Primary Election Filings

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Greene County Primary Election Filings

Updated Jan. 31

Greene County Commissioner

District 1 -- John Fowler (R); Ed Michael (R)

District 2 -- Steve Lindsey (D); Nathan Abrams (R)

Greene County Council At Large (3 seats to be filled)

Lori Brown (D); Bob Kirk (R); Jerry Frye (R), Gregg Roudebush (R), Steve Schantz (D)

Greene County Treasurer

Shelby Meurer (D)

Greene County Surveyor

Ira "Butch" Wright (R), Timothy E. Jones (D)

Taylor Township Precinct Committeeman

John Fowler (R)

Beech Creek Township Precinct Committeeman

Donald Otto Prow (R)

Wright Township Precinct 3 Committeeman

Gerhart Verseman (R)

Grant Township Precinct Committeeman

Melonie Graves (R)

Richland 2 Precinct


Randall Brown (R)

Richland Precinct Committeeman

Betty Dean (R)

Highland Township Precinct Committeeman

Willard Neill (R)

Smith Precinct Committeeman

Francis W. Dayhoff

Jefferson 2 Precinct Commiteeman

David L. Martin.

State Convention Delegate

Kermit Holtsclaw (D)

Drew Landry (D)

* Note -- The Greene County Voter Registration office says that ONLY Republican Precinct Committeeman seats are on the ballot in 2012. The Democrat precinct committee seats will be on the 2014 ballot.