Court News

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



State v. Timothy W. McCoin, possession of marijuana


Regions Bank v. Jason S. Moore, Amy J. Moore, the unknown tenant, mortgage foreclosure

Charlene Louise Perez v. Jesus Perez, dissolution


Jarrod W. Rush, Zelbert E. Rush and Teresa J. Saunders to Thomas C. Saunders and Teresa J. Saunders, property in Greene County

Jones Group Enterprises 5 LLC to Jones Group Enterprises LLC, property in Greene County

Jones Group Enterprises 5 LLC to Jones Group Enterprises LLC, property in Greene County

John W. Watson and Debra D. Watson to Joel A. Nordness and Maria L. Nordness, property in Greene County

Vanessa M. Miller to Angel M. Roseboom, property in Greene County

James E. Gadberry and Andrea J. Gadberry to Lori Wiley, property in Greene County

Laura E. Young to Christopher R. Wilson and Erin D. Wilson, property in Greene County

Kimberly D. Sullivan fna Kimberly D. McKamey to Jenna Richards, property in Greene County

Perry L. Ausman, Sr. to Perry L. Ausman, Jr., Francie C. Ausman and Cristy Phipps, property in Greene County

Wells Fargo Bank NW to Peabody Midwest Mining LLC, property in Greene County

Victoria Ann McQueen to Joshua D. Taylor, property in Greene County

Traffic Infractions

Antonette A. Ambrosia-learning permit violation

Michael A. Ball-no seat belt fastened

Christopher D. Bland-no seat belt fastened

Vicky L. Bledsoe-speeding

John E. Brown-throwing burning material from

Tad A. Brown-no seat belt fastened

Sean E. Cotter-speeding

Jesse W. Courto-unsafe start from parked posit

Lawrence A. Cox-speeding

John T. Dellinger-speeding

Sara B. Dooley-speeding

Tracy J. Feutz-no seat belt fastened

David P. Fisher-speeding

Opie L. Cage-no seat belt fastened

Gregory A. Gould-speeding

Wayne B. Grove-speeding

Elijah R. Haldeman-speeding

Elijah R. Haldeman-driving while suspended-infrac

Jordan J. Harris-no seat belt fastened

Mikel S. Jackson-no seat belt fastened

Ronald L. Johnson-speeding

Leroy Kirkley-speeding

Amanda M. Maloney-speeding

Jimmy C. Martin-no seat belt fastened

Sherl L. Meacham-speeding

Larry D. Michael-no seat belt fastened

Anthony L. Minks-speeding

Brittany R. Morrison-obeyance of markings or signs

Kelly R. Oliphant-child passenger restraint

Billy J. Pickett-disobedience to official traff

Billy J. Pickett-expired driver's license

Jeffrey S. Poe-no seat belt fastened

Michael P. Reynolds-no seat belt fastened

Shane M. Rice-no seat belt fastened

Joshua D. Ryan-no seat belt fastened

Charles J. Schaffernoth-speeding

Casey Secuskie-speeding

Steven Z. Sheffler-throwing burning material from

Eric L. Sherrill-expired license plate

Matthew Siemantel-speeding

Tommy C. Smith-violation of window tint

Bradley L. Stiles-no federal DOT inspection

Kenneth R. Sullivn-no seat belt fastened

Joshua A. Sweet-no seat belt fastened

Kazuhiro Takinami-speeding

Johnny J. Turpin-no seat belt fastened

Jamie M. Valdez-driving while suspended-infrac

Michael B. Vanmeter-no seat belt fastened

Caleb A. Wainman-speeding

Michael W. Walker-open container

Andrew D.Watson-speeding

Brandy D. Wiles-stop signs at intersection

Michael L. Workman-no seat belt fastened

Shelly H. Wright-speeding