Greene County Court News

Thursday, September 30, 2010



Midwest Carpenters and Millwrights Federal Credit Union v. Stephen M. King, collection

Midland Funding v. Brianna Legroux, collection

HSBC Bank Nevada v. Georgette Powell, collection

Capitol One Bank v. Richard Gorby, collection

US Bank National Association v. Bradley A. Richard, Shanon M. Richard, Town of Worthington, mortgage foreclosure



State v. Johnny Allen Duncan, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .15 grams or more of alcohol in blood or breath

State v. Steven E. Love, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated


State of Indiana v. Johnny R. May, petition for support

Chase Home Finance LLC v. the unknown heirs, legatees, devisees, personal representatives and creditors of Ronald M. Boruff, deceased, John Doe, Jane Doe, mortgage foreclosure

Midland Funding v. Andy Lanham, collection

Michele R. Harl v. Tony A. Harl, foreign support order


Lloyd Thompson, Bloomfield, and Edna Vandeventer, Bloomfield

Kenny R. Cordell, Lyons, and Shannon L. LeClercq, Lyons

Nicholas S. Faught, Jasonville, and Michelle D. Rehmel, Jasonville

Thomas E. Yates, Lyons, and Billy B. Ashcraft, Lyons

Dustin Slaven, Bloomfield, and Angela R. Kirkley, Bloomfield


Jeremy M. Cook to Michael W. Cook and Karen M. Cook, property in Greene County

Fannie Mae to Home Solutions Partners IV REO LLC, property in Greene County

Max Jordan, Fred N. Jordan, Jr., Jack R. Jordan, Eileen Jordan Allen, John Jordan and Timothy Jordan to Robert A. Miller and Phyllis M. Miller, property in Greene County

Susan E. Goodman, Nancy J. Hudson and Lori A. Vandeventer to Rick L. Hudson and Nancy J. Hudson, property in Bloomfield

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Kenneth M. Michael, Doris M. Michael and Susan Ellen Burton, property in Greene County

William Carl Groomer to Peggy Doyle, property in Greene County

Jack L. Hayes and Jack L. Hayes and Maxine H. Hayes aka Hazel M. Hayes to Jack L. Hayes and Maxine H. Hayes, property in Greene County