Greene County Court News

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Discover Bank v. Darrick S. Snider, collection

LVNV Funding LLC v. James Myers, collection

Advantage Assets II v. David Kuehn, collection


Linda Stafford aka Linda Louise Stafford and Roger Norris-Tull aka Roger Alan Norris-Tull to Louise Norris, property in Greene County

Louise Norris to Tooger Smith as trustee of the Tooger Smith Revocable Trust Agreement, property in Greene County

Albert R. Truitt and Barbara J. Truitt to barbara J. Truitt and Linda K. Bedwell, property in Linton

Self Help Ventures Fund to Four Rivers Liberty Place LLC, property in Linton

American General Financial Services Inc. to Four Rivers Liberty Place LLC, property in Linton

Phyllis Abrams to Phyllis Abrams and Dennis J. Abrams II, property in Greene County

Deanna McBride to Thelma M. Carter, property in Linton

Samuel R. Lehman as trustee of the Samuel R. Lehman Revocable Trust to Christina M. Mathews, property in Greene County