No. 6 (tie) - Linton, Greene County loses a friend in Mark Angell

Friday, December 30, 2011
Mark Angell

On Sunday afternoon, May 8, the Rev. David Atkins, pastor of the Linton Assembly of God Church, and Mark Angell of Linton were enjoying a 30-plus mile bike ride through a picturesque area of Greene County with four other riders.

The group talked and laughed as they peddled along on the beautiful sunny day.

Rev. Atkins said Angell was his usual self -- wanting to lead the pack during what he termed a "relaxed pace" ride.

But, tragedy struck later that afternoon as Angell collapsed at about 33 miles into the ride just before 4:30 p.m.

Less than an hour later he was pronounced dead at Greene County General Hospital in Linton.

Angell's death was voted a tie for the No. 6 story of 2011 by the Greene County Daily World. He was president of Angell's Food Center, Inc.

Rev. Atkins said Angell's Food Center -- with stores in Linton and Sullivan -- was much more than a hometown, locally owned store.

"He saw the store as a way to make a difference in the community in a sense of providing jobs and employment for people in the community. He had a heart for that," Rev. Atkins said. "It was more than making money. It was about investing and making a difference in the community. That really came through in his heart -- serving and wanting to make a difference in the community.

"He was a good father. He was there for his boys (Chris and Nick) when they had something going on. With Nick playing football, he was at the games. With Nick playing baseball, he was there. ... He was a loyal friend, a good father and had a heart to serve the community."

Pastor Mike Roth of Saron United Church of Christ said Angell did a lot for Linton and Greene County.

"He just did so many things for our community behind the scenes ... he was just an amazing person and a close friend and I'm just going to miss him a lot."