Greene County Court News

Thursday, June 17, 2010



State v. Ginger Kendall, theft

State v. Laura Belcher, theft


Rebecca D. Nicholson v. William J. Nicholson, dissolution

Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC v. John M. Powell, collection

LVNV Funding LLC v. Tasha Smith, collection

Charles Noble v. Virgil R. Jones, civil torte



State v. Jennifer L. King, criminal mischief

State v. Connie Marie Buzz, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .15 grams or more of alcohol in blood or breath


Sascha N. Spears v. Brandon L. Spears, dissolution

Farm Credit Services of Mid-America FLCA v. Beverly J. Melton, Ski L. Anderson, mortgage foreclosure

Yvonne N. Abel v. David Fred Abel, dissolution

Holly M. Criss v. Brandon C. Criss, child support

Jennifer Diane Lantrip v. Jonathan Ray Lantrip, dissolution

Discover Bank v. Bill Richardson, civil plenary

Kelly Jo Maddox v. Jerrold Wayne Maddox, dissolution

NuIsland Partners LLC v. Anthony Newton, collection


Bloomington Endoscopy Center, LLC v. Terisa Holley, account

IMA Inc. v. Peter A. Lang, account

IMA Inc. v. Darryl W. Moore, account

IMA Inc. v. Frances E. Neukam, account

IMA Inc. v. Leeann Smith, account

IMA Inc. v. Darrell W. Sowders, account

Smithville Telephone Company v. John Reed, account

IMA Inc. v. Sari Scott Terrell, account


Michael A. Harper and Jennifer D. McPike

Joe W. Bowersock and Leslie Lynn Clayton

Andrew L. Taylor and Destiny Secrest

Blaine Jackson and Darlena Jean Hamm

Douglas C. Dayhoff and Miranda Jane Helms

John F. Gentry and Christina J. Small

Richard Weaver and Heidi Sue Drake


Naomi L. Wiles to Paul D. Terrell and Kimberly D. Terrell, property in Greene County

F. David Landis and Mary Kay Landis to Nicholas L. Bender and Danielle N. Bender, property in Greene County


Dominic L. Abrell-no seat belt fastened

Robert G. Alsman-no seat belt fastened

Richard D. Bees-speeding

Kaylee R. Bonnert-failure to yield right of way

Alicia B. Bundy-speeding

Kesha D. Buskirk-no seat belt fastened

Florence E. Campbell-child passenger restraint

Florence E. Campbell-child passenger restraint

Florence E. Campbell-no seat belt fastened

Jordan N. Carver-child passenger restraint

Brian N. Cayton-speeding

Heather Chambers-driving while suspended-infrac

Terry R. Clark-speeding

Kimberly S. Conley-obeyance of markings or signs

Pat A. Cook-speeding

Robert L. Couch-no federal DOT inspection

Jay E. Coy-speeding

Scotty H. Crusie-no seat belt fastened

Duane R. Daugherty-no seat belt fastened

John R. Daugherty-speeding

Zachary D. Daugherty-no seat belt fastened

Scott A. Davis-no seat belt fastened

Alex C. Dudding-Greven-speeding

Eunich R. Eagans-disobedience to official traff

Andrews M. Edmonson-no seat belt fastened

Robert A. Eikenberry-expired license plate

Gareth R. Emmons-no federal DOT inspection

Leonard D. Enlow-speeding

Jacob E. Fender-speeding

Eliza A. Fobes-speeding

Nicolas B. Foret-speeding

Matthew S. Frayser-no seat belt fastened

Hunter J. Gaines-speeding

Hank Gallagher-no seat belt fastened

Tina R. Gallagher-no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey A. Gaskill-speeding

Wayne L. Goldsby-expired license plate

Debra S. Goodman-speeding

Paula M. Green-violation of load limitations

Gregory B. Grider-no seat belt fastened

Brad T. Guidry-no seat belt fastened

James P. Hager-no seat belt fastened

Steven M. Hall-speedingh

Timothy K. Hargis-speeding

Crystal D. Haton-no seat belt fastened

Shawn M. Hauck-no seat belt fastened

Lindiweeyaa R. Hayes-speeding

Lindiweeyaa R. Hayes-speeding

Lindsey R. Hazel-expired license plate

Wade A. Heiny-speeding

Robin D. Hineman-no seat belt fastened

Lakrista Hollingsworth-no seat belt fastened

Ronald L. Hollingsworth-no seat belt fastened

John R. Holmes-speeding

Victoria D. Hutcherson-no seat belt fastened

John B. Jerrell-driving while suspended

Sandra J. Jordan-speeding

Daniel A. Keene-no seat belt fastened

Desiree D. Keller-no seat belt fastened

John E. Key-financial responsibility

John E. Key-driving while suspended

Keith B. Kirkham-no seat belt fastened

William T. Labaume-child passenger restraint

William T. Labaume-child passenger restraint

Ricky E. Lechien-no seat belt fastened

Brittany C. Mariani-speeding

Desiree K. McCloud-speeding

Timothy R. Meinhart-speeding

Samuel P. Midkiff-speeding

DAvid Mink-no seat belt fastened

Ross E.Mize-speeding

Brock A. Myers-no seat belt fastened

Joshua L. Norman-no seat belt fastened

Jesse V. Orr-no seat belt fastened

Randy J. Peters-speeding

Terry Piercde-probationary license violation

Cheryl A. Pigg-no seat belt fastened

Levi A. Pigg-no seat belt fastened

Aaron S. Richards-no seat belt fastened

Suzette Ridinger-no seat belt fastened

Samuel A. Robertson-disobedience to official traff

Samuel A. Robertson-failure to signal when signal

Samuel A. Robertson-driving while suspended-infrac

Samuel A. Robertson-disobedience to official traff

Samuel A. Robertson-slowing down, turning from dir

Samuel A. Robertson-slowing down, turning from dir

Samuel A. Robertson-speed too fast/unreasonable sp

Samuel A. Robertson-speed too fast/unreasonable sp

Christopher J. Robinson-no federal DOT inspection

Seth D. Robinson-financial responsibility

Sarah A. Rock-no seat belt fastened

Benjamin Ross-speeding

Joshua L. Ross-no seat belt fastened

Jessica K. Runyobn-speeding

Kenny R. Sanders-no seat belt fastened

Timothy N. Sarver-speeding

David A. Schmelzer-speeding

Kelsea A. Scott-no seat belt fastened

Jerry A. Sears-no seat belt fastened

Linda L. Simmons-no seat belt fastened