No. 9 - Heavy storms slam parts of eastern Greene County

Friday, December 30, 2011

Storms ravaged Indiana during the last week of May in 2011 pounding the area including Greene County for three straight evenings.

Sirens warning of tornadoes could be heard across the area on May 25 as severe weather wrought havoc sending many residents to shelter.

The bad weather was voted the No. 9 local news story for 2011.

Winds with speeds up to 80 mph were reported in Terre Haute with significant rainfall and a temperature drop of 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.

The winds blew power lines down in Jasonville leaving many homes without electricity.

What was believed to be a tornado was also reported north of Bloomfield.

Stretching across the state, a truck driver near the southern state line called reporting deliveries would be delayed to the Greene County Daily World as his semi was rocked by strong winds.

Owensburg-Jackson Township Fire Chief Amy Wilson said hail inflicted serious damage to homes and cars around town, including hers.

"Here in Owensburg we were hit hard," she said. "The hail damage has been severe. I took pictures of hail that was bigger than a golf ball."

The hardest hit area in Greene County was in the rural residential subdivision of Lawrence Hollow, located off State road 54 -- about a mile east of the Eastern Greene Elementary and Middle School campus.

"It was like a big roar with the high winds and then it was over and just raining," said Greg Harmon who had seven trees toppled in his yard including one that landed on top of his mobile home.

Tornadoes decimated some homes east of Bedford near Shawswick.

Lawrence County Deputy Del Tackett told the Associated Press that a small pass overturned cars and leveled some houses. No fatalities were reported but at least a dozen people were injured.

Monroe County, Indianapolis and Columbus were also struck by strong winds and potential twisters.