Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, February 17, 2012

Apple Festival appreciates support

To the Editor:

As the Bloomfield Apple Festival closes the books on 2011 and starts planning on the 2012 Apple Festival, we would like to thank the Greene County community, businesses and citizens for all that they did to assist us in having a successful 2011 Apple Festival.

Our committee is small but when the time comes the whole county pulls together to put on this festival. We would like to thank the following:



Haywood Printing Company

CSR Computers

Jeff Coffin Insurance & Financial

Bloomfield State Bank

American Legion Post 196

Lester Jenkins & Sons Funeral Home

Bloomfield Liquors

Holtsclaw Sales & Service, Inc.

Family Life Center

Small-Wilson Contractors, LLC

Eastern Heights Utilities, Inc.

QT's Custom Active Wear

Hasler Oil Company

Greene County General Hospital

LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery

Linton Wal-Mart

We would also like to thank the following groups and individuals that helped with the festival:

Arlen Pope

David Wilde

Bloomfield School District

Bloomfield High School ROTC

Bloomfield High School Band

Bloomfield High School Center Stage

Bloomfield Athletic Department

Joe's Pizza

Friends of the Library (Annual Art Show)

Hi-99 Waking Crew

Linton Music Festival/Jared Albright

Landon Groomer

Bloomfield Town Board

Bloomfield Street Department

Bloomfield Police Department and Reserves

Greene County Reserves

Bloomfield Fire Department

Greene County Daily World

Brian Chesnut

John Chesnut

Darla Bent/

Ben Helms/FFA

Delts (Queen Contest)

Eastern Star (Baby Contest

Susan Isenogle (Pet Contest)

Debbie Cullison (Pet Contest)

Carlisle Correctional Center

Hi-Lift Jack Factory

Greene County Alternative School

Shuttle Drivers

B&C Disposal

Ivan Sparks

O'Neall Family

O'Mara Construction

Classic Cruisers

Keith Hanauer (Run/Walk)


Greene County EMTs and Paramedics

Thank you!

Bloomfield Apple Festival Board of Directors

Kris Jarman

Teressa Smith

Darla Chesnut

Judy Branstetter

Amber Branstetter

Ginger Sipes

Dan Sichting

Jeff Solliday

Bob Uland

Wyatt LeGrand

George Poe

Please keep your children safe

To the Editor:

Eight years ago, I remember sitting by my grandson's hospital bed in Indianapolis having to say good-bye to him because he had been declared brain dead. My grandson was 20 months old when he was taken from us.

He had spent two full days in the hospital with machines breathing for him, medicine making his blood pressure stay up and nutrients keeping his body alive. At the end of the second day, the doctors told us that there was no longer a blood supply going to his brain and that he was technically brain dead.

It was decided to let Creighton go. So, Feb. 29, 2004, Creighton was taken into the operating room where his organs were harvested and donated so that others may live.

This all happened because a person decided to take his anger out on a child. The damage that was done to Creighton that day ended his life. One person's decision ended all his opportunities and chances. It was all stolen from him in an instant.

He will never play sports, have a first kiss, drive a car, go to prom, know what it's like to love his own child or get married. He will never know how much he was loved by so many.

In remembrance of Creighton Wells, I urge anyone dealing with questionable situations where children are concerned to speak up and speak loudly. Don't let this happen to one more child. Be their voice and don't stop until they are safe. We are their protectors and they count on us to make them safe. Don't allow anyone to abuse them in any way.

Our guilt and loss never go away. This is the only way I know to make a positive out of this horrible tragedy. REPORT CHILD ABUSE! KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE! I don't want there to be another Creighton tragedy.

Sadly missed by Nanny and Papaw.

Trina Roberts


Baker family says thanks for support

To the Editor:

The family of Max E. Baker would like to thank everyone for their kindness during the passing of our loved one.

Your prayers, cards, food, visits and flowers will always be remembered.

Special thanks to Pastor Bill and Joyce Ann Beckelheimer, Vern Spoor and for the ladies of the First Baptist Church of Worthington who prepared the lunch.

May our Lord Jesus bless each and every one of you.

Roma Baker


Family of Max Allen

and Debbie Baker


Family of Matthew

and Patty Baker


Family of Mary and Matt Hunt

Fredrickstown, Ohio