Linton Police Department

Friday, March 18, 2011


* March 17 -- A Linton woman reported an incident of harassment by a Jasonville woman who knocked on the Linton woman's door and when it was opened, tried to get inside the residence by going around the Linton woman and under her arm. When she was blocked and unable to get in, she then allegedly started yelling and went into the yard yelling and made a threat against the Linton woman. Police were called and LPD Officer Debbie McDonald stated in a police report that while she was on the phone with the Linton woman, the Jasonville woman called the Linton woman and left a message for a man to get his clothes within 10 minutes or they would be burned. The Jasonville woman was given a verbal warning about trespassing by a Jasonville police officer.

* March 18 -- A resident reported a lost or stolen license plate after he exited the WalMart store and discovered the plate on his vehicle was gone. The man was unsure of when the plate went missing and did not know whether it had been lost or stolen. The number has been entered into the IDACS system. LPD Cpl. Paul Clark was the investigating officer.