Greene County Court News

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Civil Filings

Abraham Christenberry and Debbie Christenberry, dissolution of marriage.


Criminal Filings

Michael A. Vachet, driving while suspended with a conviction within 10 years.

Civil Filings

Timothy McClure and Angela McClure, dissolution of marriage.

Small Claims Filings

Hartman & Paddock PC vs. Carl Poe, collection.

Hartman & Paddock PC vs. Tina Gallagher, Hank Gallagher, collection.


Samual W. Bates, driving while suspended, false registration.

Tony A. Harl, driving while suspended, diregarding flashing signal.

Ryan W. Helms, operating a vehicle without proper registration, operating a vehicle without financial responsibility.

Aubrey L. Baukat, driving while suspended, operating a motor vehicle with the registration number to another vehicle.

David Broughton II, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Keith Hudson, speeding.

Clayton S. Page, expired plates.

Codey S. Hall, failure of resident to obtain motor vehicle registration.

Christin A. Duncan, speeding.

Jackie L. Cazee, failure of occupant to wear safety belt.

Kevin M. Sark, speeding.

Michael E. Minks, speeding.

Kevin W. Baumann, speeding.

Michael A. Ingram, speeding.

Charles W. Proctor, speeding.

Jason R. Howard, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Jeffrey P. Mitchell, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Abdulazis A. Alquraini, speeding.


In Tuesday's edition, Danny K. Stewart was listed in the court news for receiving stolen property in criminal filings. The entry should have not been in criminal filings, because this is an old case and showed up on the new Odyssey system printout because he had recently made his final probation fee payment.