Greene County Court News

Friday, November 5, 2010



State v. Roberto Jose Deleon Ramos, driving while suspended


Ashley D. Faulk v. Jeremy M. Neese and Schneider National Carriers, Inc., civil torte

PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Danielle D. Good, James W. Good and the unknown tenant, mortgage foreclosure

Capital One Bank v. Pamela J. Ayres aka Pamela Wellington, collection


Lee Ann Aldridge v. Marty Keys, account

LL Receivables Company v. Carl M. Abner, account

Welch's Granite Company Inc. v. Austin Memorials, account

Eagle Accounts Group v. Sherlyn Swango, account


Roy S. Stormes, Dugger, and Lisa L. Jackson, Dugger

Shane Jurgen Wilkins, Linton, and Crystal Dawn Haton, Linton

Timothy R. Bennett, Bloomfield, and Lynette D. Bays, Bloomfield

Gregory Scott Harmon, Bloomfield, and Rhonda Hardin, Bloomfield

Forrest D. Bodine, Linton, and Mallory L. Ferree, Linton


Justin P. Corder to Justin P. Corder and Antje C. Corder, property in Greene County

Don L. Driscol to Sherman L. Heshelman and Sandra Heshelman, property in Greene County

First Financial Bank NA to Michael G. Smith and Rebecca L. Smith, property in Greene County

Herbert R. Stough and Ruby V. Hall to Timothy Bernard and Rebekah Bernard, property in Greene County

James Edwin Bastain and Berneice E. Bastain; Margaret L. Blanton; Edward C. Simon, Patricia A. Simon, Joseph E. Simon and Margaret Ann Simon; Elmer Blanton to John Rowe and Deborah Rowe, property in Greene County

Sue Ellen Barker and Judy Kay Wright to Mable H. Stone, property in Bloomfield

Mable H. stone to Polly Renee Martin, property in Bloomfield