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More than 70 dogs and puppies rescued from eastern Greene County mobile home

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Animal shelter workers removed at least 70 dogs and puppies from an eastern Greene County mobile home where the residents had outfitted the interior with chain-link pens.

The exact location or the identity of the alleged dog "hoarders" was not released, by Greene County Health Department Environmental Health Specialist Andrea Alltop.

Alltop received an initial complaint about the excessive number of dogs and puppies at the location and made an on-site visit July 19 along with a representative from the Monroe County Humane Society and a Indiana State Police trooper.

On Tuesday, at least 70 dogs were removed from the rural home and are now temporarily housed in the Bloomington police and fire training center on South Walnut Street.

The homeowners were allowed to keep nine dogs, Alltop noted.

Alltop said health conditions inside the mobile home were less than desirable.

Some of the animals were infested with fleas and intestinal parasites.

"The floor had been stripped down to the plywood flooring. They did have newspapers down, which the animals were using," Alltop said. "Some of them did look like there were some health concerns. I think the intentions of the homeowners were good. But it was just a situation that got out of control. It was impossible to keep it sanitary with the amount of space and the number of animals."

Alltop said after talking with the residents she learned that the animals had been accumulated over the course of a couple of months. Some of the animals had been dropped off at the mobile home and they were taking in strays.

"Their intentions were good. They care about them (the animals), but it was just something they could not control and it was not a sanitary situation," Alltop said.

The dogs were of various breeds and ages, were reasonable well-fed but many had not received vaccinations and were kept in very close quarters, according to Alltop.

Alltop said after receiving the complaint she initially contacted the Greene County Animal Shelter, near Linton, but was told "they have limited resources and they do not deal with animal control issues."

Hearing that, she contacted the Monroe County Humane Society to help.

The dogs were signed over to the Monroe County Humane Association, which has volunteered to assist the Greene County Health Department if similar situations arise.

Alltop said no criminal charges have been filed against the mobile home residents, but the site will be closely monitored to make sure the conditions improve.

The residents have been given formal written notice and 21 days to clean up the conditions.

The Monroe County Humane Society and the Humane Society of the United States purchased medical supplies and volunteers are taking shifts to help care for the animals, according to a press release issued on Tuesday.

Alltop said the animals will go to the Bloomington city shelter, others will go to other shelters throughout the U.S. and shelters in the state.

The Greene County Health Department official said she is pleased the animals will be adopted out and cared for, but she thinks the residents have to be monitored.

"I do think it will be an ongoing situation there. There is still work to be done on the property to make the conditions more sanitary so they can continue to live in the (mobile) home. They have been sent an order that describes what they need to clean up and do ... to avoid declaring it unfit for human habitation. I will definitely be back for a re-visit."

A news release from the Monroe County Humane Society says, "Animal hoarding is a complex public health and community issue with far-reaching effects that encompass mental health, animal welfare and public health. Most individuals return to hoarding behavior and will often begin collecting animals again very quickly."

A state official is pleased with the way the rescue operation turned out.

"These dogs have had a rough life: Living in squalor and without basic care. We are happy to provide support to the Monroe County Humane Association in hopes that these animals can find loving homes, and get the care and attention they so desperately need and deserve," said Anne Sterling, The Humane Society of the United States' Indiana state director.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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"health conditions inside the mobile home were less than desirable."

Ya think?

-- Posted by JW on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 3:34 PM

Greene County Humane Society, you should be ashamed!!! I do believe it is time for a new director! Why even call yourself a shelter! This is disgraceful; you should write a letter of appreciation to the Monroe County Humane Shelter, and a letter of apology to the residents of Greene County! Further more I think if you are not going to be here for our County then you should take Greene County off of your name!!!

Is there a board of directors over the GCHS?


-- Posted by lillymae on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 3:39 PM

are you talking about Greene county or Monroe County?

-- Posted by lillymae on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 3:46 PM

Perhaps if more people were to support the GCHS, it would be better suited to handle situations such as this.

"I Won't Pay For It" and "Won't Someone Do Something About This?" don't mix well.

-- Posted by per moenia urbis on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 4:27 PM

i may be wrong but im pretty sure these are two women from Lawerence Hollow...there is a mobile home in there that has had this going on for a long time....ive never seen less than 30 dogs there...im glad they put a stop to it

-- Posted by TRUTH IN GC on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 4:35 PM

I supported the GCHS for years, but never will again. I needed help with 3 pets that one of my tennants left behind. They were unwilling to help and very rude as well.

-- Posted by robturpin on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 4:45 PM



1. She needs to take the Greene County off of her sign, she does not even try evidently.

2. Apologize to the citizens/officials of Greene County for using their name, she doesn't supply them with anything so she should not use our Name!

3. Write a letter of appreciation to the Monroe county Humane Shelter for their assistance in which she was not capeable of giving to our county officials.

That's just a start if you would like I could continue...

Is there a board of Directors?

and Yes I donate every year! Now that I have learned this I will never donate again! When it comes to animals I am an avid supporter...

-- Posted by lillymae on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 4:56 PM

The Greene County Humane Society is awful! I took a stray dog there and was made to feel like a felon! They basically accused me of dumping the dog! They said in front of my young daughter that the would be putting the dog down in a couple of days. It wasn't like I didn't bring anything either, I went to Wal-Mart and brought a fifty pound bag of dog food plus I gave them a $25.00 donation. I would have kept the dog if I didn't have four already.

They also have the worst hours of operation. How are people that work suppose to get there to look at an animal to adopt?

-- Posted by parent of lss kids on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 5:23 PM

Well its about time some-one steped in to do something!The wemen should be punished horder's or no hording"Its not right" Them poor dogs how would they have felt if they were on the outside looking in? Maybe some-one should put them in a cage and leave them in the hot sun! I also feel for the familys around there all oder & noise comming from ther home! People like those two wemen are what gives GC a bad name..I for one say make them pay!

-- Posted by slyrosee on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 5:23 PM

Where does all that money from those coupon books go that we purchase every year that costs $45?

-- Posted by kicking_rox on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 5:45 PM

I would like to know the same thing kicking_rox, I have donated for years to that campaign, will never do it again! If they cannot be there to help of all things the Greene County Health Department they might as well close the doors! Poor public relations GCHS!! You should feel ashamed!

-- Posted by lillymae on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 5:53 PM

Well, they do a crappy job because I called to have them remove a stray dog off my property and they told me they couldn't until the next day, this thing was foaming at the mouth and growling at my children. So what good is it to have a Humane Society if they aren't going to do there job? Someone new needs to step in and change this around! Also, why do we pay a dog catcher if he/she isn't doing their job? What do they do all day? Obviously NOT their job!! GET with it Greene County!!

-- Posted by greenecountymom on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 6:14 PM

70 dogs in a mobile home. 70!!!,.Has any of you been in a trailer? And you expect GCHS to hold all 70 + dogs?? Thats alotta dogs!!! Those people are to blame back on issue.

-- Posted by Dtown on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 6:51 PM

There is no debate that the Greene County Humane Society is a difficult situation that I have experienced first hand, but please, please all of you who feel as though you should never help them in any way again remember that you are only hurting the animals that you clearly care about. Please continue to contribute in any way you can as the animals that are suffering already should not be subjected to further suffering because you want to punish the human beings at the shelter. Please look beyond your anger at the human element and think only of the animals that so desperately need your continued help and support. You are good people and I believe that if you take a breath and remember what you truly care about in the midst of that mess your heart will speak to you. Thank you for caring.

-- Posted by AlwaysGrateful on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 6:57 PM

i agree, alwaysgrateful, dont punish the animals, the shelter needs help, we should all continue to help them, they can only do with what they have.the shelter needs to be bigger, needs more employees, needs to be givin more grants, so they can help 1st grant that should be givin is one to help control the population by havin these animals spayed an neutered..greene co is over welmed by too many strays , because people just cant afford to go to the vets they are way to expesive..the local vets should step in an offer a program to the not soo rich , this is a major problem not only for greene co, but all over the states, the animals r sufferning , an the humans that care for tryin to help the homeless ones...i wish i could aford to , i would take in any stray i could.. my heart goes out to them , :(

-- Posted by magsmom on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 7:25 PM

Thank you AlwaysGrateful - you took the words out of my mouth - remember our furry friends first & foremost.

The article says the homeowners were allowed to keep 9 of the dogs - I don't understand that - why should anyone (with close neighbors) have 9 dogs ???

-- Posted by cruella on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 7:54 PM

Well, perhaps the GCHS does have problems. I rescind my previous comment. There may very well be some issues with it that I had not known. It's a shame.

-- Posted by per moenia urbis on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 8:17 PM

I bet that is the reason that guy tried to cash that million dollar check up there the other day was to get food and flea drops for all those dogs. LOL

Ok.OK. Enough joking The Greene county humane society dosn't do anything anymore. They used to come and pick-up stray take them in until someone came to claim them or try to adopt them out. A humane societys job is to help contain animal control in their county. Why else would we have one. If I hear one more thing about how we dont get enough funding. I think that is BULL. If you budget things better you could have enough Funding for everything that you NEED.

-- Posted by IHEARTU on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 8:44 PM

I agree that Greene Co. has a horrible animal problem, I try to rescue cats when they need me,I put food out for ones I cannot even touch so I can make sure at least they eat,if everyone is buying these coupon books for $45,00 each, hey there ya go, thats enough to spay or neuter a cat or dog, if we could all pitch in and do that, we could get this under control, I have had 1 dog, 2 ferretts, and 8 cats spayed and neutered,I ask GCHS to help me or place a couple up for adoption as I have too many and cant do it all myself and they informed me, they would just put them to sleep since their are so many cats in Linton, well again, if they used Doc Borters in Bloomfield, he is cheap and gives discounts to multiple surgerys, as a rescuer, I am begging the people of Linton and the city to help out, these babies have hearts and need love just as we do, and it means everything to them that someone cares.

-- Posted by sweetbaby67 on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 9:37 PM

we had a dog that bit my grandchildren and for a soild month we called the police dept,nothing was done. i guess if an important child was bit we could get some help .she only lived one block from a day care center... but if we didnt feed it after we chained it up, as they told us to do so it could be picked up.we would have been the ones in trouble.we also repeatly called greene county humane society.

-- Posted by bumperbiker on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 9:41 PM

Three words...Spay and nueter

More words....be mad at the puppy mills, the breeders (for greed) and irresponsible pet owners. The county should take over and have ordinances enforced, like Monroe County. Pay people other then the probation dept to put people in charge that are not just there to work off community time or people who have no other options for jobs because of their pasts. Have an educational program to go into the schools and start educated our children about being responsible pet owners and proper care and the list goes on. Don't whine about the problems, be part of the solution. Sorry for any spelling errors, no spell check!

-- Posted by peanut338 on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 11:27 PM

Our ignorance is truly a shame. We don't work for the county shelter so how can we judge fault on anyone.As with any other job,there are guidelines. Situations arise and when you have people step up to volunteer their services and open hearts to care,love and nurture,that is what we need to see more of. Come together to help come up with solutions instead of playing the blame game.

-- Posted by wmemp on Wed, Jul 28, 2010, at 11:29 PM

I live close to the GCHS, I constantly have dumped Cats, this year so far Ive had about 7 or more, I try to take care of the the best I can, but have had to return some to the GCHS, (I felt as if I was made to look like a heal too,) I know they never get adopted, so if at all possible I take care of them, this Spring I had 2 pregnant ones dumped, I kept one and found homes for the babies, I cant afford to have dumped cats spayed and neutered, and take care of properly, all I can do is feed them best I can, I figure that is better than the alternative. I THINK Im getting peoples Cats when the Shelter is closed, or something like that. What is really needed is a No Kill Shelter, but How can that be supported if the GCHS isnt being supported? Dont be fooled, the Animals there dont get Adoped very often. Spay your Pets, PLEASE !!!!!

-- Posted by bluenosegoober on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 12:58 AM


I as well live very near to the Humane Society and on several occasions have had to take in dumped animals. I haven't had any this year yet but last October I had a puppy no more than 8 weeks old dumped on my door step. I still have her because I can't find her a home and refuse to take her to GCHS. I took a dog there last Spring that was wondering by my house and when I contacted the owners they refused to come get her. I was told when I took her that if she wasn't adopted within 4 days they would put her to sleep. Fortunately I found out she was adopted. We definitely need a no kill shelter, or at least a better funded shelter with better hours and better facilities. It would also be nice if they would begin offering the vouchers for free spay and neuter like the used to. Last I was told they couldn't offer them because they didn't have enough money.

-- Posted by lhsgraduate on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 2:20 AM

I also live by the GCHS and always have stray show up in my yard. I think it's because they are never open so people dump them in the parking lot. I have had cats (giving birth), dogs, goats, and even a horse in my yard. When I tried to contact the GCHS to tell them the goats and horse had escaped I couldn't get any assistance! Once, there was a sick dog in our yard and I called GCHS. They knew what dog I was talking about because they had already picked it up! When they were getting it out of the van it got loose. Then they asked me to capture it and take it over there! I could go on but won't. I just wanted to share my story.

-- Posted by lovemypitbull on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 6:18 AM

Ok, I will put it this way; I have supported the coupon program for years! Until a different director is in place I will no longer contribute. If I were to contribute at this point I would be contributing to putting dogs down. They need to have regular hours of operation, so people can come and adopt. If people can't see the animals they are not going to adopt. I think there would be a lot more support given to the humane shelter if they would get a different director. The hatefulness has to stop! Like I said in my prior posts, I will no longer support it, not until I read where a new director is in place.

I have strays dumped out where I live and have tried before to have them come and pick them up but they said they no longer do that. That is fine, but when I take them out there, no one is there, in the normal hours of operation! I love animals

I have ask this earlier, does anyone know if there is a board of directors?

-- Posted by lillymae on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 9:16 AM

This is very sad to hear about the GC humane shelter! especially seeing sullivan counties you no that humane shelters do not have to be a sad place. Sullivan county humane shelter does no euthanize any of their animals unless the animals are very sick or very aggressive! Sullivan county also just now got a fence donated to them so the animals can run loose and get all the exercise you need! All i am saying is that GC can have a nice humane society if they get people helping them that have a love for animals and actuall care=) WE all need to come together and start volunteering at the animal shelter to get it up and running!!!

-- Posted by love_for_animals on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 9:27 AM

To those who care -- please recognize this as the opportunity to create change -- any change for the better makes a difference. Those of you that speak with a common voice, get together and write down what needs to be done and what it will take to make it happen. Attend whatever meetings are available to address the issues and be willing to participate in the process of moving the situation in a new direction. All changes begin with a shift in consciousness and you all already possess what it takes to make it a reality. Come from your heart and transform your anger and frustration into creative solutions that change the way homeless animals are viewed and what follows is a change in the way they are treated. Don't ever think that the smallest effort can't make a difference, because ALL efforts create changes that build upon themselves into something bigger.

I now live in a different area and deal with similar, unfortunate animal issues. For example, rather than utilizing the taxpayer funded system already in place to deal with unwanted cats, which involves making a phone call to have an animal transported to the local animal shelter where if unclaimed it would be humanely euthanized by lethal injection, my town "saves money" by contracting a trapper that disposes of a trapped cat by shooting it, and the town council declares this act "humane". Ideally, no homeless animal should endure the indignities of a life situation most likely created by irresponsible humans that results in being euthanized in any way, but clearly there is a difference between an animal being taken out and shot and an animal being given an injection. For those who do not recognize that difference -- therein lies the need for an elevation in consciousness and not a defensive reaction to a perceived assault on a long-held belief system. Shifting a 19th century mindset into the 21st century is a long process. So many people and specifically smaller, isolated areas that possess a mindset mired in the past don't grasp the reality of "evolve or die".

So, those of you who care-- "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Gandhi.

-- Posted by AlwaysGrateful on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 10:01 AM


You are exactly right. I know of a dog that jumped the owners fence. (this dog is a very friendly, well taken care of dog, not to mention very expensive) The dog was caught and taken to the GC humane shelter, the owner was there within 24 hours to see if the dog was taken there. Within the 24 hours the dog was put down. I would support any animal anytime... But if they need help why not set up benifits, put things on people will donate their money if it goes where it needs to.

It would be nice if the Greene County Dialy World could get some pictures of these dogs... Maybe it would help them find a nice home.

-- Posted by T22 on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 10:59 AM

humane society only receives the profits from those coupon books, or am i incorrect...so if it's $45 for the book, and they hafta pay oh, lets say $20 for each one that is produced, then ur looking at only $25 of each one actually getting to the humane society. they can't afford employees always, so that also puts a damper on what they can take and care for. just because a town has an agreement with them, that does not mean they are getting loads of money. if one town pays $5000 and no other one does, say they receive about $5000 for the books, then where are they to pay for another employee, care and food for the animals, and the director for her own time to come there? i don't think she's volunteered herself to be at least 5 employees working 30-40 hrs a week...monroe county has bloomington that helps them, which is at least 3 times bigger than linton and jasonville combined! that's only my opinion, so i'm ready to be slammed for it...

-- Posted by oddities on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 12:15 PM

Dear readers, the details of this seizure in Bloomfield was not brought to our attention by anyone associated with the GCHD.

If someone from that department did call the shelter, they did not disclose their identity. We did however, receive a call regarding people living in a trailer with 30-some animals; which of course is a health issue first. Once investigated by the proper authorities, we could have been contacted regarding the animals but; we were not.

Please know that GC government does not provide animal control at this time, should they choose to provide this service, this person must be a trained, non-merit deputy. The humane society has no law enforcement powers. There are laws and ordinances that govern the proper care & treatment of animals.

Our shelter can accommodate 26 dogs & 12 cats. The average in-take of animals per year is 1407 animals at a cost to the shelter of $82. per animal.

The GCHS did perform ACO services years ago and was funded to do so. That funding was cut in half. We continued to try to assist in animal related issues, however we were subsidizing what should be a county funded program with donation dollars, and money raised thru our adoption program.

This caused the shelter to end each fiscal year in the red to the tune of $10-$15K.

Local government is not mandated by the state to provide animal control services, if they can afford to provide such a service then they may do so. As seen on Animal Planet..Municipalities that provide animal control, tax their residents for the service. The GCHS supports the taxation of GC residents so this public-service can be provided.

As for a sizable fee received from the City of Linton, the amount received by the shelter is 2.2% of our annual operational costs.

$2000 from a city populated by 5800 people.

As for the coupon book, this program is contracted out. The entire cost of printing, selling,and delivering of the book is deducted first from any profit received by the shelter. In good economic times the GCHS might receive $3500-$3700, in bad times, like this year, $2000. So again that income itself makes up 2% of our budget.

Also,the GCHS has not housed horses or goats for at least 6-7 years...maybe longer.

If anyone would like to come to the shelter and fill out a volunteer application, attend our orientation program & then dedicate their time to keep the shelter open longer without compensation, we would love to explore that option.

For those people looking for a low cost spay/neuter alternative the shelter has provided a free application for a $20 spay/neuter voucher for the last 4.5 years. It is also available for printing on our website: www.greenecountyhumanesociety.org. This voucher is accepted by vets in GC. It only costs $20 to have your pet spayed/neuter thru this SNAP program. The answer to all of our common concerns and goals is for responsible pet-ownership and Spay&Neuter.

Please consider spaying or neutering your pet today! In closing we offer this as well;

Wikipedia..definition of a no kill shelter is a shelter that does not euthanize for space. By definition, the GCHS is a no kill shelter.

-- Posted by gchs on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 12:18 PM

First and foremost, great job to the MCHS and PetSmart... thank you for your help and for caring.

Now, on to the more pressing matter:

Please don't stop supporting the GCHS. The only thing that will do is hurt the animals we all obviously want to help.

It is obvious we need some changes at the GCHS. Instead of all of us getting angry and pulling our support and HURTING the animals, we should focus this energy towards helping the GCHS.

1. Let's stop bashing the director, and personally step in to make changes. Find out who makes the decisions (board of directors, etc.) and start making realistic suggestions for change. Then, stick around to see it through!

2. Volunteer!!! If the GCHS needs better hours so people can adopt, lets all donate a couple of hours a week so that they can stay open longer.

3. Donate, for real. Yes, buying a $45 cupon book is great, and you shouldn't stop, but honestly, would that even cover a quarter of your utility bill a month? Do you think it will cover theirs? We are all in favor of a no-kill shelter, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, a no-kill shelter will cost a lot more money, and need a lot more manpower. Stopping your donations will only lead to more problems, worse conditions, and, ultimately, the closing of the GCHS.

This is not the time to stop your donations and pull your support for our humane society, people! This is the time to recognize the problems facing us, pull together and work towards making the GCHS a better place! Our humane society needs us to step in, make the necessary changes, and support their efforts!

The GCHS obviously needs people like you and me who actually CARE about the well being of our furry friends, and who will do whatever we can to help them!

-- Posted by jo88 on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 12:24 PM

I donate far more than the cost of the book! Furthermore I know of 2 businesses' already that are pulling out of donating their services. It is time for a new director; this one is evidently burnt out. This is a disgrace to our County. For them to not help our County Health Department, or even offer assistance to MCHS in their efforts, is a complete and utter disgrace. MCHS didn't have the facilities for this either! but they found a place they could take them! Greene County could have checked around also, or even found space for half or a quarter of them! They only have 8 pets up for adoption at this time according to the website, Are they full capacity? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

-- Posted by lillymae on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 12:54 PM

Wish Ms. Altop would respond to request for help regarding a nieghbor who isn't using a septic system...

-- Posted by papasan on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 1:31 PM

The GCHS has responded to this topic above with the facts...those who continue to express an opinion based on personal issues are obviously not interested in hearing the truth. The GCHS Board of Directors also had no previous knowledge nor were they contacted about the situation.

Also, there are always animals at the shelter that cannot be listed for adoption based on Hold times.

It is not necessary for anyone to jump to conclusions until they know the facts...doing such is an all too familiar reflection of the past when outside people were determine to shut it down for personal gain. The shelter and it's employee performance is the best it's ever been. Comments of support are very much appreciated. TY

-- Posted by gchs on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 2:15 PM

I am originally from Greene county and now in Cincinnati doing animal rescue dealing with dozens of shelters and rescues. I am confused about what Greene county shelter did wrong? It says the dogs were accumulated over a couple of months. That was caught quick - Usually its over years? Rural shelters in general are running at their witts end no funds no support and more animals than they can take care of. If you think things are so bad get in there and volunteer do something to help the animals!! Any animal brought in to any shelter can be euthanized right then and there there are no laws stating someone has to save your pet. That's your job not your shelter. Before you slam them maybe you should know a little about how it works!!


-- Posted by Jrea611 on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 3:14 PM

Wow, I USED to think that having the ability to post comments on articles was a good thing. After this experience I have to say I miss paper newspapers. EVERYONE seems to think they are automatic experts on a topic after reading just one person's point of view...

Let me shed some light on this story...one of the people involved is my sister. A loving, caring, amazing human being.

She is devastated over what has happened.

Much like children, dogs living in a home need care and attention. Most importantly, they need love. My sister's finances are not wonderful but her home is rich in love and attention. All of the dogs at her home were well taken care of. The story lists some issues with the dogs conditions that are contradictory to the findings others reported yesterday.

My sister is / was not a "hoarder." From what I understand, a hoarder is one who keeps and collects 'things' for no reason, these 'things' have no value. "Things" is not what someone should refer to when speaking about another living thing.

She literally referred to the dogs as her children, they were part of their family. But, much like a foster mother, she did part with dogs and puppies as quickly as the good homes would present themselves. She has been working for almost two years to become a rescue shelter but to no avail. She has written many letters trying to get any assistance to make her property the ideal home (temporary or not) to the homeless dogs in Indiana. She has taken in the cute and cuddly pups as well as the handicapped and troublesome...loving each and every one as much as a person can.

Every dog had a name and she could tell you all about each dog's personality. Her partner would laugh at her jokingly because she even knows the dogs by their bark from the other room.

She is grieving a loss of a lot of her family right now. I just talked with her and she mentioned how Anthony, one of the dogs has been so sad because he misses his siblings; Mickey, Mikey, Harry and Coco...

I am shocked at how many of you are to cast judgment so quickly. If we had more people like my sister, the world would be a much better place.

-- Posted by dbilo on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 4:35 PM

dbilo, I am so sorry for your sister. I believe what you are reading is anger we have towards the Greene County Humane Society. I know my anger is with them, because when they were ask to assist they would not provide any help what so ever.

We can not figure out what they actually do. They will not assist any of our county residents with assistance unless they live within the city of Linton. They wonder why people will not give them money, it is because they refuse to help us. plain and simple.

I am so sorry your sister is going thru this. It sounds like she was trying to provide for the county, what our Humane Shelter is Suppose to be providing!

-- Posted by lillymae on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 5:18 PM

Please look at the link provided which includes a definition of an animal hoarder. Most of the hoarders love the animals dearly, but get in over their heads. http://www.apnm.org/campaigns/animal_hoa...

Also, most rural humane societies do not have the ability to seize animals, that is in the hands of law enforcement officials. Some shelters have people "deputized" to be able to seize animals from owners, however, this isn't possible in all situations.

To everyone who is wanting to pull support from the humane society,please reconsider, and please volunteer. Supporting one donation drive a year helps, however, the coupon books do not bring in as much money as people seem to think they do, and costs to run a shelter are much higher than what people even know about.

A humane society cannot survive without a passionate and active volunteer base. Volunteers can make a huge difference in how many animals are euthanized, how animals are treated, how much money comes in to the shelter to care for the animals, and the overall quality of life for the animals.

I volunteer at a local humane society and have volunteered at others in the state, and I can say that most of my time away from work is spent doing something for the shelter. I also donate a lot of money and items for the shelter.

I understand that many people are not in the position to be able to donate a lot of money/items, however, you can make a difference by spending your time with the animals, organizing fundraisers (shelters cannot and will not survive without the generosity of individuals), contacting rescues to take in animals that need to get out of the shelter, fostering animals, and doing anything else that the staff needs help with, but cannot do because of time/money constraints.

One thing that separates other local shelters from GCHS is the volunteer base. This is where all of you animal lovers come in. You have to get involved if you want things to get better. Don't sit back and complain and wait for change to happen, please, go to the shelter and take the orientation class and volunteer. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Change public perception, and experience what it is like "behind the scenes" at the shelter. You may find out that there is more than meets the eye than when you just walk through the door. Use that passion you are feeling over this issue to make a difference. It is a long, hard road to change, but someone needs to step up and lead the way.

-- Posted by friendtoanimalsc on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 5:36 PM

It's not logical to expect community support for a business that has been run as badly as GCHS. There are far too many people and businesses locally, who are capable and willing to help any animal in need, who have had seriously disturbing encounters with the current Greene County Humane Society. Both people asking FOR help and people offering to PROVIDE help have essentially had their faces spit in. My guess is that bridge has been sufficiently burned and bulldozed.

That said, there is no way in God's green earth this county could have a 'no kill' shelter that ran with any amount of success. It would be full by the end of a week and unable to take more animals thus perpetuating the bad Public Relations when they couldn't help the rest of the community. Until people become personally responsible for spay/neutering every animal they feed, there is no hope for the county's problem. Feeding strays that you don't want to trap spay/neuter isnt' really helping, though you no doubt do it with a good heart. In fact, it's proably hurting by helping them survive and continue to breed.

A painless, HUMANE death is still a hurtful thought to those of us who love animals, but it is better then the alternative many of them face and certainly a better option then letting them breed indiscriminantly, unfortunately. Good intentions will not do the job alone, but I understand the frustration of animal lovers who can't afford to do more. Reality is cold and harsh on this issue and it's difficult to come to acceptance of the answer.

I do know the OLD voucher spay neuter that was provided was a grant from Bob Barkers DJ&T foundation and was cancelled amid severe alleged mismanagement of the program funds.

For the GCHS to be effective and enjoy community support they need to have intensive oversight and transparency.

-- Posted by STILLHOPEFUL on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 7:33 PM

No help is refused at the shelter until it comes with strings attached. stillhopeful you know this better than anyone. The information you provided about the DJ&T foundation backed voucher is incorrect and outdated.

The current shelter administration is not responsible for how the voucher was distributed 8,9,10 years ago. You would also know that no shelter receives the DJ&T voucher program directly anymore. Private interest groups in different states now sponsor this voucher program at a state level, and it is exactly the same program that many people in GC have currently used by obtaining their free SNAP application at the shelter.

We know of no business in the last 4.5 years whose face has been spit upon for helping.

Again animal control is a government funded program, not a private NFP shelter.

The City of Linton employees their own animal control officer. The shelter does not police animals for the city of Linton, It merely impounds those animal in violation of the City ordinance, (and is required to do so without stipulations of a contract). You must be a non-merit deputy/deputized to enforce animal laws & ordinances.

Again, the shelter nor the B.O.D.'s was contacted in any way to assist or deny assistance to the MCHA. Nor was the GC Sheriff Dept.

According to the article, the Indiana State Police were involved, not local law enforcement.

Since 2006 the shelter has been properly cleaned, organized and ran in a professional, legal manner. The animals are healthy and walked outside 3-4 times a day rain, sleet or shine by the employees. Someone is there 365 days a year. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Birthday's, Anniversaries, etc...every single day...because that is what shelters do. They house and take care of homeless, unwanted animals because no one else wants to..

-- Posted by gchs on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 8:49 PM

A few problems gchs...I drive by everyday because I live down the road and maybe 3 days a week there is someone there. I drive by at just about the same time everyday. And yes I agree that you take care of homeless and unwanted animals, but you only do it for a few days then euthanize them. Your shelter is horrible and I pity every animal that is in there.

-- Posted by lhsgraduate on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 11:30 PM

I feel the pain of all the comments from this article. I am a very active member of the Humane Society of Sullivan County and I know first hand how difficult it can be to run a shelter and control the overpopulation problem in a rural community. We opened our doors in August 2009 and quickly got in over our heads. Within the first 3 months our euthanasia rate was astonshing and we knew we had to make some changes. As a group of volunteers and passionate animals lovers we would not and could not stand by and watch this continue to happen and turn around and ask our community for support. We did not know how to make the situation better, but we spent a lot of time researching, visiting other shelters, asking questions and getting involved. This was done by VOLUNTEERS, not paid staff. We became involved with Pet Smart charities and started monthly adoption drives at the Terre Hate stores that have resulted in 86 successful adoptions in 9 months. We contacted rescue groups all over the contry and have started our own rescue and tranport team that places dogs/cats that are not adopted at our shelter. We have transported out 255 dogs/cats in the 9 month period. We have learned how to take great pictures of our animals to make them more adoptable on our website and petfinder.com, which has leas to 355 successful adoptions in 11 months at our facility. We have implimented a very successful and booming volunteer program that is the heart and soul of our success. We do community outreach through festival booths, parades, classroom visits and schedule organizations for work days at the shelter to involve and educate the community. As a previous reader had mentioned, it is not a sad place. It is a happy place were everyone involved is excited about the work that we are doing and willing to help out in any way possible. We have implimented the low cost spay/neuter program through Pets Alive. Just recently we have been approved and had our first successful transport with the Rescue Waggin' from Pet Smart National Charities. They come to our shelter once a month and transport 30-50 dogs to a partner shelter in Wisconsin that needs adoptable animals. Through all this hard work and dedication from the volunteers, staff, board of directors and the community, we were able to turn our shelter into a No Kill favility in 4 months. The results have been astounding. We no longer euthanize for space and with the success of all of our programs, it is not necessary. What I am trying to say is that it is possible. The deciding factor is do you have the right people involved? We now have the right manager and staff in place at our facility that shares in our mission and goals. We have the volunteer base that is willing to put in the very LONG hours and dedication that is required to make this possible. We now have a board that supports our efforts and a large community support because they can see the great work that we are doing and what we have accomplished.

Anyone that is involved or wants to become involved in volunteering...do it! And if we can be of any assistance to any of you by sharing our ideas and programs that have leas to our success, we would be more than willing to share. It is about the animals, not about us and that is what we have to remember!

See us at www.thssc.or or find us on Facebook!

-- Posted by doglover47882 on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 9:28 AM

I've had a change of heart to some extent on this issue and would like to say, if everyone in this county who cared about animals IN THE LEAST could at least get on the same page and make their voice heard en masse, something may actually get done to solve the problem.

While the issue may remind people why they personally don't like GCHS, someone who works there, or the way they are perceived to do business, it's really not about them.

MANY, MANY people have tried for MANY, MANY YEARS to make changes on the matter directly to our local government and the BLAME For why it has never been accomplished lies squarely on the shoulders of the people YOU elect to office, especially the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS.

Each time I have heard about this issue being raised on our local level with the County, the Commissioners have consistently backed down to the residents who make their 'livlihood" or spend their time breeding animals. (While no one has ever said there should be NO breeding allowed, there must be an effective spay/neuter ordinance in place to combat this problem. )

While we argue amongst ourselves as animal lovers, these men go blithely on their way, unconcerned with animal suffering, as far as we can tell. "Nothing to be done about it".

I have personally been told BY COUNTY COMMMISSIONERS when this matter has come up before them, that they had too many 'phone calls' from good old boys who oppose it and "don't want anyone nosing around their animals business NOR stopping them from breeding their hunting dogs" (which is never what any concerned individual has intended). And TOO FEW PHONE CALLS TO SUPPORT ANIMAL CONTROL. HOWEVER, it appears pretty obvious some of these same 'objectors' supplement their income by breeding animals irresponsibly.

Frankly, I have my doubts if that was completely true. It's pretty easy to 'claim' you have had phone calls, who will hold them accountable? YOU? ME? US?

Until people outraged with the lack of animal care and control in the county JOIN their voices and make it clear they will not vote for those who oppose, nothing will change.

We can bicker and complain all we want, we can try to personally help a few animals, we can donate to a group who seems to want to help, we can blame someone whose intent was to help animals but got it wrong, none of it matters as long as the PERSONAL NEEDS AND FINANCES OF A FEW OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY WHO WANTS ACTION. You have to do more then WANT action, you need to DEMAND it, with your vote.

-- Posted by STILLHOPEFUL on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 3:15 PM

I called the GC Humane Society about a neighbors dog that was growling and chasing my 2 small grandchildren IN MY YARD and it took 3 days for anyone to even look about it. I got frustrated and called the sheriff dept and they told me to do what I had to do to protect my grandchildren. The GCHS finally came and told her to tie up the dog, she did for 2 days then let it go again. I called them again about the problem and they literally ignored me! To this date 1 1/2 years later the dog is still running loose and chasing people. It does no good to call them, they wont do anything! I agree get a NEW director!!

-- Posted by Scorpio1969 on Sun, Aug 1, 2010, at 12:53 AM

Yes, I can't stand the Linton Humane Society. I called them about some dogs that were left at a property and they told me that they didn't get them because they couldn't find the place. Then 3 more days went by. We finally had to take them there and they got very hatefull with us. Then one of our dogs went missing. They had all of the information on him. There was a dog just like him over there and they never called me on it. I just happened to know a person that went in there looking for a pet and seen him and they called me. That place is a joke! But they want you to give them money all of the time so they can do nothing!

-- Posted by buddy01 on Mon, Aug 2, 2010, at 7:52 AM

"Wikipedia..definition of a no kill shelter is a shelter that does not euthanize for space. By definition, the GCHS is a no kill shelter.

-- Posted by gchs on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, at 12:18 PM "

We've always known it's not due to space that you put the animals down so quickly, it's purely profit. Why don't you post how much money you receive for each animal that you euthanize?

-- Posted by whatanut on Mon, Aug 2, 2010, at 12:20 PM


You also need to inform the people that when they go to www.greenecountyhumanesociety.org be aware to use the snap coupon you will have to disclose your household income and meet income requirements.


You made it sound so easy, yeah - RIGHT! Tell the whole truth, you have to meet qualification guidelines to use the coupon.

-- Posted by toothpickengrin on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 10:18 AM

if they don't kill for space, don't you think they do it to support the animals that are already there? wow...

-- Posted by oddities on Wed, Aug 4, 2010, at 7:01 PM

oddities...I'm not sure if your comment was meant to be sarcastic or if you just didn't understand the question. If the GCHS doesn't euthanize for space then why do they euthanize?

By definition of a No Kill facility you do not euthanize for space period. If they euthanize the new dogs/cats that come into the shelter so that they can continue to care for the dogs/cats they already have in the facility, then that is EUTHANIZING FOR SPACE. We are a No Kill facility which means EVERY dog/cat that comes into our facility is adopted out or sent to rescue. The ONLY circumstances for HUMANE ENTHANASIA is severe illness/injury or aggression.

If the GCHS is telling customers that an animal will be put to sleep after 3 days, they are in fact euthanizing for space and lack of resources.

-- Posted by doglover47882 on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 3:51 PM

i weren't trying to be totally sarcastic, but they can barely afford what is in their possession. that's all i meant

-- Posted by oddities on Thu, Aug 12, 2010, at 10:59 AM

i was a neighbor and there was only a few dogs dropped off but they didnt get the dogs fixed and let them inbread with each other i know other neighbors had called the sherrif department cause the dogs kept getting loose and going into there yards and killing there chickens and starting fights with there dogs which were on chains .the dogs barked all hours of the night and my husband had to get up at 5am for work we had to move we couldnt get no sleep.but the neighbors said the greene county shirrif deparment said they couldnt do much about it.so no they werent any kind of heros .now if they would of gotten them fixed there would of only been a few dogs and then i could see giving them any kind of credit not when you keep letting them breed.

-- Posted by hoover on Sun, Aug 15, 2010, at 9:58 AM

The exact problem with Greene County Humane Society IS that it is No Kill! No Kill turns animals away, won't pick up strays, won't help animals because they don't want to humanely euthanize and screw up their "statistics." So instead the animals die on the streets, starve to death, or get killed in other INhumane ways. No Kill just kills by refusing to help animals. Some No Kills even get rid of animals by giving them TO hoarders. No Kill regularly refuses to deal with hoarders. The whole No Kill thing is one of the biggest scams in this country. It's failing everywhere, even in rich areas, just like it is failing in Greene County. Animals suffer MORE because of No Kill, and the problems get worse. Look at http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow... No Kill does some terrible things to animals. No one can even think about no kill until they open some easy, free spay neuter programs and get the birth rate down, and get some decent animal control laws and enforce them.

-- Posted by twolee on Tue, Aug 24, 2010, at 12:40 AM

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