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Letters to the Editor

Friday, December 17, 2010

Help others try

to quit smoking

To the Editor:

Please help Greene County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation get this word out: Effective immediately, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline will no longer be able to provide two weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

This decision is the result of an increased demand for Quitline services beyond ITPC's budget projections for the previous year and overall reduced funding. Telephone quit coaching services and web services through the Indiana Tobacco Quitline will not change.

Services available through the Indiana Tobacco Quitline include:

* Free quit coaching for all Hoosier adults who are ready to set a quit date.

* Four free proactive calls from the Quitline to Hoosiers that register for a quit plan.

* Ten free proactive calls from the Quitline to pregnant women who register for a quit plan.

* Free access to Web Coach to anyone enrolled in the ITQL services.

* Free fax referral service for health care providers, employers and organizations.

* Free materials to promote the Indiana Tobacco Quitline through fax and website orders placed to ITPC.

During counseling calls, tobacco users who register for services will be counseled on resources for pharmacotherapy treatment. They will be:

* Strongly encouraged to contact their health plans available through their employer if they are employed

* Advised on the medications available through Medicaid and Medicare.

* Advised on saving money from quitting to purchase over-the-counter medications.

ITPC has been fortunate to extend the services of the Indiana Tobacco Quitline to offer free NRT over the last three years. Unfortunately with fewer resources and increased demand, we can no longer offer free NRT to Hoosiers who register for services through the Indiana Tobacco Quitline. So far in 2010, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline has served nearly 19,000 Hoosiers (138 in Greene County alone).

For more information on the Quitline or to register for services, please refer to www.QuitNowIndiana.com

Nancy Cummings

Greene County Tobacco

Prevention and Cessation


Reintjes family

says thank you

To the Editor:

The family of Vera J. Reintjes would like to express our appreciation for the prayers, visits, flowers, food and all acts of kindness during this time.

A special thanks to the Glenburn Nursing Home staff for its care and consideration. Thanks to Welch & Cornett for helping us through this time. Thanks to Linton-Stockton School Corporation and staff for your flowers and food. Thanks to the Bunco girls and Psi Otes. Thanks also to Christ's Church for the flowers and the meal. We will always remember your kindness.

Love and Merry Christmas.

Jim, Becky and Milford, James, Tracy and Family, John, Heather and Family.

Becky Stone