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Letters to the Editor

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thank you for

helping in time of need

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter regarding an incident that occurred to my husband and I on Aug. 27, 2011 while driving through Switz City. We were on our way to Linton to pick up a puppy, when suddenly our trip was interrupted!

As we crossed the railroad tracks in Switz City, we heard a loud noise from our truck and immediately pulled to the side of the road. As we looked under our truck we were shocked to see that the entire gas tank was lying on the ground leaking fuel! (This was a 2002 Ford F150, which I would warn other owners there is a recall for several due to the straps holding the gas tank rusting and breaking!). Our first thought was "Oh great, here we are 80 miles from home in the middle of nowhere!"

Then a young man named Justin Corder and his wife pulled up beside us stating they had never seen anything like this before! We called 911, and within minutes, Bruce Porter pulled up and began to take care of the fuel spill. While I was frantically trying to get hold of our roadside assistance, another gentleman, Bob Lifford, came over and helped my husband get the tank away from the truck

We were told it would be 1 1/2 hours before the tow truck would be there, and Mr. Corder offered to take us to his home, but instead we decided to accept the offer of Mr. Porter to stay at the fire station to get out of the heat. We were offered food and something to drink! When the tow truck arrived, Mr. Porter took us to our truck, but then we went back to the fire station to wait for the rental, which would take another hour or so! The towing company would not take the tank, so we gave Mr. Lifford the gas, and he stored the tank for us in case we would need it

We cannot say enough about the kindness of everyone who helped us that day. We are from Indianapolis, and had hardened ourselves to this type of hospitality. I think we all tend to forget that there still are people willing to help a stranger in need, and that is exactly what happened to us that Saturday afternoon! Once again, thank you all so much for helping us and extending us your gracious hospitality! We may be back for the chili-fest in October!

James and Tami Mayhew


Hasler family

appreciates support

To the Editor:

The family of Frances A. Hasler would like to thank all who sent prayers, food, flowers, cards and donations to the scholarship funds in her name.

Thank you to the Rev. Don Reed for the services and visits, and the Lyons and Marco United Methodist churches for the wonderful dinner.

Thank you the Rev. Rose Sparks for your visits to Frances, and to the Lyons Health and Living Center and their caring staff for comfort during this time.

Thank you to Jenkins Funeral Home and their fine staff for all they did. It will always be remembered.

Marjorie Stollings and family


DeWayne Lucas


Jean Lisman and family


Doris Hasler


Kudos to Linton

Music Fest organizers

To the Editor:

I just wanted to say that as a born, bred and corn fed Linton native that I really appreciate the way the Linton Music Fest is put together and executed.

Thanks so much to the organizers and staff that puts this venue together. We are not able to be there in person (hope that changes next year), but sincerely appreciate the live webcast that lets us be part of the festivities and make us feel part of it from our home in Oregon.

Again, kudos to all involved in this.

Bob Cravens

Keizer, Oregon