Letters to the Editor

Friday, October 5, 2012

Millions, billions, trillions ... Oh my!

To the Editor:

The U.S. government has accumulated more than $16 trillion dollars in National Debt in the 3 1/2 years that President Obama has been in office.

The national debt is now bigger than the entire U.S. Economy. Forbes Magazine reported, "Before Obama took office the debt was $9.6 trillion." During Obama's presidency it has increased by $6.4 trillion.

President Obama has not only overseen the largest debt explosion in our country's history, he has overspent us into massive debt.

As I travel throughout the 8th Congressional District, a question that I am often asked, "How much is 1 trillion dollars; can you put it into perspective."

Few of us will ever see a million dollars (all at once) in our lifetime. Even fewer will see a billion and no human in the history of the world has ever amassed a trillion dollars.

Every year of Obama's Administration, he has overspent $1 trillion dollars. That is $1 trillion on top of the stimulus 1, stimulus 2, after the bail out of hundreds of banks, GM, Chrysler, AIC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And of course -- after Obamacare, which was forced on the American people.

So let's do the math. 1.1 trillion deficit on a 3.8 trillion dollar budget is overspending tax dollars by 40%. If you overspent your household budget by 40%, how long would your family survive?

So, back to the question, how much is 1 trillion dollars?

To pay back 1 trillion dollars (remember we are 16 trillion dollars in debt) at the rate of $1 dollar per/second around the clock. It would take 31,688 years to pay back $1 trillion dollars.

Multiple 31,688 x 16 trillion = 512,000,000 years that it will take to pay off our current debt.

Another example is that the current value of the Walmart Company is $250 billion dollars. It would take all of Walmart's worth x 64 to pay off the U.S. debt.

So, in the next few weeks ask yourself: .Are you and your family truly better off?

Pam Yoho


Thank you for supporting golf league

To the Editor:

A big thank you to the following sponsors who made our Seniors Golf League banquet a success and enjoyable, and to our members and wives, who assisted us:

Pioneer Seed Corn, Blue Flame Gas, Edward Jones Investments (Randall Brown), Edward Jones Investments (Terry Meek), Main Street Sports (Bloomfield), Farmers and Mechanics (Bloomfield), Joe's Pizza (Bloomfield), Bloomfield Dairy Queen, Bloomfield State Bank, Bloomfield Hi-Lift Jack, Bloomfield Supply and Hardware, Jenkins and Sons Funeral Homes, Greene County General Hospital, Worthington American Legion, Pizza Hut (Linton), Arby's, McDonald's, Goosepond Pizza (Linton), Monical's Pizza (Linton), MainSource Bank, Primitive Decor and More (Bloomfield), Michele's Creations (Bloomfield), La Fiesta Restaurant (Linton), Peggy Shonk, Bradfield's (Bloomfield), Floyd's Flowers (Bloomfield), Worthington VFW, Shields Hardware (Linton), Lyons Petro Plus, Cinco De Mayo Restaurant (Lyons), The Front Porch Restaurant (Worthington), First Security Insurance, Phil Harris Pro Shop (Bart Beard), Crane Credit Union, Bender Lumber Co., Linton Sporting Goods, Peabody Coal Co., The Watering Can Flower Shop (Linton), Riley Children's Hospital, Southside Express (Linton), Worthington Antiques, State Farm Insurance, First Financial Bank.

Board of Directors

Don Wells


Norvin Goodman


Joe Hart


Rex Kirchoff