Linton's Psi Iota Xi aids Riley in helping kids hear

Thursday, September 8, 2011

There are many philanthropic organizations in the area that go unseen. They emerge when it comes time to help the community, but otherwise lay low.

As generations have passed and younger generations got lost in the hustle of everyday life, the interest in being part of an organization to help others has diminished.

Despite the lack of interest, or lack of knowledge of these organizations in some cases, the need is still there.

Linton's Gamma Rho Chapter of Psi Iota Xi helps people in the community, and member Patti Jones explained some of what the organization does to help.

Often referred to as the "Psi Ots," the national focus is on speech, hearing, art, literature and music.

The Psi Ots have donated a significant amount of money to Riley Children's Hospital, and worked with the doctor responsible for the Cochlear Implant.

This implant is an electronic hearing device for people who have severe to profound hearing loss, according to the Food and Drug Administration website.

Locally, money is donated to the art and music departments at Linton-Stockton School Corporation, they provide the school with devices to check children's hearing and help children with speech impediments.

Annually, scholarships are given to local high school seniors. These scholarships are usually given to students that will focus on speech, hearing, art, literature and music, but some are given to other students.

Recently, the Psi Ots helped with a beautification of the park in which they planted flowers in Humphreys Park.

Jones does not have a specific event she would consider her favorite because they do so much throughout the year, including helping with the Linton Music Fest.

Although, she did note the craziest task they took on was turning 150 dozen eggs into noodles.

"They are all fun in different ways, and it is just a great feeling to know you are helping someone," Jones said.

To become a member, contact someone who is already an active member of the organization.

Or you can call Jones at 847-7754, and she will direct you to a member.

Other members include president Sharon Payne, Donna Smith, Jamie Kocher and Tomi Lynn Cooksey, among others.

Potential members are voted on, but most people are accepted into the organization, Jones added.

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