Greene County Court News

Friday, August 6, 2010



Capital One Bank v. Julie L. Byerly, collection

Capital One Bank v. Gary L. Davidson, collection

Allen Wayne Grabbe v. Patricia Elaine Grabbe, dissolution



Discover Bank v. Georgina K. Armstrong, collection

Capital One Bank v. Tammy J. Lopezaka, collection


Hartman and Paddock PC v. Michael Shan Bowers, account

Hartman and Paddock PC v. Lynn City, account

Midwest Business Holdings dba Store Your Stuff v. Stephanie A. Long, account

Renewing Management v. Jeremy Chesterfield, Tammy Chesterfield, claim for possession


Herbert H. Black, Oakwood, Ill, and Alice P. Miller, Worthington

Doug K. Hall, Worthington, and Tammy M. Williams, Worthington

Fred Ervin, Bloomington, and Lois M. Spear, Worthington

Shawn Minnich, Solsberry, and Heather Jones, Solsberry

Bryan E. Figg, Dugger, and Ramona L. Sparks, Linton

Wesley Keith Terrell, Bloomfield, and Ashley Richelle Shultz, Bloomfield


Thomas Rice to Barry D. Whaley and Jacqueline L. Whaley, property in Greene County

Vicki Schantz Burger, James K. Schantz, Tony D. Schantz, Lucas Gechtman, Charlotta Preece, Kathleen Preece to Mary E. Barrient, property in Bloomfield

Alice M. Ball to Larry L. Ball, property in Linton

Robert E. Broshears and Lynda Moses to Robert E. Broshears, property in Greene County

John R. Vowell and Beth A. Vowell to Kenneth W. Hert and Angela K. Hert, property in Greene County


Jason R. Alan, oper un-reg ORV on public hwy

Diana G. Anderson, speeding

Markus L. Archer, expired driver's license

Debra L. Axtell, speeding

Joshua C. Baugh, stop signs at intersections

John D. Billiard, speeding

Danielle L. Blake, speeding

Jeffrey A. Boram, no seat belt fastened

Jack L. Brock, no seat belt fastened

Rodney M. Brunson, obeyance of markings or signs

Jeffrey W. Burris, no seat belt fastened

Neal A. Burton, speeding

Junior L. Calvert, no seat belt fastened

Bethany E. Chestnut, speeding

Eric P. Coleson, speeding

James T. Compton, expired license plate

Joshua L. Corlett, speeding

Todd A. Cox, speeding

James E. Daugherty, speeding

Lillian I. Dean, speeding

Stephanie L. Dillon, speeding

Kevin W. Dusek, speeding

Kenneth D. Eberhardt, no seat belt fastened

Barbara J. Farmer, speeding

Sheri L. Fiscus, no seat belt fastened

Brian D. Frette, no federal dot inspection

Stacie L. Gary, speeding

Russell L. Goodman, Jr, no seat belt fastened

Summer D. Gray, speeding

Hunter N. Greene, improperly passing to the left

Joseph R. Greewood, speeding

Meagan E. Hamilton, speeding

Dean A. Hamman, speeding

Jeffrey D. Hammersley, speeding

Kyle J. Helton, possession of tobacco

Justin B. Jackson, no seat belt fastened

Justin B. Jackson, no seat belt fastened

Alfon Jimenez-Arguello, no seat belt fastened

Kenzie S. Johnson, no seat belt fastened

Michelle L. Johnson, financial responsibility

Vincent J. Johnson, expired driver's license

Joseph M. Johnston, speeding

Crissy Y. Jones, speeding

Kashik J. Khan, speeding

Kyle N. Knapp, speeding

Daniel E. Lane, driving while suspended

Joshua D. Lehman, no seat belt fastened

Joshua D. Lehman, speeding

Adam M. Leuken, speeding

Tabitha L. Lumm, speeding

Jerry W. Maddox, driving while suspended

Larry D. Martin, no seat belt fastened

Robert M. Martin, no seat belt fastened

Brian W. Martindale, speeding

Joshua P. Mason, speeding

Jason M. Mathis, speeding

Brittany R. McCracken, speeding

David G. McNeal, speeding

Jonathan R. Michael, no seat belt fastened

Christopher A. Moore, speeding

Kevin W. Mounts, following too closely

Peggy M. Neeley, no seat belt fastened

Norman Obanion, speeding

Derek A. Olson, speeding

Joshia N. Owen, speeding

Amanda B. Oxby, speeding

Mary A. Pearson, speeding

Lorenzo A. Perez, no seat belt fastened

Monica R. Ramirez, speeding

Jason G. Ratliff, no seat belt fastened

Steven F. Rausch, speeding

Johnathan M. Redmaster, speeding

Debra S. Rusher, no seat belt fastened

Miguel A. Salazar, speeding

Felix Abraham-Santiago, speeding

Felix Abraham-Santiago, child passenger restraint

Megan B. Schroeder, speeding

Katie M. Sebahar, speeding

John R. Sexton, speeding

Jason K. Shourds, speeding

Thomas H. Slaughter, speeding

Christopher C. Sloffer, speeding

Jesse W. Stanley, speeding

Eric C. Stolberg, speeding

Billy J. Stone, speeding

Channah R. Thrasher, speeding

John A. Throm, speeding

Holl A. Tierney, speeding

Robert P. Thomlinson, speeding

Mary R. Wagler, speeding

Kala L. Wahl, speeding

J. Steward Waller, speeding

Scott J. Williams, no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey A. Wilson, no seat belt fastened

Steve M. Zygai, improperly passing to the left