are unnecessary. Now, I can speak about this, and is a FACT - IT HAPPENED TO ME ALSO. I HAD AN UNNECESSARY HYSTERECTOMY. Had I seen the Hers Video they are trying to put into at least, for goodness sakes, some form of having females informed, before they sign documents; they are being just this: INFORMED COMPLETELY OF THE LIFE ALTERING, PHYSICAL CHANGES, COMPLICATIONS WITH SEXUAL DESIRES AND HAVING LOVE MAKING, AND EMOTIONAL AND FINANCIAL CONSEQUENCES WHICH CAN HAPPEN. THERE IS NO GOING BACK EITHER, ONCE THIS SURGERY IS PERFORMED. IT HAPPENED TO ME, AS I AM SAYING HERE, AND AS OTHERS ARE ALSO; WHETHER TO THEY, THEMSELVES, OR A LOVED ONE. THIS IS FACTUAL INFORMATION PEOPLE ARE STATING HERE. I have physical problems now I was not informed of. I had a wonderful sexual life with my husband of now 29 years. I am grateful he understands that it is not my fault for what I now suffer with; i.e., no desire to make love now. My red, sexy lingerie outfits and fish net stocking in my closet drawer have 'cobwebs' on them.

    If I would have at least been told/watched the Hers Video; I would have been INFORMED, and I was not told about what now are the consequences of having a Hyst. have befallen upon me, and again - I did not need one, and I was not told about other alternative procedures. One mentions here that the Hers Foundation is using scare tactics. I was used "scare tactics" by the GYN who "scared" me into having this Hyst. for two small fibroids. I will never forgive him for what he did not tell me/inform me of.

    So, the Hers Foundation is not "...feeding you a bunch of crap and scare tactics". If one wants to speak of being 'insulting'; then it was just done to the people at the Hers Foundation here.

    So, in respect of anyone commenting here who is in support of this all; please give consideration that the people who are have 'lived' this, and these are real people who are now suffering because of having an unnecessary Hyst., and again - there are facts behind their comments.

    On a final note, I am sure that anyone here reading the comments of those who had no problems after having a Hyst.; they are so happy for you, truly. I am. You were so fortunate, but there are millions of women who have not been, and we need to stop this - as in Yesterday... These are the facts... Real Women with Real Stories...

    Thank you again, all at the Hers Foundation. And to anyone who wonders why I support them; if you don't have that figured out by now, I am truly sorry. Thank you, Rep. Borders also. Keep up the great support... You are one great husband. And thanks to all for your great comments - I mean it. Great job!

    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 2:42 AM
  • It's very surprising at the comments in dissent concerning this proposed legislation and the video. This isn't about "good" versus "bad" experiences with the surgical procedure - hysterectomy. That would be like saying traffic laws are unnecessary, espcially since I was in a car accident and walked away "just fine".

    This is about the education of a populace (women and men). This is about ensuring women actually get the rights they are already entitled. If the medical community wanted to make this effort unnecessary, they would simply accurrately provide this same information on their websites, for all patients to see. If the information in the video was superfluous, it would be information that is already, well known.

    Instead, it is information only being provided "publicly" by the HERS Foundation. If over 600,000 women are given this surgery for non-life threatening conditions, which based on some of the comments, they assume "the doctor tried everything" and a hysterectomy was still necessary. We need to question the clearly ineffective practices employed previoius to a recommenation of hysterectomy. It's very disconcerting that the annual numbers we are talking about doesn't give some posters pause, again we are talking about a procedure that is NOT a benign sterlization, that is recommended for benign, non-life threatening conditions.

    Men are not necessarily faced with this recommendation even in the face of cancer??

    I'm curious to know what harm do women who believe this inexpensive video, will cause - doctors are already providing inaccurrate (leading to misleading assumptions) information to women.

    The point in all of this has to do with women's lives, everyday something this permanent and damaging continues - the more lives are affected.

    -- Posted by tq on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 5:47 AM
  • One more thing, I guess we could also take the stance that, women don't need to be informed anymore than what's currently being provided and that eventually all women need to be hysterectomized at some point in their lives.

    -- Posted by tq on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 6:12 AM
  • I am amazed that this one article continues to keep us interested.... Personally, I think a second article is now in order. I would think that GC Daily World News would see that as well. I think Rep. Borders has been unfairly attacked in a variety of ways. Having said that though; I also have to realize that not everyone was at the Indiana hearing as I was and not everyone knows all the same facts I know from talking to Rep. Borders personally, etc. I can see where people who have commented on the blog negatively about Rep. Borders proposed legislation could see things the way they do. It is for this reason that I believe that the GC Daily World News should get Rep. Borders to 'clarify' some things.

    Many of the bloggers who have commented on this article seem to think Rep. Borders has some type of affilitation with Nora Coffey and the HERS Foundation and is somehow pushing for legislation for reasons associated with some connection there. I can't say for sure but I don't think that Rep. Borders has any affiliation with Nora Coffey or her foundation. He has stated many times that he came to know about the HERS Foundation and NC through seeking answers about hysterectomy and its aftermath in regard to his wife Lola. He found some answers through NC and her foundation. I'm sure he respects the work NC has done throughout the years as do I. However, NC and the HERS Foundation is not the only place in the U.S. or the world where women (and men) can turn for answers. That in merely one place. In my peronal opinion; it is a good place but certainly not the only place. I personally found many answers to health issues I was dealing with after being hysterectomized on the HERS web site; issues none of my doctors would address. I respect NC for the work she has done. End of story there.... This is not about Nora Coffey or the HERS Foundation; at least not for me nor should it be in my personal opinion.

    Having said that, I can see where people who know about the hearing or who attended the hearing regarding the proposed legislation (now summer study) could be somewhat confused by what took place at the hearing. I really did not see this until I read some of the comments on the blog. I'm thankful for all of the people locally in Indiana who took time to voice their opinion about this issue. It has truly helped me to better understand how some of the people locally see this issue and why. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can see how all of this 'could' look if one did not know the true facts about why Rep. Borders decided to propose legislation and what his affiliation with the HERS Foundation is or is not. Afterall, the HERS Foundation and NC are not from Indiana. They are from PA. I understand why some of the bloggers are wondering about this... Like I said, I don't believe Rep. Borders is affiliated with NC per se or her foundation. Of course, I can't speak for him. He will have to speak for himself on that. I believe that Rep. Borders is proposing this legislation for the sole purpose of educating women (and men) about the 'possible' consequences of hysterectomy; consequences that neither he nor Lola were told about until it was too late. He told me himself that he knew his grandmother had had a hysterectomy but he did not really know why or how she was or was not affected by it. He said he never gave it any thought really. It was not until Lola was hysterectomized and castrated that he came to know about the surgery and/or any related issues/consequences.

    Also, having testified at the hearing in Indiana, I can see where even those we testified before could have been a little confused about why NC was testifying at a hearing in Indiana and also confused about why other women from other states such as myself were there testifying as well. Looking at the situatin now (in hind-sight), I can see where they must have scratching their heads in some ways. To those people who listened to my testimony and others who were not from Indiana; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to listen to us and also for extending the hand of human kindness. That speaks volumes to me that you do care about issues brought before you enough to even listen to voters who are not voting in your state or for you. Really and truly, I think Rep. Borders wife Lola should have testified about her own story in regard to hysterectomy. I'm not sure why she didn't but I think it would have brought clarity to the proposed legislation for many people. I also think the young lady from Indiana who did testify should have given her testimony first and foremost if possible because she is from Indiana. In other words, I think she should have gone before me or NC or any of the women from other states if possible. I think it is important for women in Indiana (and men) who have had a bad or negative experience regarding hysterectomy due to uninformed consent speak up and talk with Rep. Borders and other elected officials in the state and let them know you are in support of their efforts to educate and inform women about this serious and everlasting surgery called hysterectomy.

    I believe that it was unfair to say or suggest that Rep. Borders has a 'hidden' agenda. I believe he has an agenda but don't believe it's a 'hidden' agenda and there is a huge difference between the two. I don't believe Rep. Borders had any intention to propose any legislation regarding hysterctomy until he talked to hundreds of women (I'm one of them) and men too and learned that what happened to Lola and their family via an uninformed hysterectomy was not something out of the ordinary but happening all the time in Indiana and other states as well. Like I have already said, I've met Rep. Borders and spoken with him a couple of times and I don't believe he would 'misuse' his political office to propose unnecessary legislation due to a personal experience that was all his own. I believe (after listening to him speak several times now) that he decided to propose legislation to better educate and inform women about the consequences or 'possible' consequences of hysterectomy out of a sense of 'duty' to do something because of his political position after he realized that the experience he and Lola had was multiplied all over the place in Indiana and around the country. Of course, I can't speak for Rep. Borders. Once again, he will have to speak for himself.

    Some of the bloggers made comments about the HERS video and about how they did not necessarily want the HERS video to become part of the proposed legislation. I can understand that. I don't think Rep. Borders was proposing that the HERS video is the only way to educate and inform women but merely one way to do so. There are other videos that have been produced or could be produced that would serve the same purpose. My understanding from attending the hearing was that Rep. Borders wanted to make a way for women to be educated and informed about the function of the female organs and possible consequences of removing them via a video 'like' the HERS video; not necessarily via the HERS video and only the HERS video. He will have to speak to that issue. Maybe, I'm wrong... I personally would not care if Fred Flinstone's voice was used to produce a video as long as the video is medically accurate and serves the purpose.

    I, for one, believe that Rep. Borders is a good man; not a perfect man but a good man. I'm not a Republican nor do I live in Indiana but I have an interest in what Indiana and Rep. Borders is proposing in regard to legilation as concerns hysterctomy. I live right next door to Indiana and I am working in my own state with regard to legislation that would seek to better educate and inform women about this issue. I was told by doctors in OH and KY that I needed a hysterectomy and was not told by doctors in either state about any of the consequences I now suffer as a result of having been hysterectomized and castrated without my consent. So, I know from my own personal experience that there is an issue here and I also now know this from talking with literally hundreds of other women in both KY and OH and in Indiana; the whole tri-state area really.

    I would like to see Rep. Borders respond to all of our comments/concerns in regard to the legislation he proposed and perhaps clarify some things. I'm sure many of you would be interested in hearing from him now that he has read your comments and knows more about some of your concerns.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 11:52 AM
  • To anyone speculating if there is a connection between Rep. Bruce Borders and the HERS Foundation or myself, allow me to clarify this issue for you.

    I discovered Rep. Borders interest in proposing hysterectomy informed consent when I read an article in the Star Tribune in November 2009. I called him to inquire about what he proposed in the bill, and what caused him to show an interest in this issue. He told me about his wife's surgery. I told him about HERS, and offered to support his legislation, which I have gladly done. Your queries imply the possibility of financial benefit. Not only is there no financial benefit for either of us, there is financial loss. I paid my way to go to Indiana to meet with him, and to testify at the hearing. He was not paid even a tiny honorarium to speak at HERS conference in New York. HERS does not provide honorariums for speakers, they agree to speak at the conference because they support HERS efforts to provide full, accurate information about the alternatives to and consequences of hysterectomy. They are committed to speaking out and being part of the solution to what is being done to women.

    It is clear from this article that Rep. Borders supports legislation that would require HERS Female Anatomy DVD be provided to every woman before she is told to sign a form consenting to hysterectomy. He stated "This is the first legislation that has been proposed anywhere in the world that requires a DVD be given to a person having a hysterectomy. Once the person has been given that DVD which we can produce for about $1 a piece, we want women to understand what the results of a hysterectomy are. Basically, 100 percent of the time when they see that DVD they literally chose not to have a hysterectomy." He is obviously referring to HERS DVD which he knows costs us $1 to duplicate and mail, and he knows the response women have to watching the DVD. Women who watch HERS DVD do not undergo hysterectomies, and those who have undergone the surgery understand for the first time why they are experiencing the problems they have had since the surgery.

    Although, as one comment said, there are many other places to get information, much of that information is part fact and part fiction, and often it's a thinly veiled promotion for a product or surgery. HERS is the only organization that provides full, accurate information about the consequences of hysterectomy and documentation that supports every word on their website.

    With a collective voice, united and pulling together we will create a law that will ensure every woman is provided with information about the consequences of hysterectomy that is required for informed consent. Join us and become part of the solution. Tell your mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends to watch the "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs" and become informed. Spread the word.

    -- Posted by nwc on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 3:06 PM
  • Oh my goodness Pisces and Just sayin. You offend me by calling us the HERS Bunch as if we have asked for this kind of life. When everything was looking so bleak for me, I found the HERS Foundation and started to read what other women were saying about this surgery. WOW, I was feeling the same way. I thank God for HERS or I am not sure I would be around today.

    When you end up losing your health, career, marriage and zest for life, what have you left? Not much of a life. My symptoms started right after my surgery. I started shaking for hours not knowing what was wrong with me. When they took my ovaries and uterus, my body went into instant menopause and shock. I have been sick for 22 years just like everyone else that are commenting here.

    We just want to help the women who want help. If you have read the HERS blog, you will find out we just want to inform women about the consequences of having a hysterectomy and castration. Had I watched the DVD 'female anatomy' I would have never had this surgery. I didn't even know that removing your ovaries was castration. I didn't even know the ovaries, uterus and cervix were in your body for more than having babies. They control your health and well-being, sexual enjoyment and zest for life. What we are saying to women is get educated and informed before you have this life changing surgery. IS THAT SO BAD? Women should be helping other women so I don't know why this makes you so upset.

    You surely don't have to come on this sight because apparently we can't help you. You seem to know it all. If you were my friend and you didn't tell me about the DVD and HERS, I wouldn't want you for a friend anymore.

    We are all in the same boat. We trusted our doctors. Our doctors lied to us by telling us nothing would change, we would be better than ever and our sex life would be great. ALL LIES.

    Please don't offend the women who are just trying to live from day to day. Why would we lie about our lives? I would rather have my ovaries and not be on here period! I do so because I want to get a law passed to hand this DVD to every woman who is faced with having a hysterectomy.

    You have no idea how hard Nora has worked, and in fact, given up her life to help other women. She is trying to save your daughters, sisters, nieces and girl friends. She is on the phone day and night. I know because when they took one of my sister's ovaries without her permission (they asked her husband)I was so upset and Nora got me through the night. A husband should never be asked to ok something that belongs to a woman's body. BUT, doctors will do that again and again.

    Thank you Nora and staff for all your time and hard work in protecting women-the backbone of the family. You are such an angel to all of us that you have helped. God Bless You.

    -- Posted by GraceNikki on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 8:43 PM
  • I (Jiggaz 31) said that the HERS web site and foundation is not the only place in the U.S. or the world in which a person can obtain accurate information regarding hysterectomy and the consequences of hysterectomy as Nora pointed out in the following quote "Although, as one comment said, there are many other places to get information, much of that information is part fact and part fiction, and often it's a thinly veiled promotion for a product or surgery. HERS is the only organization that provides full, accurate information about the consequences and documenatation that supports every word on their web site." Just to be correct, I did not say there were 'many' other places to obtain information about hysterectomy, etc. I said that HERS is not the only place in which a person can obtain information. Please don't take my comments out of context and say that I said something I did not say. I also said that I personally found the HERS site helpful to me when my own doctors were not giving me answers as to why my health was declining after my surgery. Additionally, I said that I personally think the HERS site is a good place for any woman or man to go if they want and/or need information regarding this issue.

    But for you to make the claim Nora that your site and your foundation is the only one in the world where people can go to obtain correct information is a very bold statement to make. You could not possibly know that your site is the only site in the world where people can get accurate information. Quite frankly, I don't know what to think about you saying such a thing.... You have worked hard for years trying to educate and inform women about hysterectomy and the possible consequences. I respect you very much for the work you have done toward that end. However, you are not the only woman in the U.S. or the world who has worked toward that same end. There are many others who have worked long and hard on this issue as well. I don't know what to think about you saying that your web site and foundation is the only place in the world where a person can get accurate information. If someone told me you said that I would not have believed them. Had you not typed that yourself on this blog; I would not have believed that you truly felt that way. I don't know what to think or say about that. I really don't.

    As far as the HERS video goes... I may have been under the wrong impression. I did not realize that Rep. Borders in talking about video consent meant specifically the HERS video and the HERS video only would be considered. The HERS video is a wonderful video. I have watched it. But, I have watched other videos that were informative as well. I don't understand why it matters whose video is used as long as a video gives accurate information and is cost-effective to produce.

    I guess you must think that the HERS video is the only one in the world that gives accurate information too. I just don't know what to think about your last post at all. You almost make it sound as if it's your way or the highway. Please give other people credit where credit is due.

    To be honest, I find it a little hard to believe that "100 percent of the time when they see that DVD they literally chose not to have a hysterectomy". I'm sure the HERS video has an impact on most women and men who view it. I know it had an impact on me but for you to go as far as to say "100 percent of the time when they see that DVD they literally chose not to have a hysterectomy". Again, I don't know what to think about such a bold statement. 100% of the time.... I guess if you can back that percentage up then maybe you do have the best video anywhere. If what you say is accurate; then maybe the HERS video is the only choice here if it is decided that a video or DVD is the best way to inform and educate women in regard to the issue at hand.

    Finally, I think the last statement you made Nora in your last post is good but I think you should add something futher to that statement if you are going to be completely honest... You said "With a 'collective voice', 'united and pulling together' we will create a law that will ensure every woman is provided with information about the consequences of hysterectomy that is required for informed consent. Join us and become part of the solution". You seem to want your voice to be heard first and foremost and that is not what I consider 'united and pulling together'; not at all. Your voice is important to be certain but there are a lot of other voices out there that are just as important.

    Your last statement Nora does not fit in with the rest of your post. I do not know what to think.... I really don't. As I stated in my last post, I hope Rep. Borders will clarify some things.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Fri, May 28, 2010, at 10:30 PM
  • Let's nitpick and feed the fish.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Sat, May 29, 2010, at 1:22 AM
  • Let's nitpick and feed the fish.

    -- Posted by MaryEllen on Sat, May 29, 2010, at 1:23 AM
  • I don't want to nitpick, feed fish, argue or hurt anyone on this blog (or anywhere else for that matter) for any reason by anything I've said and hope I haven't. If I have 'accidently' hurt someone or offended someone by anything I've said; please forgive me. That is not and never would be my intention. I realize that I am just one woman in a world of women who have experienced trauma related to hsterectomy and I also realize that I am no more important or less important than the next. I've had a horrific experience with a surgery I did not consent to and my life has been changed forever in ways I never knew was even possible. Since my negative experience with hysterectomy, I have come to learn that what happened to me is not uncommon and happens far too often. That is the reason and only reason for my continued interest in this issue.

    I will have to say that I see this whole situation much more clearly since this article was posted and after reading all the comments. Again, I appreciate all of the people locally who took the time to express how you feel about this legislation and issue. I think a lot of things have been said on this blog that has opened my eyes to things I may not have otherwise seen.

    And for that reason, I'm just not drinking the kool aid anymore. That does not mean that I won't continue to work on this issue but I will choose more carefully who I work with from this point forward.

    I do still support Rep. Borders. I think he is truly trying to pass legislation that would help many women and those who love them. He is an humble man and will tell you himself that he does not have all the answers. This alone makes me have tremedous repect for him.

    I posted recently on FB "I know I'm ok because I know I'm not ok". I learned a long time ago that when a person thinks they 'have arrived' so to speak; there is usually a problem with that person's thinking. I realize I am still a work in progress; still learning and growing as an individual. I hope that never changes.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Sat, May 29, 2010, at 12:53 PM
  • Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to add a comment I left out before in my previous one, and it is this:





    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Sun, May 30, 2010, at 4:22 AM
  • Jiggaz, I just read your most recent post. Hmmm... I will comment tomorrow - interesting - it just that it time for bed, and read before too late to comment here. I am anxious to respond; however, after a few 'ZZZZs'

    Take care all,


    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Sun, May 30, 2010, at 5:12 AM
  • I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. I'm going to post a poem I wrote after being hysterectomized and castrated. I have included this poem on my web site also. I think all women on this blog can relate on some level to what I said in my poem. Like I've said several times, I can stand back and see all of our view points. We come from different places in life and yet we are the same in many ways; in ways that probably matter the most. I also realize that the women on this blog who have not experienced the same trauma as me and some of the other women in regard to hysterectomy are still loving, caring women just sharing their opinion.... which they have every right to do. And, I know it does not mean they don't care.

    Today ~ A Tear Fell

    I woke up in my same body today

    and I just happened to look in the mirror.

    For a moment, I saw myself as I had for years. However, that vision did not last for long.

    Soon I remembered all of my female sexual organs are gone; the me I always knew was gone.

    Just when I thought I was doing so well,

    Before I knew it ~ a tear fell.

    I pretend to be ok; to be 'normal' and 'intact'.

    Yet, the truth is there is noting 'intact' about me.

    I am no longer 'normal'

    My very core has been taken and I see through a once brilliantly lit glass darkly.

    People all think I'm doing well;

    They don't know today ~ a tear fell.

    When I am reminded of what might have been,

    when life catches me off guard,

    That's when I seem to be hit so hard.

    It seems all thoughts lead back to a simpler time.

    A time when I took all I was and meant to be for granted.

    A time when I trusted my doctor "to do no harm"

    Those days are forever gone.

    Will I ever be able to trust another living soul as I once did?

    For now I cannot tell;

    I only know today ~ a tear fell.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Sun, May 30, 2010, at 7:43 PM
  • Understanding the female anatomy information is core to any discussion concerning hysterectomy. Before rendering an opinion on Rep. Borders' proposed legislation, check out the proposed video information.

    We are talking about women's lives to the tune of over 600,000, last year, this year, next year, etc. Given the numbers, isn't it worthwhile to ensure ALL women are being given the relevant and accurate information as a standard practice.

    Link reposted:

    You can watch the free, short, educational video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs", and learn more about the internal female organs at

    -- Posted by tq on Sun, May 30, 2010, at 9:27 PM
  • tq, everyone on this blog now knows that they can watch the Nora Coffey HERS video and they know where to find it because Nora has posted her web site several times.

    The issue is that the Nora Coffey HERS video is not the only video available in the world to watch. Not everyone likes or wants to watch the HERS video. It is unfair for people to keep posting that anyone desiring more information on hysterectomy and related issues must go to the HERS web site.

    It's a decent video but it is not remarkable in any way. I know you are close to Nora and testified at her conference so I know that you believe in what she is tryng to accomplish. I respect you for that. Having said that, after reading Nora's own comments on this blog; I do not any longer believe it's a good idea to promote Nora or her video. If Nora wants to propose legislation in PA (where she resides); then she should do that. In fact, I don't understand why she has not been able to do that after all of these years...

    The people in Indiana may not view Nora in the same light that you do or in the light I once did. And.... Nora is not a resident of Indiana. Personally, I believe that it is a dangerous thing when any one person believes that they and they alone have the 'answer'. I could not believe that Nora atually posted on this blog that her web site is the only one in the world that has accurate information. There is simply no way she could know that is true.

    In Addition, there is no way possible she could know that 100% of the time that people view her video; they choose not to have surgery. It's not possible for Nora to know that information. She can't possibly know every person who watches the HERS video or what they do afterward. Those statements alone have caused me to doubt many things Nora now says. If anyone else had told me Nora said those things; I would have told them that I don't believe them. Now, I know she really believes that the HERS Foundation is the only place people can turn to for accurate information and also the HERS video of course.

    Nora is not the most important person here. There are none of us more important than the other. We have all been working on this issue in our own way/ways. Nora told us in Indiana that her testimony was the most important. That was not true. Her testimony was not the most important. The fact that she believes that is a problem.

    The testimony of women in Indiana is what's important in Indiana; at least when it is Indiana that is proposing legislation. Now, if someone in PA proposes legislaton; then I can see where Nora would have every right to speak up and promote her foundation and work there.

    Nora could certainly lend moral support to those in Indiana but she does not live or vote in Indiana. I don't either for that matter. But, at least I realize that I have no right to insist that Indiana lawmakers listen to me nor do what I suggest.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 12:56 AM
  • Dear Jiggaz,

    Well, as said, I would comment on your most recent post.

    You are correct; in that, there are other websites to go to to get valuable information regarding the hazards/devastations of having a Hysterectomy. I personally like the site of 'EmpowerHer'. I have given input on blogs there, and I am 'empowered' with their site.

    I do feel you are not understanding Nora; however. She really and truly is trying to ensure that females are not viewing something which may promote a different kind of unnecessary surgery/procedure. It is not a matter of her "way or the highway". It is a matter of she trying to state that the Hers Video is the best to have females view; if they know nothing else to view or where to go. I know Nora would never try to promote a single organization to be the 'Only One'. I think she would only support the more each woman can see/view; and wherever/however; thus, the better off they will be with knowledge, and to make the right decision. Nora would not do anything otherwise.

    Jiggazz, please reconsider your thoughts here. I also am 'all ears' as to where you recommend as to other places, and "other videos", as you stated, to go to get information. I would be so happy if you could share what you know of. I sincerely would love to view what you have seen.

    And 'tis the day and age of technology. We all can read, but a video is the wave of today; thus, if we have this available - great...

    Huge Hugs,


    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 4:31 AM
  • I agree with you Bibi in that a video or DVD is the wave of today for most people. I even said that I personally watched the HERS video and was impacted by it. However, it is not the only video out there. If you write to me via my web site, I will give you some links you can visit. And, a new video can be produced if needed or just 'wanted'.

    The only point I was was trying to make (after reading comments on this blog (is that the HERS video by Nora does not have to be the Video used (if they choose to use a video and choose to pass video legislation) if Indiana voters and lawmakers don't want to use it. Cleary, some of the bloggers took issue with the HERS video being used in their proposed law. And, that is of course their right to take issue and to voice their opinion.

    I understand Nora and what she is trying to do very clearly now. I understand that Nora has helped many women but I did not understand until now that she belives she is the 'only way' women can be helped and informed properly and/or accruately.

    Before some recent events; I did not see this and I supported Nora and her foundation with my whole heart. I still care about Nora as a person who has sufferd with the aftermath of hysterectomy as many of us have suffered. I do not any longer have the same respect for her foundation after some of the things she directed at a particular person on this blog and after the bold and unbelievable statements she made regarding her web site, foundation and video. She is very self-promoting.

    I have learned some things recently that have 'forced' me to see that. I wish I could share them; but won't on a public blog. I do not wish to bring harm to Nora. I think she has brought enough harm to herself by being so self-promoting on this blog.

    You were not at the hearing in Indiana and did not see some of the things I saw. In hind-sight; I can see a lot I wish I did not. I'm thankful to have met Rep. Borders, his wife Lola and many of the others who attended the hearing in Indiana but I wish I had not gone. I had no business being there really. Indiana women (and men) should have testified. There was confusion about why women from all over the country were there testifying instead of women from Indiana. I'm confused about that too now when I stop and look back. Surely, (after nearly 30 years of talking to thousands of people all over the country) Nora has a data base of women from Indiana. It would have been immensely helpful if women from Indiana had testified.

    All I'm saying is that I can see where Nora's testimony was not the most important as she said; at least not in Indiana. I could see where it may have been appropriate for her to talk at the hearing specifically about the HERS video; even show a clip from it, etc. since the legislation evidently included the specific use of a video and evidently the HERS video. Other than that, I don't see why Nora's testimony was the most important.

    I'm just trying to understand how some of the local people view and see this issue and I can understand now.

    Nora says in one sentence that we should all pull together with a united voice but then she turns right around and says "come join us". Believe me when I tell you that it is her way or the highway. I had a more recent experience with Nora which confirmed that; at least to me.

    I would like to see a more humble Nora Coffey; one who believes in something or someone greater than herself. There is no place for pride in all of this. Pride comes before a fall. We don't need to fall. We have already fallen. We need to get up and get going and get going in a way that promotes no particular person or individual.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 9:19 AM
  • Thank you tq for posting the link to the HERS Female Anatomy video. I did not get the impression that most of the women commenting here had seen it because although HERS has stated over and over you cannot have a uterine orgasm without a uterus, it seems some of the women posting here only read the word "orgasm" and responded by defending their ability to have an orgasm. Unless you understand the functions of the female organs (which the video describes) then most women do not know the difference between a genital orgasm and a uterine orgasm because they are not educated on how intricately their body is connected together with their female organs. My experience has been that while there is a lot of information on the internet about this subject, it is often untrue or partly true, or used to promote another damaging procedure. If you are knowledgeable enough about the subject you can figure out which is which, but if you are an average woman trying to find answers, it's treacherous. When you Google "hysterectomy" the top hits are from medical websites or those promoted by the medical community and they mostly promote hysterectomy and castration (the removal of ovaries). Even if you are lucky enough to find information about how a cyst or fibroid can be removed (cystectomy and myomectomy), it doesn't ensure that you won't be hysterectomized when you go to your doctor and only consent to having a cyst or fibroid removed as tq testified at the Indiana hearing. This whole issue is a slippery slope and there is more misinformation out there about it than correct information.

    I learned of the HERS Foundation a couple months after I had been hysterectomized and castrated without my consent in 2006. I didn't know where to turn, and I didn't even know what the HERS Foundation was, but I read that they counsel women about hysterectomy, so I called and made an appointment. At the telephone appointment, Nora introduced herself, and I told her that I wasn't sure why I was calling, but she asked me what happened to me, and then in tears, I told her the whole story as she patiently listened. She was very sympathetic and kind and gave me loads of information. I would say it was an education of a lifetime, while at the same time it was devastating and hard to swallow. I had no idea that my ovaries were gonads and that the doctor castrated me, which is a fact hidden from most women. It was only then I learned that astronomical amounts of women were being hysterectomized and castrated in the U.S. and I was just one in the millions of victims. I was truly shocked and still am that this can continue to go on in America. Following our conversation, she even went beyond that and reviewed my medical records and explained them to me page-by-page at no charge. Who does that? It was so kind and generous. I finally learned what actually had been done to me versus what should have been done. I don't know of anyone you could contact to get this kind of information, even today. Most doctors will defend what other doctors do and if you try to ask on the internet the misinformation is endless. I am not one to just believe anything I am told, and followed up with my own research and came to the conclusion that everything Nora told me was true (as much as I didn't want it to be true).

    I would say that at least 90% of the women I know who have been hysterectomized are too embarrassed to speak up about it publicly. Women will talk about it behind closed doors or anonymously, but they don't want everyone to know the personal hell they go through every day, so they keep quiet in public. I can't blame anyone for this because it's devastating and even though this has been done to us, we have to try to pick up our lives and go on somehow. Really, who wants everyone to know that your female sex organs have been removed and your ****** has been mutilated and sutured at the top? You wouldn't see crowds of men talking about how they've been castrated or had their ***** shortened and it's just as embarrassing to women.

    I planned to attend the hearing in Indiana but could not get there at the last minute because of the dates being switched. However, even though I am not from Indiana, I think it's important for woman from any state to speak out about this if they are given the opportunity. Women who have had this done to them really have had no voice without the HERS Foundation and now Rep. Borders. I know because anytime I tried to warn women or post about this on message boards, I was attacked and dismissed by multiple posters. Over the last 3 1/2 years, I've watched HERS message to inform women of the truth gain momentum. I've also spent thousands of hours trying to get the word out and writing letters and emails trying to get someone to listen who is in a position to stop this, but for every attempt I've made, I've been dismissed or ignored.

    Like with anything in life, we don't always have to agree with 100% of what someone else does or says, but in the big picture, the HERS Foundation has brought this issue to light and has consistently provided women with the facts regarding this surgery while counseling women on a daily basis. HERS also provides a blog where women can openly speak out about what was done to them. Not everyone has to agree on everything, but I think it's important to stay focused on the issue, and that is that 1 out of 2 women are hysterectomized before they turn 65 years old and it needs to be stopped. If a woman views the HERS DVD, not only will it inform her of the functions of the female organs, she can always call the HERS Foundation to get more specific information to understand her condition so that she can actually make an informed decision. Even when women watch the video, it still doesn't stop a doctor from telling them they NEED a hysterectomy so I think it's really helpful for a video to be connected to HERS. I wish I would have known about HERS and been able to call Nora before I was hysterectomized and castrated, because then I would have been saved from this hell.

    I am supportive of any person or group whose intention it is to educate women and provide them with the correct information. The cause is what is important to me, not any one individual.

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 12:23 PM
  • Pisces, I should have been more clear in my post because I know how easily things can get twisted or exaggerated. I think we can both agree that Nora isn't a surgeon and that she wasn't going to perform surgery on me. I was already gutted, so I don't understand what you mean scares you about Nora making me aware of what ovarian cysts are and how they can be removed by cystectomy. I wouldn't describe it as "dispensing medical advice" (your words), but more accurately information that I was not provided by any doctors. When I was in the hospital, out of the 5 doctors I crossed paths with, not one informed me of "cystectomy" which is the surgery to remove ovarian cysts, which is what I had. Even though I asked multiple times why my cysts could not just be removed, not one "medical professional" gave me that information. That is really what should scare the bejeezus out of you. Not only that, I was told by the doctor who amputated my uterus that it was removed because of fibroids. In fact, the only fibroid shown on my pathology report was a 1-centimeter fibroid on the outside of my uterus (which is smaller than a pea). The doctor who performed the surgery described that as a big mess. This is the type of information I received from medical professionals and that is truly scary because these are the very people who are cutting you open and being paid for each surgery. Nora simply explained the alternatives to me, and how ovarian cysts can be removed by cystectomy along with other general information about my records. It is only helpful for women to know what the options and alternatives are available, not scary. In confirmation to that, the doctor who testified in my court case stated exactly the same thing, that my ovaries should not have been removed, that instead a cystectomy should have been performed, and that my uterus should have been left alone. Now, are you going to post back that it scares the bejeezus out of you that 5 doctors withheld pertinent information from me so they could amputate my ovaries and uterus, or do you think that is okay?

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 4:40 PM
  • OMG!!! Cathy108 - GREAT POSTS!!! Thank you, thank you!

    I will add a few comments here. I tried to post, and correct some typos; went back and lost my previous post; so bear with me if this last post appears twice. I did what it said, but it went into 'Cyberspace', unfortunately.

    I concur with all Cathy108 said. I also want to say, and as I have said and thought before; just because a medical practioner has a certificate hanging on her/his wall - it does not mean they 'know it all'. I can speak here from 'first hand' experience of the devastation a Hyst. has had upon me with my life physically, emotionally, sexually, and financially. My husband deals with my aftermath of problems of this barbaric act. So, how I wish we could have viewed the Hers Video. I cannot stress this enough. My husband can post here again, but hope you believe I do speak on his behalf, and he would state the same.

    We must not let this happen to any other woman; yet, it is. Isn't this so sick? Whatever needs to be done - we all should be in support of any organization/person(s) who are trying to get this accomplished. Thank goodness for the Hers Foundation and all there. I, if I would have had an appointment, by phone, with Nora Coffey before I had my Hyst.; I would now be so grateful. So what if she does not have a medical license. She has spent years with research, listening to others and their 'FACTUAL' personal stories. This has only led her to be of an authority. I now know, I would listen to her over that GYN who performed that unnecessary Hyst. on me.

    How informed should we be? Well, I certainly was not informed by that GYN of mine. I would have been informed with an appointment by phone conversation with Nora. And please do not think I am trying to promote the Hers Foundation here to have one think I am trying to help make money for them. It is the idea that it is a great way to become informed; and as I am stating here - I did not get vital information from that GYN; whereas, Nora could have provided this to me - so... I could make an 'INFORMED' decision; along with my husband hearing this too.

    He is angry with this GYN. He feels he was not 'INFORMED' either. He feels he was taken down a path also of believing that if a 'doctor' says "...this is the best answer. Your wife must have a Hysterectomy." He regrets having put faith into this doctor. He even said to me, awhile back, "How come you did not go to the Hers Foundation to get questions answered before you had the Hyst.?" I said, "Oh, how I wish I would have known about this organization, but I did not know, and did not pursue the research; just like you (my husband); you put faith into what this GYN said, and left it as it being the best thing to do." How naive we were...

    Once again - great posts, Cathy. You go, gal, and also all you others who have posted here in favor of what I am conveying.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. I am typing here, have a window open by my computer desk, and can smell 'BBQ'. I am getting hungry...

    I wish the best for all,


    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 6:42 PM
  • I agree with you completely pisces. I have been traveling and felt too tired to comment. Thank you for commenting again. You said almost exactly what I would have said myself.

    If Nora wants to review medical charts and dispense medical advice; then she needs to go to medical school.

    And, if she wants draft and help pass laws; then she needs to run for office. Of course, she could work 'with' lawmakers in PA.....

    Otherwise, I think Nora should stick to researching hysterectomy information and educating woman via her web site, foundation, book and video. As I have stated previously, I personally have found her web site, book and video helpful to me.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 10:14 PM
  • Pisces, it's not that the 5 doctors got it wrong, they purposely withheld pertinent information from me, and then hysterectomized and castrated me without my consent. There's a difference which you don't seem to want to acknowledge. Doctors are not going to just "get it wrong" to the tune of 1 out of 2 under the age of 65.

    To clear up your concerns, Nora explained the options available to me which doctors did not. You don't have to be a rocket scientist when you learn that either a doctor could castrate you, or just remove a cyst. The information that Nora provided me made it clear what should have been done, and those are my words not hers.

    It's pretty silly to talk about how dangerous it is for a non-licensed person to go over something typed on papers, when the real danger for a women is a doctor with a knife who profits from each organ that is removed.

    Pisces, are you a gyn?

    -- Posted by Cathy108 on Mon, May 31, 2010, at 10:46 PM
  • What has become quite obvious from reading all 138 posts here is that most of the comments are about Nora Coffey and the HERS Foundation. The article we all read was about Rep. Borders and his proposed legislation (now summer study).

    Hence, I think my point about Nora Coffey testifying in Indiana was a mistake. All the comments about her and her foundation on this blog makes my point appear all the more valid. I see clearly that her involvement in the proposed legislation was a 'mistake'.

    My guess is that as much as Rep. Borders probably respects Nora and is appreciative for what she has done by way of personal help with what happened to Lola and him; he can probably see where she brought confusion and division to the issue and the proposed legislation. I can't speak for Rep. Borders and I'm not trying to. Just purely guessing here......

    I know that I personally defended Nora a couple of months ago when Dr. Vicki Hufnagel wrote to me and told me that Nora only cares about Nora and that I would come to learn in time that it's 'The Nora Coffey show'. (This doctor had evidently tried to post her comments on the HERS site and had been blocked form posting them by Nora and the doctor somehow found my e-mail address from reading some of my posts on the HERS site and decided to send her e-mails to me as a 'warning of sorts'). I completely defended Nora against that accusation. Imagine how I feel now after reading what Nora herself has posted on this blog. I almost feel like I owe that doctor an apology. I feel like a fool to be honest.

    It does appear that it is all about Nora and her foundation. That is truly sad and not something I wanted to believe. There is no way I can not believe that now though after reading the bold and untrue statements Nora herself has made on this blog. My son who attended the NY conference with me now questions many of the medical 'facts' he heard Nora speak about at the conference. That really makes me sad. My son told me that that there is no way that Nora could possibly know all the people who view the HERS video and/or the decision they make after viewing it. Her statement about how 100% of the time; women who view the video choose not to have surgery is false. There is no way she could know that. Likewise, it is just not reasonable nor is it believable that Nora has the only web site and foundation in the world that has accurate information. Those statements alone make people question other things Nora says as well and that is a shame.

    I am going to continue to fight for tougher consent laws in regard to hysterectomy. Like Rep. Borders stated at the Indiana hearing; I just don't want women and men to be lied to by doctors. However, as I fight for legislation in my state, I will not mention Nora Coffey or her foundation. I do not want confusion and division brought to the issue. I see where involving Nora can lead to that.....

    To the people in Indiana, please forgive me for coming to Indiana and testifying where I probably had no business. I truly hope that everyone in Indiana will consider supporting Rep. Borders proposed legislation in spite of Nora Coffey and some of the bizarre statements she has made on this blog. It is not about Nora Coffey. I hope you won't make it about her. We have all spent too much time talking about her as it is.

    I will say once more that I would love to read another article in regard to Rep Borders and how he views this issue since reading all the comments.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Tue, Jun 1, 2010, at 9:32 AM
  • Hello,

    This is to Jiggaz31:

    I forgot to mention in my last posts; I read your poem, Jiggaz31. I can certainly relate with what you were trying to say. It is something also we have to live with (which I believe you were conveying in your poem); we who have been mutilated by having a Hyst., and one part you were speaking about is...

    People cannot see our physical traumas we deal with daily. Plus, they do not know fully what we have to endure either - emotionally, etc., etc.. We try to do what we can to 'carry on'; yet, it is so tough, daily. Yes, we shed 'a tear'. One tear might as well be a flood of water; in that, this is the enormous amount, in respect, to how we feel and have to "carry on". I think I do shed "a tear" daily regarding all this.

    On a tangent note, but relating to this all; we have the problem with being of female gender. What problems we have (physically) cannot be seen with the human eye with viewing people as us. Now, if this would be a male; one could immediately see the damage done by castration of his testicles, half his ***** cut off; i.e., be able to view, with one's eyes, with a man, of his 'gonads' being ripped off/out. This is a major factor and difference as to why we have to fight to be heard. Again, this would not happen to men with people not being sympathetic viewing a man without his testicles and *****. This is all on the 'outside' with them. "Poor Man!!! How could a doctor do this to you?!!!". It is; however, the same situation with us - we females who have had the same removed. People just cannot see this. It is all 'inside'.

    I liked your poem. I think, those of us, who have gone through this, can live in this silent 'He--' with trying to have people understand what we truly have to battle. It would be so simple for a male to get this 'sympathy' back, but we females have to (again) at times, whether with our spouses, significant others, family, and/or friends - fight to be heard. This is a cruelty in itself...

    Take care all,


    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Tue, Jun 1, 2010, at 7:09 PM
  • To pisces, I knew you meant disagree and that's ok. We can agree to disagree. You have asked some valid questions on this blog and made some valid points in a quite reaonable manner I might add.

    I do feel like I allowed myself to be fooled though. I am a very trusting person by nature and that has not worked out for me so well for the better part of my life. I will be 49 in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will learn from this whole experience. I tend to take people at face value. In other words; I just believe them until they give me a reason not to. One thing my father used to tell me when I was a little girl about that... He would say "The first time someone screws you, shame on them but the second time, shame on you". I think that's pretty good advice and I try to follow it. Like I said in other posts, I'm still learning.....

    To Bibi, thank you for commenting on my poem. I really was not sure if I wanted to post it or not because it is so personal. But.... I also know that many women can relate to how I feel about myself now. You are right on target when you say that people only see the 'outside' and can't usually know what is going on 'inside'. I know this from being raped at eleven and also from having to live without my two youngest children since 1998. I have become quite the actress. Tears do fall but others don't necessarily see them. My son wrote a beautiful poem entitled "Light for the Blind" when he was only eleven and I posted that on my web site also. I think you would like that as well. I'm glad the poem had meaning for you.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Tue, Jun 1, 2010, at 8:33 PM
  • pisces,thanks for the compliment in regard to my poem. As I said in another post, I posted a poem my son wrote at age eleven as well on my web site. He wrote an excellent article on Rep. Borders and the HERS Conference he attended with my in NY in April and I posted that too. My son was very impressed with Rep. Borders; especially with how humble he is.

    Check out my web site if you are ever bored..... it is I will be the first to admit that it is probably not the best site around locally; much less world-wide. It is a place where I can go to write down the things I've learned about hysterectomy and the possible consequences and the ones I've personally experienced.

    I also have a blog where I write from time to time. There is a link to my blog on my site as well. Not everything I write (on a personal level) is for everyone and I don't push my personl thoughts and beliefs on anyone. They are just my thoughts and I share them. I do include medical information I have come to learn through reading medical journals and various books,etc. and the things I've come to learn through my own experience and via talking with others. However, I must warn you that there is no video to watch on my site. lol! I've learned that it helps to laugh at some of this stuff. It's what keep me sane at times.

    Thanks again for sharing your prospective on the hysterectomy issue and proposed legislation. I believe I will be able to speak in a way now that addresses all people; no matter if we agree on every issue or not.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Wed, Jun 2, 2010, at 11:18 AM
  • Hello Everyone,

    Wow - we, who have posted here have made some comments; whether factual information and/or from the 'heart', and sharing personal stories.

    I read again a lot of the comments posted here. I had to make this comment after doing so:

    I feel all of us, who have posted here, should read the article again, and what was being talked about with Rep. Borders. I did, and I will try to regard what Rep. Borders is trying to do. I believe all of us agree - what he is doing is what we do promote, and if anyone has any suggestions for him; and of course, along with every 'Representative' in our own states, we need to let him and them know and share these.

    We should take pride in ourselves we are caring about other females out there; that we are, by doing what we can, and however we deem best, to do this; thus, we can at least go to bed at night and think, "I believe I helped."

    Take care all,


    -- Posted by Bibi - I support Rep. Borders on Thu, Jun 3, 2010, at 5:02 AM
  • It doesn't look like anyone has posted new comments since Bibi posted her last comment on June 3, 2010.

    Bibi was once a vibrant woman capable of taking on the world and take it on she did. She was a former beauty queen, a very savvy business woman who ran a very successful restaurant and catering business in Oregon along with her husband, she was a wife and mother and a even a marathon runner.

    Bibi lived life to the fullest. She was an extremely caring person to add to all the rest. Sadly, an unnecessary hysterectomy took her world from her in ways unimaginable. Not only did it ruin her life... it ruined the lives of her husband, children, brothers, sister and all who loved her. I loved her.

    Bibi was found dead on January 4, 2011 by her husband; who also posted a comment or two here.

    For those of you who would like to read Bibi's story (in her own words), visit my web site at on the page 'One Woman's Story'. Hysterectomy was the beginning of the end for Bibi; as it is for many women. She left behind a loving husband who was devastated by the destruction hysterectomy brought into their lives and she left behind two precious children who are both in their mid-twenties. Please pray for this family and others like them.

    Bibi was a 'fighter' but hysterectomy can take a toll that many women can never pay.

    -- Posted by jiggaz31 on Sun, Jul 31, 2011, at 7:04 PM
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