Greene County Court News

Friday, August 17, 2012


Civil Filings

Bobbi Leigh and Jerry Leigh, dissolution of marriage.

Craig House and Amanda House, dissolution of marriage.

Criminal Filings

State vs. Darin J. Coverstone, 10 counts of invasion of privacy; one count of stalking.


Civil Filings

Asset Acceptance, LLC vs. Richard Gorby, civil collection.

Stephanie Taylor vs. Amanda Bland, Progressive Southern Insurance, civil tort.

Bank of America vs. Jeffrey Hooten, Bloomfield State Bank, mortgage foreclosure.

Criminal Filings

State vs. Bradley J. Gilliland, public intoxication.

State vs. Angela K. Criger, two counts of invasion of privacy.

State vs. Donovan Mitchel Lough, criminal mischief.


Timothy Blocksom, driving while suspended.

Ronnie L. Cassara, failure to signal for a turn or a lane change.

Jeremy W. Hottel, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Meagan L. Hinders, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Michael P. Lemond, speeding.

Thomas M. Roznowski, speeding.

Stephanie A. Cook, speeding.

Eric J. Townsend, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

James M. Hanna, failure of occupant to use safety belt.

Debbie B. Carlisle, speeding.

Rhett A. Kennett, unsafe lane movement without a signal.